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The game mode swag di Call of duty: Warzone puts an emphasis on collecting in-match currency scattered across the map. You will earn money for various activities and you will lose it every time you die. The team with the most money at the end of the game will win. Here's a quick one guide with the most important details to know.

Deposit cash for safety

Swag Mode offers ways to deposit your hard earned money so that no one can steal it. The Cash Deposit Helipad and Cash Deposit Balloon are the ways to do this, but using them will activate a smoke bomb that will warn other players.

No gas for loot mode

Unlike the Battle Royale mode, there are no Gas mechanics in the Swag mode, which will allow and incentivize your team to explore the map as they see fit to get as much money as possible.

Collect more money than the other team to win

The team with the most loot at the end of the match will be the winner of the round. Before that can happen, however, there are a lot of things to do to keep the attention during the match.

Key events

Loot achieved Technical Information
200 k(each team) The overall position of the leading team is always
visible on the minimap
300 k(each team) Unlock the cash deposit helipad
1 million(each team) Activate a bonus round (Frenzy)

Reach one million to unlock the bonus round

Any team that reaches the very large amount of 1 million in cash, whether deposited or carried by one of your units, will trigger a 2-minute bonus round called Frenzy, thus being able to continue to accumulate money by putting some spice into the competition, with the winner decreed only at the end of the bonus.

The first team to reach the million will automatically deposit the money

If you are part of the team that reaches 1 million in cash first, when Frenzy mode starts, your money will automatically be deposited. This will allow you to have a protective cushion during the 2 minutes of the bonus round, having a decent advantage over the other teams.

How to earn and deposit money in Swag mode

Method Technical Information
Killing players Killing other players will provide you
part of their money
Support crates Support crates are more abundant in the
loot mode and will contain money
Scattered money Money will be placed anywhere on the ground
game, freely collectable
Contracts Completing contracts will provide you with money
divided equally among the members of the group
Drop of money Periodically, support planes will leave you piles of cash,
pay attention to the minimap for the location
Robberies Verdansk bans contain a lot of money,
but beware, their alarm system will warn you
the other players you are trying to rob them
Black helicopters They will only appear during the bonus round and
they will shoot on sight, but knock them down
will guarantee you a great deal of money

Money is placed all over the game map, so exploration is the best way to get it. Look for closed places and with controllable entrances and exits, to collect it in peace.

The leading teams will always be visible in the minimap

A raven icon will always be visible in the place of the team that is in the lead whenever a team reaches 200k money. Instead, the 2 teams with the most cash not deposited will be highlighted with a bag-shaped icon. Use these pointers to ambush or track down the winning teams.
Pay attention to another key indicator, the circle that appears around these teams in the minimap. In fact it is essential to understand if they have little money (larger circle) or a lot (small circle). Use this detail to carefully plan the attack, and especially if it's worth it. Also remember that every time you use a Helipad or a balloon, you will warn the other teams of your position by activating a smoke bomb. Always stay alert until the money is safe.

How to earn money in Swag mode

Method Quantity
to the depot
Technical Information
Helipad deposit money Unlimited Fixed installation. Unlocked once a
of the teams reaches 300k of money
Money deposit balloon Limited Available from the start of the game.
It can be destroyed
before the money is secured.

Once you have reached 300k soldi, you will be able to find, thanks also to the icons in the shape of a piggy bank, scattered around the territory of Verdansk, the Helipad deposit money. THE balloons instead they are portable versions of the Helipads, and require positioning for their use. They can only carry a limited amount of money but used with cunning they can become a safer way to put money in the bank. Obviously if you are killed while carrying one, it will fall to the ground and it will be possible for the enemy to pick it up. Our advice is therefore not to buy too many even if you have a lot of cash available.

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