Fortnite fans think Siren Head is in Season 8 of Chapter 2

Fortnite Season 8 of Chapter 2 appears to have teased a monster with a similar appearance to Siren Head, the popular (and creepy) creation of the Internet that has appeared in various viral YouTube and TikTok videos. The brief appearance of a mechanical monster in the latest Fortnite trailer certainly shares a resemblance to the cryptic imagery of the internet, but is it really Siren Head or something else?

Is the mermaid head in Fortnite?

There is no doubt that the monster that appears briefly in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass trailer looks in quantity like Mermaid Head. Its incredibly thin frame, long, pointed hands, and two objects on top of its head are certainly reminiscent of the humanoid monster.

Created by artist Trevor Henderson, Siren Head captured the internet's imagination in a similar way to Slender Man, and has since been the subject of his indie games such as Modus Interactive's eponymous game, as well as being included in various mods in games like Fallout 4 and Minecraft.

However, for the casual audience, it is perhaps most commonly known for its appearance in various viral videos, with it having inspired a number of TikTok and YouTube videos, the most famous being the clip below which has promptly made the rounds of the social media:

In the latest Fortnite trailer, a similar-looking monster is seen rising behind players, apparently featuring two mermaids on its head and the same lean, imposing body. While the mermaids are undoubtedly different than those seen on the original Siren Head, this may be Epic Games' take on the creature, rather than the developer who raised the wholesale idea from Henderson.

"Siren Head" can be viewed 40 seconds in the new trailer:

The fact that the trailer cuts itself immediately after the appearance of this Siren Head-like monster certainly implies that its introduction is a big deal, and we could very well see one of the most formidable AI foes in the battle royale game. However, with the new update still to be released, we just have to wait and see if it's really Siren Head, or a monster that, coincidentally, looks a lot like him.

The full list of patch notes for the Fortnite 18.00 update can be viewed here. You can also check out the differences and full map changes.

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