FIFA 22 Ultimate: How to Get Coins Fast in FUT

In this FIFA 22 Ultimate Team guide we will explain how to make money quickly Credits, the essential in-game currency for purchasing packs and new players.

FIFA Ultimate Team (for FUT friends) is a mode where the goal is to build a squad, using players of any club and nationality, with which to compete offline and online with other players. Teams are composed using FUT Cards that are obtained through packs or by purchasing players from other users. To obtain good results, it is not enough to know how to play well, but it also requires dedication, careful management of time and resources, as well as a certain cunning in market maneuvers. And obviously a few lucky hits in the middle don't hurt.

It is therefore essential to accumulate as many credits as possible, necessary to purchase packages and new players. Here are some tips to get this currency quickly and avoid unnecessary waste at the same time. If, on the other hand, you need a hand with your club module, check out our guide to the best custom modules and tactics for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Play as many matches as possible, especially in Squad Battles and Division Rivals

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Regardless of whether you win or lose, in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team at the end of each game you will get credits depending on your performance. We are talking about a small amount, but if you manage to achieve a good number of wins in a short time then you will find yourself a small treasure to invest in the transfer market. Additionally, as you progress through the season and complete various challenges, you will receive power-ups that increase the number of credits earned from matches.

One of the best and safest ways to earn coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is to basically play the modes Squad Battles e Division Rivals. The first is an "offline" mode in which your team will face off against other players in the world controlled by the CPU. Each week you will have 40 useful games to earn Battle Points and climb the rankings. The better your placement, the greater the rewards. In FUT Division Rivals, however, you will face other players like you, with the aim of moving up the Division. Each week if you have won a certain number of matches you will receive or can choose one of the prizes up for grabs based on the current division and level.

As you may have guessed, playing a good number of matches in both modes is essential for accumulating credits, as well as packages, so try to dedicate some of your free time to them every week.

The transfer market, when to buy and sell players

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If so far we have talked about activities that also require skill on the pitch, what we will address now is the most important aspect when it comes to farm credits at will in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, namely the transfer market. It is potentially the best resource for racking up big bucks in a short time, but if you make the wrong choices, you could be throwing away thousands of credits in no time.

Through the market you can buy cards from other users or sell those in your possession. The basic objective that you must set yourself in this sense is obviously to never buy a player at a price higher than its actual value and at the same time not to "sell off" your cards. A good way to make sure you are not "scammed" is to use Futbin, a third-party portal where you can ascertain at any time the real market value of a player. In fact, FIFA Ultimate Team football player trading looks a bit like the stock market, with the card values ​​that fluctuate constantly based on some factors, such as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or times of the day.

However, there are some good habits that allow you to conclude good deals in the FUT market without too much difficulty. The first is to operate at certain specific times of the week. For example, it pays off buy new cards on Sunday evening and Monday morning. At the end of the FUT Champions weekend, many users are selling their players for credits, which means the market will fill with cards and prices will be lower than usual. In general, however, it is better to shop late in the evening, as there will be fewer active users and therefore auction prices are less likely to skyrocket.

When it comes to sell players, on the other hand, the best time is between Thursday evening and Friday morning, as many users will be willing to put their hands on the virtual wallet to strengthen their team in view of the weekend and therefore possibly spend more than usual in auctions. In general, the best times of the day to sell are those with peaks of active concurrent users, usually between 19:00 and 22:00 and in the morning. Keep in mind that in general prices may fluctuate drastically based also on the preview of the packages, a function thanks to which it is possible to know in advance the contents of the gold and silver ones.

Another tip is to use the Web App and the Companion App for EA Sports official mobile devices, a tool that no FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player should give up. In this way you can buy, sell players and, in general, keep an eye on the transfer market even when you are not playing or away from home, perhaps taking advantage of the break at school or the coffee break at work. In addition, through the app you can also customize your team and the stadium, as well as try your hand at the Squad Creation Challenges.

The art of "sniping"

A method that allows you to get a lot of credits in a short time in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but which requires a lot of time, patience and practice, is the so-called "sniping". It is basically a question of finding a highly sought-after card (for example the full-backs and the CDC), but at the same time having a fairly advantageous average cost, buying several copies and then reselling them at a higher price. In this sense we again recommend the use of Futbin to ascertain the real market values ​​of FUT cards.

Once you have found the player who is right for you, we recommend those from La Liga and the Premier League, you will have to place as many offers as possible, but always making sure that they are advantageous for you. A good habit is to move to the third page, in order to be the first to place an offer and thus obtain an advantage over other users. Once the purchases have been completed, you will simply have to resell all the cards, obviously at a higher price, possibly taking advantage of the days and peak times of the FUT trades we talked about previously.

Mind you, in theory it is a fairly simple process, but in practice it requires a lot of dedication and in-depth knowledge of the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market. If you are a beginner you could lose a lot of credits, rather than earn. In this sense we advise you to practice with inexpensive footballers, that way you won't lose too much if things go wrong.

Do not buy Gold Packs

FIFA 22, always remember the Chemistry when creating your squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

Accumulating so many credits is not enough, you must also invest them wisely. And as strange as it may seem to you, buy gold packages it's not that convenient. Between Squad Battles, Division Rivals, SBCs and seasonal rewards, in fact, you will get a good number of them on a regular basis. If you really want to invest your credits in this way, we would rather buy the bronze and silver packages, which in the long run could reward you with large amounts of credits.

The reason? They are cheap and the bronze and silver players in the transfer market are paradoxically less than the gold ones. This means that when they come out certain Squad Creation Challenges, some players on whom no one usually invests could become highly sought after (and consequently also very expensive) and you can take advantage of them to make a not-to-laugh capital gain. In addition, you can use the excess bronze and silver players yourself to complete the SBC Challenges and thus obtain better cards.

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