Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Where to find the City of Atlantis

  1. How to access the City of Atlantis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The series Assassin's Creed has always given players great emotions, encouraging them to explore the generous game map, to discover Easter Egg and various secrets. Today we will reveal to you where to find the City of Atlantis.

How to access the City of Atlantis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Before continuing, we anticipate that what you are about to read contains Spoiler!

The city of Atlantis is placed on Mykonos, a small island on the far right of the map, which requires a level ranging from 25 to 29, there are no enemies apart from some ferocious animals, so even if you have not reached the required level, you can always go to the island, as long as you avoid the ships around it, which will not hesitate to attack you and are naturally of a high level.

Continuing the story, you will come across the mother of the protagonist, who after completing a certain number of missions, will tell you that your real father is located right on this island. By activating the mission and going up Mykonos, you will have to collect with a stone table present in a chest.

The table reports the last clues left by the father to open the rocky door. All you have to do is explore the surroundings, destroying the various wooden obstacles and allowing the light to hit all the mirrors, eventually illuminating the symbol placed on the entrance.

Then go to the upper part of the place, you will find a beam of light hitting a mirror, move the other mirrors and destroy the various obstacles to bring the light to the lower part of the place until the door is illuminated.

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At this point you enter and cross the structure passing through long corridors and sections inflamed by lava, after taking a conclusive leap of faith, you will find yourself facing not only the majestic city ​​of Atlantis but also your father "Pythagoras“, With which you will have to interact.

Pythagoras will tell you that in order to prevent the city from being discovered, you will need to recover 4 artifacts located on the islands of Boeotia, Kythera, Lesbos and Messara, a location whose levels are very high, so it is advisable to continue with the main story, leaving the mission "The gates of Atlantis”As one of the last activities to be completed. By completing the aforementioned mission, you will receive not only experience points but also a powerful new spear.

The missions for the recovery of the artifact are 4, you will start with "The secrets of the Sphinx" level 35, you will therefore have to go to Boeotia and locate the artifact. Collected all artifacts, return to Pythagoras and forever seal access to City of Atlantis.

Below we present ours Gameplay broadcast live Twitch, where you can see the exact location of Atlantis and how to solve the mirror puzzle

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