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As soon as you get up, take Sushi with its bowl, the bill in the dresser drawer, the kazoo in the desk drawer and the credit card under it, helping you with the piece of wallpaper on the right. Enter the living room, move the pillow next to the TV, take the remote control under the other, insert the plug into the socket and turn on the television. While watching the show involving three characters that you will have to check later (ears open, there are several clues), collect the butter knife from the kitchenette, the yellow crayons under the sink (with which you have to draw the dream map on the piece of paper ), the egg from the fridge and the small hanging key; when the broadcast is over, go out onto the street.
Ring the closed baker three times on the left, making a nice piece of stone-hard dry bread; Turn the corner, go inside Lou's and buy the golf club, the mustache glasses, the guitar, the tool bag (to be opened immediately), the hat and the diving suit. Once out, use the pincer to pry the sign off the barber shop. Put on your hat and glasses, then enter the Telephone Company, take the leaflet on the left and show the bill to the clerk, who, mistaken for an alien brother, will relieve you of all debt.
Fill in the flyer for joining the Elvis fan club with the crayon and insert it in your mailbox, opening it with the key: later in the game you can go and collect the Elvis club member card, which you could possibly give to the king of aliens in the Bermuda Triangle, as an alternative to the guitar. Go back to the room, move the carpet and force the boards with the pincer above, then use the rope with the door to go down and discover the room of the aliens! For now you can't do much about it, so go back and go out onto the street.
Wake up the driver with the kazoo by ringing it near the door of the bus, use the credit card in the reader and go to the airport, where, before leaving, you will have to buy (always with the card) a mystical book from the share krishna. On the plane, get up after take-off, enter the bathroom, put the toilet paper in the sink, turn on the water, press the button and go away; when the hostess rushes into the toilet, run away in the opposite direction near the microwave oven, where you will stick the egg, closing and lighting everything; go back to your seat and wait for your pranks to have the effect of definitively distracting the poor girl. At this point, get up, open ALL the luggage racks, finding a precious oxygen cylinder in the last one, then take the seat cushion in front of you, also discovering a lighter that you will take possession of.
Skip the rest of the sequence. In Seattle, get out of the airport. Take a branch from the nearby tree, give the peanuts to the fearsome two-headed squirrel and dig its hole with the branch; inside everything will be dark: look for a nest at the top with the 'What is', always take it with the sign, combine it with the branch, put everything in the extinguished bonfire more or less in the center of the room and light a nice fire with the lighter. Examine the inscriptions on the right and complete them with yellow crayon; enter the newly discovered door, use the remote control and grab the blue crystal. Return to San Francisco. On 14th Avenue, put the crystal in the artifact box you heard about on TV and soon Annie will open it for you; a skit will follow in which she explains that you, her and the two new astronauts Melissa and Leslie have been chosen to save the world by rebuilding a machine that will annihilate the threat of some evil aliens. Here is your mission!


Before leaving, go back into your house, open the sink tube with the wrench, put the bread in the sink and turn on the strange machine with the switch, to take possession of precious crumbs; also empty the bowl with Sushi. Leave for Kathmandu in Nepal, with a stopover in Miami and Egypt (Cairo). Show the mystical book to the guard, who will let you in to the guru, to whom you will show the blue crystal to know that it is used to telepathically control the animals.
Exit, VERY QUICKLY, take the flagpole and use the credit card in the yak to escape. Leave for Zaire, cross the jungle always passing by the paths closest to you, enter the sorcerer's hut and give him the golf club: he will reward you with a particular dance performed by him with two members of the tribe: it represents the combination that opens the hall door to Mars, so write it down! Leave for Cairo and then back to Miami, where you will have to exchange the mystical book with the drunkard for whiskey. Fly to Mexico and then from there to Lima in Peru: after crossing the usual forest, you will find yourself on a lookout; put the crumbs in the bird feeder and when the bird lands, use the blue crystal on it to take control.
QUICKLY (otherwise you will be caught and imprisoned by the Caponians), fly to the right in the direction of the huge humanoid figure on the mountain and enter its left eye, where you will have to grab a parchment, to be immediately brought back to Zak; regain control of the latter and spin away as fast as you can into the forest. Fly now to Bermuda, stopping in San Francisco and Miami. After having endured the unbearable jokes of the pilot, you will be kidnapped by the king of the Caponiani! Note the combination that the pilot activates to escape (usually PURPLE-GREEN-RED-YELLOW), but DO NOT go with him, on the contrary, ring the bell and let the king take you. Give him the guitar, obtaining to be able to freely run around the spaceship-cadillac (ignore the code that the servant communicates to you); read and write down the winning lotto numbers for the next day, then enter the pilot code and get ready for a nice flight, to be cushioned with the parachute that fortunately was given to you.
Alone in the middle of the sea, play the kazoo to attract the attention of a dolphin; use the blue crystal on him and immerse yourself: under the water, on the right, there is a bush of algae behind which hides a fundamental piece of the machine, to be taken and brought to Zak, who will be soon (this time providentially) kidnapped by the Caponians. After the treatment, wait to regain consciousness, go to Lou to play the lottery numbers you have just learned ('Buy Lotto'), then, disguised as before, enter the Telephone Company, go behind the counter, enter the laboratory, open the locker and stash all your stuff. Leave for Mexico, overcome the jungle, reach the pyramids, slip into one of them and proceed in the labyrinthine corridors lighting the torches with the lighter: after a lot of attempts, you will arrive at a room where a statue keeps a piece precious of the yellow crystal; stop here and take control of Melissa and Leslie.


As Melissa, enter the cockpit of your improbable spaceship, grab the portable stereo and cassette from the car stereo, open the glove compartment and take credit cards and fuse. Exit, give her card to Leslie and go to the ticket machine, where you will use your card twice to get two tokens. Enter the shelter, open the fuse compartment with a token and replace the broken fuse with the new one.
Close the hatch and press the button next to the door to enter the dorms. Tear off the duct tape from the locker, then open it and take the flashlight. Remove the blankets from the bed to discover a broom-shaped alien !!! Use Leslie to get it, as Melissa has reserves. Before leaving, remember to make the ladder on the right yours. Open the hatch and remove the fuse (which you can now put back in its place in the van). Refill both of them with oxygen with the valve in the van, then head right to a mysterious entrance.
Put us on the ladder and press the balls in the order indicated by the shaman. Take the ladder back and, once in the hall, look at the inscription on the third statue on the far right: it is the one that Zak has to copy in the pyramid in Mexico. Now approach the portal closest to you, put the ladder on the pedestal on the left, use the tape on the cassette, which you will insert into the stereo: turn the latter on 'Record', then press the sphere on top of the pedestal. After the door opens, stop the recording and play it in front of the portal to the left of the one you opened.
Go through this other entrance (using the flashlight to illuminate the passages in the dark), cross the short corridor and take the ankh symbol from the statue's hand. Go back to the previous portal (the one that worked), enter, get to the room with the strange machinery and place the ankh symbol in the panel, take the two keys (one will break) and activate the holographic projector to know the Skolarians!


With Zak draw the symbol read with Melissa on Mars on the statue and take the piece of the yellow crystal. Head back to San Francisco to claim your Lotto win at the usual little shop. Approach the airport bus, picking up Annie too, after letting her take her credit card under her desk card holder. Go to London, give the whiskey to Annie, she will have to offer it to the guard; when it is bogged down, turn off the power and with Zak and his pincers open the fence to get to Stonehenge.
Here, place the flagpole and the two pieces of crystal on the altar, then give Annie the scroll for her to read. Take the yellow crystal that melted with Zak and go to Zaire, via Nepal. Give the yellow crystal to the shaman who will explain how to use it with your map. Now take Zak and Annie both to Cairo, Egypt, via London. Go to Melissa on Mars and let her enter the first portal inside the temple (the one closest to the entrance): in the dark look for a room with a planisphere and the miniature of the sphinx. Below is the drawing that Zak will have to compose with the usual yellow crayon on the right paw of the sphinx, to allow Annie to enter, not before having passed her the map and yellow crayon. In the sphinx, follow the doors with the image of the man facing a sun: you will find yourself in a room with three buttons.
Read (Annie can do it) the order in which they are pressed, use the crayon with the map and look at the yellow inscription. Go out and return the map and crayon to Zak, who now has to wear the diving suit, oxygen tank, fish bowl with tubing tape around it. finished dressing, use the yellow crystal to go to the 'big face' of Mars.


Once here, complete the drawing on the door with the yellow crayon, following the guidelines that Annie had discovered in Egypt. Exit the Mars hall (always go left), until you reach the two o'clock van, where you will have to top up Zak's oxygen supply (which lasts less than Melissa and Leslie's !!!).
Call up Leslie and Melissa here too and all three of you set off for the pyramid using the subway. How? Sweep the sand-covered solar panels in front of the shelter, using the broom-shaped alien with Leslie; when you're done, use the card in the dispenser to give Leslie her two tokens as well and do the same with Zak. Each character must then use a token in the subway car. With Leslie, approach the pyramid and sweep the entrance with the broom alien, then with Zak open the lock using the barber sign. Inside, have Leslie press the feet of the room, while Zak and Melissa will be able to climb into the left passage now open.
Melissa will now have to use the golden key in the lock on the right and press the button, which will shortly deactivate the force field that holds the white crystal: that time will have to be enough for Zak to take it. Now our hero can reteleport, precisely to the pyramid in Egypt, where he will find himself in front of the Skolarian machine! Before ending the game, regain control of Melissa and Leslie and take them back to their spaceship van.
Enter, close the door and activate the controls to start the two girls on the route of the earth.
Now go to Annie, also in Egypt, and take her to the pyramid, in the sarcophagus room. Have her go up with Zak, who can activate the lever in the machine room, thus uncovering the stairs. Raise the lever. You are almost done, but you are missing the candlestick, the missing piece of the machine. Nothing could be easier: use the yellow crystal with Zak and teleport to Peru, finding yourself in a room where, just happened, there is just what you need! Take the candlestick, transport back to Egypt and mount the light object, the candlestick and the three crystals on the pedestal, then lower the two levers using both Zak and Annie.

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