Assassin's Creed 3 PS3 Cheats: Get Rich!

Today, we want to offer you a very interesting guide for the version PS3 di Assassin's Creed 3 which will allow you to get rich in no time.

The following guide will earn you hear hear 20 thousand coins in just one hour, coins to spend to buy whatever you want.

  1.  Expand your human resources by completing estate missions in Davenport
  2. Go to the item RESERVE and then FOREST from the accounting book and buy 2 quantities of OAK WOOD and 2 of OAK BARK
  3. In Fabrication, under ARTISANS select the previously unlocked one and on RESOURCES select OAK WOOD and OAK BARK
  4. With just 25 coins, you can create a CONVOY OF LAND
  5. Repeat the process 3 times, until you have 3 convoys
  6. Conquer the forts of Boston to bring down taxes
  7. From the accounting book of the estate or at any general store, access the COMMERCE item and select the GROUND CONVEYORS
  8. Choose BEAVER SKIN as a commodity and send it to HANCOCK STORE 5
  9. If you do not have this skin, you can buy it at the RESERVE under the heading HUNTING, unlocked in point 1, at the price of 160 coins
  10. The beaver skin is very precious, for this reason, the store will pay you 480 coins for each piece so if math isn't an opinion that's 1440 coins per convoy!
  11. By doing this every 12 minutes you will pocket 17280 coins

Easy, don't you think? In other words, you have to create 3 convoys, clear the taxes, buy the beaver hide and send the convoys to deliver it to the Hancock store. Every 12 minutes you will earn a bundle of money. If you need money to buy feather maps or improve crew and ship and so on, following this trick for a few hours you will no longer have problems.

As you know in Assassin's Creed III it is possible to trade thanks to the presence of artisans, blacksmiths and so on. Seize the fleeting moment as they say and let the beaver hunt (in the game of course!) Begin!

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