Best Halloween Cup Pokémon Teams in Pokémon Go - October 2021

The Halloween Cup returned to Pokémon Go during the Halloween Mischief event. You will be able to enter this PvP Battle League category from October 15th to November. All players who want to participate must form a team of three Pokémon, choosing those that do not exceed 1.500 CP and that must be Bug-type, Dark, Ghost, Fairy or Poison Pokémon. In this guide, we'll detail some of the best teams you can use during the Halloween Cup in Pokémon Go.

The best Pokémon teams of the Halloween Cup

Alola Marowak, Nidoqueen and Umbreon

With this team, Alola Marowak is your reliable bulky option. We recommend using him as a Lead, a solid defensive starter that can spam his abilities quite reliably. To confirm this, we recommend using Nidoqueen, an extremely capable Pokémon that you can expect to see during the Halloween Cup. For your closest Pokémon, use Umbreon, one of the best Dark-type defenses in Pokémon Go.

  • Alolan Marowak - Pinwheel of Fire (fast move), Bone Club and Shadow Bone
  • Nidoqueen - Poison jab (fast moving), earth power and poison fang
  • Umbreon - Growl (quick move), foul play and a last resort

Crustle, Qwilfish and Mandibuzz

Next, we have Crustle as the main Pokémon. Crustle has an impressive quick move, take down, which can force players to their shields early against his x-scissors charged move. For the Pokémon Switch, Qwilfish is a solid option, followed by Mandibuzz for your Closer.

  • Crustle - Hit (fast move), landslide, x scissor
  • Qwilfish - Poisonous sting (fast moving), aquatic tail and mud wave
  • Mandibuzz - Air slash (fast move), ace plane and game foul

Mawile, Ninetales of Alola and Sableye

Mawile is the main Pokémon on this team. He uses the Fire Fang as his favorite quick move, able to spam him at enemies. However, his rough play ability takes a lot of energy. Therefore, we also recommend Alolan Ninetales for the Switch role and then Sableye as the final Pokémon.

  • Mawile - Fire fang (quick move), play hard and power up your punch
  • Alolan Ninetales - Powdery snow (fast moving), weather ball (Ice type) and dazzling glow
  • Sableye - Shadow claw (quick move), foul play and back

Jellicent, Grimer of Alola and Forretress

For this team, we will recommend Jellicent for the lead role. Jellicent has a good amount of defense for this role, along with a superb quick move and useful charge moves, making him an ideal option for almost any team combination. For the Halloween Cup, we paired Alola's Grimer and Forretress.

  • Jellicent - Hex (fast move), bubble beam and shadow ball
  • Alolan Grimer - Poison jab (fast move), crunch and sludge bomb
  • Forretress - Bug bite (fast moving), earthquake and mirror hit

Drifblim, Skuntank and Obstagoon

The latest team features Drifblim in the lead role. Drifblim is a flexible Pokémon choice, but for the Halloween Cup we highly recommend it as a first option. To back up, we recommend running Skuntank for your Pokémon Switch and then having Obstagoon keep the line.

  • Drifblim - Curse (quick move), shadow ball and icy victory
  • Skuntank - Poison jab (quick move), crunch and flamethrower
  • Obstagoon - Counter (fast move), gunk shot and nightlash
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