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    Dragon Ball Final Bout - Cheats

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    Play as Super Baby
    Play the game with all people for the first time 9 times, then save your game and increase your power level with SS4 Goku. Then save to the title panel by pressing Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Triangle and go to the character select panel

    Self destruction
    While playing as Vegeta or Majin Boo, press Forward, Back, Down, Up and the fireball (Triangle) button to perform a self-destruct. This causes great damage to your opponent if he connects and takes out about half of your Ki power

    Super Saiyan 4 Goku
    After entering the above code, press this sequence at the title panel: Triangle (10 times), Square (9 times). For the Japanese version, press Triangle (5 times), Square (9 times). You will hear a sound. When you go to the character selection, it will become selectable

    Wire Frame Mode
    Hold Select while choosing your character. Keep holding it down until combat begins to activate the Wireframe

    Play as Gotenks
    Complete the game 9 times on the hardest difficulty setting with Trunks. After completing the game the ninth time, highlight Trunks and press Select 9 times. Gotenks will appear. Save the game or you'll have to repeat everything

    Sound Test
    At the title panel, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start. Now press Select after choosing a song to see the lyrics and get more information

    Alternative costumes
    Select 2 Player or Training mode and press Square + X and Circle when selecting a fighter

    Different ending
    Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting. During the titles, instead of showing photos of the usual boys, photos of secret boys will be shown including Super Baby in the background

    Play as Vegetto
    Defeat Vegetto on any difficulty level

    Play as Super Little Goku
    Defeat Super Little Goku on any difficulty level

    Play as Super Goku
    Defeat Super Goku on any difficulty level

    Play as Super Sayian Goku
    Defeat Super Sayian Goku on any difficulty level

    Play as Super Trunks
    Defeat Super Trunks on any difficulty level

    Play as Super Sayian Trunks
    Defeat Super Sayian Trunks on any difficulty level

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