Can you catch a shining Omanyte in Pokémon Go?

There are multiple Pokémon that you can add to your collection in Pokémon Go. You want to catch some because of their stats and others because of how difficult and rare they are to catch. For collectors, Shiny Pokémon are always a big target. A Shiny Pokémon is a slightly different colored version of an original Pokémon, although these do not feature unique stats. These are incredibly difficult to catch and find, though. Can you catch a brilliant Omanyte in Pokémon Go?

You have a chance to find a Shiny Omanyte every time you encounter this Pokémon. Unfortunately, not all Pokémon have their glossy version released in Pokémon Go. However, Omanye is one of 150 original Pokémon from the Kanto region. All of these Pokémon have their own brilliant versions released in the game and you should be able to catch them, but the odds are slim. The best chance you have of catching the brilliant version of Omanyte is to fight it in a raid.

Traditionally, catching a normal Pokémon in the wild offers a one in 500 chance of encountering its bright version. With the chances of finding one so low, you want to find Pokémon that routinely appear in the wild to catch. For example, Omanyte may have a larger spawn, but it typically happens during larger events. However, there's a one in 20 chance of catching the shiny version of a Pokémon when it comes to raiding, which makes it a much more attractive option.

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