Can you catch a bright Plusle in Pokémon Go?

Plusle is one of the many Pokémon you can encounter in Pokémon Go. You can typically find them in the wild or as a reward for field research or other tickets you receive while playing. While Plusle is sometimes a fairly common Pokémon, catching a bright version of it can be difficult. Not all brilliant Pokémon are even available in the mobile game. Can you catch a bright Plusle in Pokémon Go?

The chances of encountering a bright Pokémon are quite low. When it comes to finding them in the wild, you need to take your time and try to meet these Pokémon as often as possible. The more you find, the easier it is to potentially find a brilliant version. While we can confirm that Plusle has released a Brilliant version in Pokémon Go, spotting it is difficult, especially if no one receives a Brilliant version boost during an event.

While Plusle may have a Spotlight Hour date on January 18th, that doesn't mean you have a better chance of finding its brilliant version. Instead, it means Pokémon will appear more often, giving you additional opportunities to find a brilliant version. Your overall chances of brilliance do not increase and remain the same.

We recommend that you wait until Plusle is present at a specific event, giving it a greater chance of having a brilliant shape in nature.

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