Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

The chains around the ankles and the cuffs seem to creak in unison, following the score dictated by the waves of the sea. Inside a dark hold, between stills and torture tables, our body lies ready to awaken. Prisoners of the Magisters of the Divine Order, the Origomanti are the special cargo of the Serenissima, a military vessel destined for Forte Gioia. In that outpost from which there seems to be no escape, the latter must be deprived of the Source, the magical source of divine nature so feared by mere mortals. According to the accusations of our tormentors, its use would have caused a rift in the Veil between the worlds, allowing the invasion of the lethal Awakened of the Void. Unlike the unfortunate victims destined for the barbarism of silence, we are not just any Origomancers: as Chosen and protagonists of this incredible adventure, our fate foresees the ascent to divinity, to replace the late Lucian and surpass the Seven themselves. The one narrated with skill by Larian Studios is a rich and engaging experience, a product packaged with love and attention to detail. First on PC and now also on our consoles thanks to the Definitive Edition, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has revealed itself as one of the most valid role-playing games of this generation. With unforgivable delay, let's set about reviewing the exploits of Fane, Sebille, Ifan and all the other Godwoken.

For Rivellon's sake

What seemed like a smooth journey, despite its terrible destination, hid a dark plot aimed at sabotage. Among the passengers on the ship, the evil Windego, an evil witch in the service of the mysterious God King, had also been embarked: with a spring explosion and the attack of a Kraken of the void, the hull had been reduced to a thousand pieces and ours body now seemed relegated to the sea currents of the deepest abysses. Saved in extremis by a wise and celestial voice, we now find ourselves unharmed on the beach of Forte Gioia. After passing a training phase on the boat, it is on the mainland that we can take the first steps, venturing into a world full of dangers, characters and missions to face. Within the prison camp we get to know all the other members of the crew, each time forming what will become our party and cooperating not only to escape the yoke of the Magisters but also to fulfill the destiny of each single supporting actor. . From the first moment the quality of the narration is very clear, introducing each chapter with animated sequences and sublimely engineered dialogues. It is possible to lose hours of gameplay simply by chatting with our companions, with NPCs, reading books and - why not - chatting with dead souls and wild animals. It is precisely mastering the art of oratory that manages to open new glimmers towards alternative solutions, secondary methods to carry out the most disparate tasks: why seek your own objective by extorting information with difficulty when you could ask all this, with due courtesy, to a rat of the sewers?

From the very first act, the diary is your best friend, allowing you not only to retrace the chronicles, past events and dialogues, but also to always keep track of the missions. P.roprio the quests are present in abundance and by completing them you will receive, in addition to experience points, a reward of your choice. Of course there is no shortage of the usual fillers, also known as "crap" missions, but most of the assignments will surprise you thanks to their quality. From the most absurd goals - how to foster the love story between a mouse and a turtle - to those with high charm, the aforementioned know how to entertain the player, who will often and willingly lose track of time. Although valid or in any case average, the management of the missions nevertheless presents some flaws, such as markers on the map that are not always present and indications that are sometimes too smoky. Each character also has their own personal storyline to complete, with due attention is clear: the end of one could coincide with the failure of another supporting actor. It will therefore be up to you to choose carefully which mate to count in your group, always opting for a peaceful resolution of the quarrels. The achievable plots are numerous, as well as the crossroads in front of which you will find yourself in the course of the narration. A storytelling with attention to the smallest detail and many different endings give even more value to a unique experience, pleasantly replayable and to be jealously guarded in one's heart.

Seven Chosen, infinite possibilities

How to deal with the story mode of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is totally up to our tastes. It is possible to leave for the journey completely alone or to be accompanied by three other protagonists. The strength of the title of Larian Studios also lies in this: the management of the party is simple but accurate and knows how to delight both the most fussy and the most permissive players. Once joined our team, each character will ask us to choose their own field of specialization. Based on our needs we can opt for a warrior, a thief, a wizard, a hunter and many other classes. Precisely the number of options and talents manages to immediately show all the potential of the initial editor: in addition to the already existing Chosen, the player can choose to impersonate humans, undead, elves, dwarves or lizards, selecting physical appearance, origins, character and even the favorite musical instrument. Each race also possesses innate faculties, which can make life easier for us in the course of the adventure. Fane and skeletons in general, for example, can pick any lock thanks to their bony fingers, while the Red Prince can unearth treasures without the aid of the shovel thanks to his paws. The fun, however, begins with our specialization, the selection of basic skills and two of the many talents available. The latter guarantee - in addition to a high replay value - always fresh and varied gameplay: Amico degli Animali allows us to talk to our four-legged friends; Lone Wolf provides not indifferent bonuses to those who will face the game alone; Executioner rewards us with additional action points after killing an enemy. Those listed are only a very small part of a large set, to which others are added that can be earned through special secondary missions. Investing your hard-earned experience points in a single class does not imply that that must necessarily be our only way. In addition to being able to shuffle the cards on the table, choosing for example to combine magic with dexterity or brute strength, in Divinity 2 it is possible - from a certain point on in the plot - to respec each individual ability. It is therefore not excluded that a necromancer can become an archer, that a spellcaster becomes a warrior with an ax or that a brave swordsman begins to juggle the summoning of demons. The combinations are potentially unlimited and will only be hampered by our imagination. All the skills available guarantee numerous methods of approaching every situation, ranging from area damage to multiple stabs. Alongside the usual war specifics and unique talents, there are the evergreen social specializations: enhancing the theft allows us to pickpocket the characters (which is fundamental for those who play at the highest difficulties), identification allows you to unlock arcane equipment, Good Star increases the chances to find valuable loot while increasing persuasion we will have more success in multiple choice dialogues.

Leaving aside some of the little gems listed above, everything we have talked about so far would seem on the agenda for a western role-playing game. In fact, none of this amazes the player: the real jewel in the crown of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the combat system. What appears to be a canonical turn-based system reaches impressive tactical heights, all with the lightness of an action game.. The infamous Mana and stamina have been totally replaced by Action Points, vital for unleashing attacks, using spells and making any kind of movement. But woe to think that the surprises stop there: as previously mentioned, the gameplay is incredibly layered and hides a large number of factors to consider. As in the real world, even in the title of Larian Studios, physics is not something negligible and will be our ally and our enemy at the same time.. An archer can use the high ground to his advantage to inflict greater damage on enemies, while puddles of oil can slow us down or even deal damage once set on fire. All elemental surfaces have certain malus - such as "Burning" or "Poisoned" - but are equally useful when used as bait for opponents. Once extinguished with water, the flames turn into vapor, which can be condensed and electrified with the right skills. The surfaces on which we rest our feet are therefore a fundamental part of the combat system, as well as the study of the entire battlefield, from the raised areas to the traps. The key word that could sum it all up would be "freedom", not only tactics, but also of choice and approach. If an enemy were too powerful to defeat in a normal fight, nothing would prevent us from stocking up on explosive barrels, placing them strategically and starting the dance. Similarly, areas inaccessible on foot can be reached thanks to the magic of teleportation, with which we can translate not only enemy and allied characters, but also trunks and hidden treasures. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles is equally simple: you need an object but is its owner really a tough nut to crack? Just distract him with a character, while with another party member you can put your hands in his pockets and steal the loot. Doors can be broken into or - with a lot of ignorance - smashed, chests can be opened with bad manners, everything can be bypassed with the right amount of ingenuity and imagination. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, if you can think so then most likely you can too. What has been said so far is of vital importance to survive the experience of the greatest difficulties, where sharpening the wits is not only essential to obtain a great sense of satisfaction and progression, but also to keep the skin safe. In this case, the Honor mode - which we have already talked about in a separate article - is something brutal and punitive: superlative artificial intelligence of the enemies, saves limited to a single slot, auto-save that cannot be deactivated that is triggered after the departure of a character, death permanent and Game Over once the whole party is dead. Yes you got it right, you will have to start over a game for over sixty hours.


Divinity Original Sin 2 is a boundless title and will be able to capture you body and soul, thanks to a replayable and boundless campaign. The Definitive Edition for PlayStation 4 presents - in addition to the same base game for PC - also the texts completely translated into Italian. We recommend the purchase to all lovers of old-fashioned role-playing games.

  • From sixty to one hundred hours of play
  • Turn-Based Tactical Combat.
  • Free navigation for maps.
  • Large areas and false open world.
  • Curated narration and multiple choice dialogues.
  • Many different endings.
  • Careful and captivating party management.
Collectibles and Extras
  • Secret missions to discover in the game
Game Card
  • Game Name: Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
  • Release date: August 31 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Dubbing language: English
  • Texts language: Italian

As PC players will already have guessed, Divinity gives its best with a mouse and keyboard, with which managing menus and clashes will be much faster and easier. However, we feel compelled to specify that we have not encountered any particular difficulties in completing it on the PlayStation 4. Exactly as it happened many years ago with Dragon Age Origins, the pad did not make us suffer the sufferings of hell, indeed everything turned out simpler than expected. The tactical view from above can also be of great help during clashes, to carefully select enemies and choose where to perform a certain action without the danger of making mistakes. In case you are not part of the so-called Master Race, don't feel left out: Larian Studios has made sure that you too can enjoy the Godwoken adventure at acceptable levels. Finally, what would you answer if we told you that there is also a multiplayer component? Normally it would be news that would make most people turn up their noses but trust me, Original Sin is anything but the classic "online fight". Of course, it is possible to go down to the Arena and fight against other players, all according to turns, strategies and rules marked by calm pondering, or start the Game Master mode and create a custom campaign to be shared in full Dungeons & Dragons style. But what we would really like to praise is the possibility of experiencing the journey in the company of your friends. Once invited, everyday buddies or complete strangers will be able to start a new story with us, cooperating for the good of the whole team or putting a spoke in the wheel for each other to obtain the power of the gods. It doesn't matter if you sabotage each other or know how to get along in love and harmony: between a combination of forces and a huge caciara, Larian Studios has provided us with hours of unbridled fun.

A small, big world

It will certainly not be the largest or the most original of gaming ecosystems, but Divinity: Original Sin 2's Rivellon impressed us. In spite of a rather limited extent, the five major maps have packed a myriad of details into small spaces. With an open world illusion, we explored every available area, moving on to the next at the end of the main chapters. Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrace one's steps and it is recommended that you complete all missions before advancing further. Not relying on innovative fantasy mythology, illustrators and developers focused their efforts on creating a world that was "beautiful to look at". From the gigantic island of Forte Gioia to the beautiful town of Arx, every place is teeming with animals, NPCs, objects to interact with and elements to admire. Although the shot does not favor close observation, it is possible to admire in the menus the features of weapons and armor, which change their look according to the race of the characters to which they are equipped. Promoting the artistic sector with flying colors is therefore good and right, especially after getting lost in the beauty of some illustrations, such as those of the paintings during the selection of the difficulty, those of the loading screens or in the final credits. Likewise, the soundtrack does an excellent job, with epic-like songs that closely resemble the themes of Dragon Age and The Lord of the Rings.. However, there are also more cheerful motifs that are more easily able to stick into our brains, such as those of the taverns or the Lady Vendetta, the ship of the improbable group of Chosen. Spending flattering words for a high-caliber art department, it's also time to point out some flaws in the technical one. The gap between home console and PC in this case is even more evident: it will not happen infrequently that the framerate suffers dizzying drops during the most "explosive" fights (such as that of the Black Pools), that the cursor for the skills splashes away between the stars and that textures take more than a few moments to load. Thirty frames per second and 1080p resolution are therefore not always guaranteed but these gaps are possible to turn a blind eye, especially when you consider the exceptional overall quality of the product.

Two days and eighteen hours: Saving Honor Mode is keen to let us know how much time of our life, overall, we have spent in the company of our Origomant friends. Almost sorry to have to leave the Rivellon, despite the platinum trophy testifying that there is hardly anything left to do. This is a lie and we know it very well: Original Sin 2 has proven to be a true cornucopia of secrets, little hidden pearls that are still waiting to be revealed today. If we really wanted to know everything that lies in the depths of this wonderful world, we would have to sacrifice too many games. Perhaps it is good that certain things remain where they are, wrapped in the black mantle of the unknown. However, this sequel to the first wonderful Divinity also has a very specific place to rest: our heart. Larian Studios has packaged a small, great treasure to keep and remember, indeed it would probably be good to erect an altar in honor of him and give thanks for one of the best role-playing games of this generation. In case you are passionate about the genre or simply curious, do not miss a more unique than rare fantasy experience, a personal journey, an intimate evolution and - in short - a great cool.

Farow's review

The whole world of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a real feast for the eyes. Its colors and illustrations show all the enormous talent of the artists who took care of the project. Graphically, however, it presents some uncertainty, such as sporadic drops in framerate during the fighting - especially if there are explosions and particle effects - and textures that are not always very fast in loading.


The soundtrack features songs that won't easily get out of your head, such as the main theme and some interlude tunes. Excellent work done with dubbing in English.


True beating heart of the entire offer, the gameplay of Original Sin 2 manages to amaze for its compactness and variety. A tactical, layered and rewarding combat system supports a role-playing experience with attention to every single detail. Few games at the moment can boast the same gameplay quality as the Larian Studios title. As for fluidity and controls, the PC version is still the recommended one today but if you only have a console, don't be afraid and treat yourself to an equally valid experience.

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