Can you play Pokémon Unite offline?

Pokémon Unite is a fun entry-level MOBA for anyone who hasn't tried the genre up to this point. It has all the basic elements of a MOBA that has captured millions of players over the past decade. The gameplay of Pokémon Unite is based on the competitive balance of having two teams of five players populating each lobby. That said, can you play Pokémon Unite offline?

Pokémon Unite requires an online connection to play. This is because all game modes rely on an internet connection. For this reason, there are no playable offline modes in the game.

Having said the above, you can create a couple of non-matchmaking lobbies if you wish. Once the game has started, click on Unite Battle on the home page and make sure you are in the Standard or Quick categories above. Before clicking Start, hit the purple button that says Random Game. This will give you the options to play a match in that mode against the AI ​​or a private match with friends only. You can also enter the Practice Area to get used to new Pokémon you've never played before.

These are the closest you can get to playing Pokémon Unite offline, although you'll need an internet connection to get into the game. If you feel uncomfortable playing with and against random people, these are the best ways to enjoy the game.

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