Come trovare i Team Rocket Leaders in Pokémon Go

There is always something going on Pokémon GO. The latest addition to the game comes in the form of Team Rocket. In recent months, they have caused problems by detecting PokéStops and using Shadow Pokémon. Now, however, their leaders have come out to play. It is up to the coaches from all over the world to face them in some battles. However, finding them will take some time. Here's how to find the leaders of Team Rocket Pokémon Go.

Come trovare i Team Rocket Leaders in Pokémon Go

The method for finding a Team Rocket leader was shared by the Pokémon Go Account Twitter referee, although there were no exact details. But we know what the players will need. Here is the tweet mentioned below:

? New Item: Mystery Component? Are you looking to challenge a Team GO Rocket Leader? The first step is to collect six Mysterious Components. According to Professor Willow, these can be used to figure out where Team GO Rocket Leaders are hiding. #TeamGORocket

- Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) 7 Nov 2019

Apparently, the mysterious components and materials that Professor Willow has been following for the past few weeks will be the central method players will use to find these leaders. All this is linked to the Looming in the Shadows research project. We have a guide here detailing how to deal with it, so be sure to check it out and learn how to do it and complete it.

Players will need to collect up to six Mystery Components. These components are the key to building a Rocket Radar, which will point players in the direction of a nearby Team Rocket leader.

To get any of the Mystery Components, players will need to locate Team Rocket's Grunts. These thugs are in captured PokéStops, which they are protecting with their Shadow Pokémon. Take them out and you'll have a chance to grab a component. When you have six, go to your inventory to build the Rocket Radar.

The Rocket Radar will provide players with the location of the closest leader. They will remain in their hiding places and there are three Team Rocket leaders to fight: Cliff Sierra and Arlo. They will have shadow Pokémon, so be sure to bring your best teams to help hover these captured creatures and rescue them. Capturing these Shadow Pokémon is also part of the Looming in the Shadows research project.

This is all players need to know about finding a Team Rocket leader. By defeating enough grunts, players will collect enough Mysterious Components and have a Rocket to Rocket. For those who have beaten enough of these leaders, they will unlock the opportunity to build a Super Rocket Radar, which will give them access to the great villain himself: Giovanni.

Good luck, Trainers. Team Rocket Leaders in Pokémon Go are not an easy test, so be sure to bring the best party with you to fight them.

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