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Alisa's two best hits are the "Deep Rink" and the "Stop Bit", both of which deeply impact the opponent's energy bar. In effect immediately after are the two running attacks: "Linear Knuckle" and "Linear Drop Kick". The first in particular, if brought to a sign, stretches the opponent for a few seconds, giving you time to rage and if it is parried it still produces a stunning capable of giving you an advantage. The "Digital Lift", which can only be used while crouched, throws the opponent into the air and allows you to enter "Boot Mode", in which you can use "Eject Spider" or "Upstream". Her weak points can be found in her projections, "Dynamic Range" and "Worm Attack" in particular, which in addition to being very slow of her also expose her to the risk of a counter move. Equally slow and ineffective are her low attacks.


Anna's most dangerous blows come from the "full crouch" position, ie while she is squatting. Rising Palm, attack that ends in a projection, Right Handed Sweep, low attack particularly useful for countering the shots coming from the sky and Right Hand Stab in fact are all made starting from this position. However, even in an upright position she knows how to defend herself very well: the first part of the Threading Water has a wider range of action than normal, useful for reaching an opponent who grazes you with her blow; the "Step-in uppercut" is a big punch; Finally, "Assassin's Dagger" is doubly dangerous, not only because it is unstoppable, but also because of the short stun it inflicts on the opponent.
The position of "full crouch", although offensively advantageous, proves slow and risks exposing Anna to the attacks of the opponents. Unless you are well versed in Anna's control, a skilled dodging player can be a tough obstacle.

Armor King

The most evident value of Armor King can be summed up in the ease of control that makes it the ideal character for novice players. Yet his immediacy is achieved by sacrificing depth. In fact, Armor King, while having good moves, does not excel in any type of attack. The style to be adopted therefore should be closer to that of a fight, rather than that of a technical fight, also because his holds are not particularly incisive. However, Armor King has an excellent short-range counter, the "Dark Jab Into Hell Stab" and another long, "Shoulder Impact" .. When your opponent is on the ground he can also use the "Crazy Stomping" to rage. In general, all his attacks are good, but they do not go beyond this evaluation and this therefore does not allow him to excel over a specific type of opponent. Furthermore, "Foot Sweeps" and "Taurus Cutter" are easily matched and leave room for enemy counter-offensives.


Baek's strength lies in his "Flamingo stance", a position from which he can dodge, carry low or high attacks, but also initiate grabs and throws. If the "Human Cannonball" is executable from the "Flaming Stance" and proves to be an excellent move, Baek is however able to make himself dangerous offensively in other ways as well. The "Left Heel Drop" for example is a shot capable of inflicting a fair amount of damage, but above all safe in execution. The "Spinning Hook Kick" is especially useful because it is able to hit from a greater distance than normal shots. "Chonsan" on the other hand is a very useful throw to perform while Baek gets up off the ground. If used well Baek can become a lethal weapon, but a patient and trained player knows how to find the right moment to get into the sequences and make it harmless.


Against all odds dictated by his appearance Bob is very fast. In addition to this he has very effective medium shots that prove difficult to parry and capable of doing a fair amount of damage. The "Cracker Jack" is the perfect exemplification of this concept. Not to be underestimated even in the defensive phase, thanks to the "Straight Rondel" and the "Circe Whopper", two excellent counterattacks. His abilities, however, can be used especially in close combat, but they lead Bob to show his side in the event of a long-range fight. The moves more powerful than him are also unsafe in their realization, forcing Bob to often resort to the medium ones, less incisive, but faster.


Bruce has an ace up his sleeve: his "juggles" are devastating. If that wasn't enough, his combos are also capable of doing a staggering amount of damage. His projections from standing position, "Ti Sok Ran" and "Rising Toe Kick" also enjoy the gift of speed. However, Bruce takes the greatest advantage of crouching combat, during which he is able to inflict massive damage with low blows such as "Shotgun Slug" and "Duckin g Low Kick" which are unmatched in the game's roster. On the other hand, the power of his shots is balanced by the high risk to which one must expose oneself to make them, in particular in the case of crouched ones, since the "Ducking" that allows them is decidedly slow.


Bryan is another character who makes power his strong point, and the only one whose "Taunt" proves useful. This is especially true when he manages to pin the opponent to the edge of the fighting area, which is to be avoided at all costs when facing him if you do not want "Mach Kick" and "Mach Breaker" to affect you every way of escape .. Specifically, his new hits, "Blackout Combo" and "Defensor", both medium attacks, are definitely fearsome. In addition to these he also acquired a couple of punchier than average bass hits, "Hatchet Kick" and "Sweeper Kick". Bryan's weakness lies mainly in the long time it takes to master it effectively.


To take full advantage of Christie it is necessary to always keep a short distance from the opponent so as to be able to take advantage of all the offensive power available in the short range. The absolute variety of styles and combinations finds reason for being in the large number of stances available and translates into a varied and unpredictable style, which can give a lot of annoyance even to the most experienced opponent. The "Shin Utter Combo" and the "Leg Whip Mars Attack Flip" are two great moves in his range. In any case Christie is not easy to master and some may prefer more linear characters in style and execution.

Devil Jin

The strengths of Devil Jin are represented by his moves able to throw the opponent ("Rising Uppercut" and "Electrick Wind God" above all) and low blows among the most powerful in the game. He does not fare badly even in the medium attacks, worthily represented by "Laser Cannon" and "Twin Lancer". The Samara is effective against attacks coming from above while crouched, but the "Twin Pistons" is safer, although especially useful against low attacks. He himself is also devoid of low attacks that can worry the opponent, so the low attack position is rarely used.


If you are looking for a character to attack with less worry about the defensive phase Dragunov is the one for you. Its ability to absorb damage is in fact very high as well as being equipped with a good attack consisting of complex moves to achieve, but effective. Among these stands out "Slicing Sobat", powerful, able to cover a fair distance and safe in execution. Blizzard Hammer is then a devastating blow that if struck stuns the opponent giving you a position of clear advantage, in the same way as the "Russian Assault". To use Dragunov, however, it is necessary to master skillfully his powerful attacks, thus compensating for the predictability that exposes him to frequent counter moves.


Eddie's capoeira skill translates into a fast-paced and hard-to-predict fighting style. Added to this is his mastery of low blows, as well as the great variety of punches. However, all of this is limited by its inability to dodge. The most effective attacks are "Roundhouse", "Elbow Uppercut" and "Relogio", all of which can be performed from below. "Twister" remains in any case the best shot of him. After performing the "Bananiera Roll Eddie Eddie" he enters "Negative", a stance from which he can perform "Ipanema Wings" or "Quick Sopring Kick", but from which he can also switch to "Handstand". To get good results with Eddie you must therefore master his low attacks and perform well the offensive phase and the ways in which it declines through the different "stances", thus compensating for the shortcoming of the dodging in the defensive phase.


Feng often scores victoriously with low attacks and throws, but the strength in these specialties comes from the devastating power of his medium shots, capable of opening useful gaps in the opponent's defenses. On the other hand, some defects can be found in his long-range shots, not excessively effective and perhaps too tied to the technique of air puffs. However, it is a character who does not stand out in any field, but in the same way does not present conditioning gaps.


The appearance of this character suggests a lot of his style. He is very impressive, and therefore very powerful. In addition, his size also gives him a resistance above the average of other fighters. As expected he pays duty for these strengths in speed; however his low blows can be fairly fast and his high attacks enjoy brilliant versatility. All of his hits are damn powerful - finding him against him, whether controlled by the CPU or a skilled player, is an unpleasant experience.


Heihachi in some ways is similar to Devil Jin, in particular for the quality of his moves capable of throwing the opponent among which the "Rising Uppercut" and "Electric Wind God Fist" stand out. He also has fast and useful medium attacks by virtue of the wide range of action. However, Heihachi's "Spinning Demon" hides strengths and weaknesses. In fact, he is not able to knock out the opponent at the first shot, if not by executing it as a "counter" and if parried he leaves his guard uncovered for an excessively long time. However, the first blow is not parable and this puts him relatively safe. The main weakness of Heihachi is constituted by the weakness of his low attacks which in addition prove to be extremely risky in the execution.


To be truly dangerous Hwoarang must first enter "Flamingo" and then immobilize his opponent, but when he succeeds he becomes virtually unstoppable. Furthermore, the possibility of modifying its "stance" increases its unpredictability in the eyes of the opponent. The possible combinations between "Right and Left Stance" and "Right and Left Flamingo" are innumerable and almost all very effective, although they all hide moments in which it is possible for the opponent to interrupt the moves in execution. The different hits available to Hwoarang cannot be ranked, as their ability to deal damage is quite similar. Their different use simply depends on your training and your style of play. The technical gaps of the character are few and you have to be really experienced to be able to exploit them. Likewise, the control of the vastness of situations obtainable with Hwoarang requires a long and hard training.

Jack 6

In the case of Jack 6, the aspect does not lie: the extreme sensation of power suggested by its size is confirmed by its attacks, among the most devastating in the game and its "juggles". Jack 6 is an excellent character to become familiar with the game, since his strength is combined with an elementary ease in the execution of the moves. The "Jackhammer" is the perfect example: powerful to make the opponent harmless for a few seconds, fast enough to execute and requires only one key, in addition to the stick, to be executed. In addition to this, he has excellent medium attacks and shots capable of throwing the opponent into the air, which can also be performed from a standing position, such as the "Right Uppercut". His size makes him a good character even in battle situations on the edge of the arena. His simplicity also inevitably represents his limitation, resulting in predictability in some situations.


Jin is definitely not a powerful character, nor easy to master. On the contrary, he needs a very technical approach that can exploit his qualities, in particular the ability to execute counter moves that interrupt the opponent's attacks. Compared to the past edition he has also improved in the medium attacks and gained confidence in the low ones, making him now a much more complete character. The "Right Sweep" for example is now much less easy to parry and overturn in a "juggle". The "Crouching Uppercut" is also a good move to throw the opponent in flight, as well as being very difficult to dodge due to the speed at which it is performed. However, the more canonical moves do a much greater amount of damage. Mastering Jin requires constant attention in examining the opponent's weaknesses while avoiding blows; given the low power of his offensive moves, Jin's fights tend to last longer than average.


Julia's characteristics have remained unchanged from the previous incarnation, except for the improvement of some medium hits. What has certainly not changed is her incredible speed: this talent can be translated into a frenetic attack style, or into a more defensive attitude, focused on dodging and counterattacks. In particular the best attacks of her are the already mentioned medium hits, among which the "Trapi Counter Mid Attack", but also the "Party Crasher" or the "Lift Kick". Julia has no valid low attacks, except for the "Low Blow" and also lacks some protection when attacks come from below. The new "Mid Spin Kick" and "Tequila Sunrise Backfist" both turn out to be good moves. Finally, do not underestimate the "Mad Axes", useful for forcing the opponent to crouch so that the medium attacks find fertile ground.


Kazuya is another of the group of characters whose offensive range lies in the blows capable of throwing the opponent into the air: his "Rising Uppercut" and "Electric Wind God Fist" find in him one of the highest expressions in the entire roster of game. Added to this is also a decent power in the low blows that make it able to apply hammering attacks. It doesn't lack power either, simplified by the "Falsh Punch Combo", to which the electrified version of some moves can be added that can make them devastating when compared to the basic versions. The electrified version of the "Rising Uppercut" gains in speed and protection, increasing its already high danger. The other side of the coin is a general insecurity of his attacks, often exposed to counter moves, and a wide array of medium attacks, all of which are rather slow. Mastering Kazuya means learning to put pressure on the opponent to the point of frightening him.


Even the normal version of King is a well-balanced and well-balanced character, capable of inflicting enough damage even with the use of normal hits. In fact, recourse to grappling is not necessary, but if well mastered it becomes the extra weapon that makes King stand out from the crowd. "Arm Breaker" and "Standing Heel Hold" are phenomenal moves, but the "Giant Swing" is probably the best hold in the game along with the "Tombstone Piledriver". He also has two moves that cannot be avoided by the opponent. The "Rolling Sobat", which in this sixth edition has gained a more extended range and the Jaguar Hook which, penalized in speed, makes up for it with a wide range. "Quick Hook" and "Jab Uppercut" prove useful counterattacks, with which to compensate for the weakness of low blows.

Kuma / Panda

Kuma and Panda share unique moves and characteristics. Both share the extreme risk that accompanies each of their attacks: the possibility of being parried and counterattacked is very high. To balance this defect, however, contributes the strength and effectiveness of their moves, which, if they hit, inflict heavy damage on opponents. The "G-Clef Cannon" and the "Kuma Musou" are excellent examples of this concept.


The great virtue of Lars can equally be seen as his main limitation. In fact, Lars has an extremely versatile style that makes his character playable in different ways following various strategies. This variety, however, is obviously accompanied by a rather steep learning curve that forces the player to spend a lot of time training in order to pull out a useful style of play from the cauldron of feasible styles. Very strong moves like the "Double Tap", "Alert L" and "Storm Axle" are then balanced by a constant insecurity in the realization that expose them to parries and counterattacks. "Lighting Screw" is certainly Lars' most famous move and if done well it also allows you to continue the attack with a "juggle". The long range moves are very powerful, "Earth Battery" and "Double Action" in particular, but also very slow.


Law is a practically perfect character. He has all the skills imaginable in the game and masters them all to at least a fair level, but more likely ranges from good to excellence. He is also able to perform "juggle" in an impressive variety of situations and in addition he exploits in an exemplary way the combat phases at the limits of the stage, with "wall combos" able to deprive the opponent of a good part of his. energy bar. As if that wasn't enough, his moves don't even require overly complicated keystrokes to perform. In reality, of course, Law is not unbeatable, but to enter the small openings that his moves allow for the counterattack it is necessary to be precise in timing and skillful.


Lee is another character who features a variety of styles and moves. The low hits of him are notable, among which "Silver Low" and "Silver Tail" stand out. He does not lack the shots capable of throwing the opponent in flight: "Catapult Kick Low", "Right Upper" and "Silver Knee". Likewise he is skilled in counterattacks, being able to have "Triple Fang" and "Left Right Mid Kick". Its main ability consists in the various abilities with which it can react to an opponent on the ground that vary from an "ender" able to deal a huge damage to a "Shin to Spinning Hammer Kick" with which to grab an opponent who tries to slide down. 'backards. Lee's limit, however, can be summed up in the limited range of his shots that forces him to stay close to the opponent he is facing in the long run.


The great variety of "stance" that you have makes you one of the most versatile characters in the game: "Dragon", "Crane", "Snake Panther" and "Tiger", as well as "Play Dead", "Drunken Stance" , "Side Wind" and "Phoenix". You can alternate them manually or take advantage of the moves that involve the change of "stance", such as the "Right Uppercut", which in addition to being a decent shot allows you to enter "Snake Stance" with the simple pressure of the stick towards the opponent at the end of execution. It is difficult to describe the most useful moves because all the variety at its disposal sees in the different "stances" possibilities of use capable of making it suitable for different contexts in different ways. The general characteristic of his moves is unfortunately the lack of security: there are few that are particularly difficult to dodge or counterattack. However, the large amount of applicable styles makes up for the lack, forcing the opponent to carefully study your movements.


Leo is one of those characters who does not excel in any fighting characteristics, while not being equally deficient in any category. His low attacks for example are fairly powerful, but just as slow. He is a good character to use due to the ease of use of him. His best weapon, however, deserves a deepening: Leo is particularly good in the fight near the edge of the stage. The "Shang Bu Zhuang Quang" is great for throwing the opponent against the wall where you can target him leaving little chance of escape. To master Leo ultimately you need to be willing to be patient, because only absolute mastery makes him a character capable of rivaling the most powerful in the game.


Lili is as beautiful as she is deadly. Her innate ability to do harm makes her a distinctly offensive character. Her "juggles" in particular inflict a very significant amount of damage, comparable to the deadliest blows of the strongest characters. Not that Lili lacks strength, as her counterattacks, such as "Bed Time", show, but also a simple move like "Direct Persuasion". She doesn't even miss moves with "Crush property": "Rose Pique" even allows you to verify that the first part has hit the mark before continuing or interrupting it. However, her offensive potential often exposes her to risks during the execution. Furthermore, a character with a good defense of her can put her in clear difficulty. As you can imagine she doesn't excel in her defensive skills, but in her case her attack is really the best defense.


The size of Marduk immediately suggests that his style is definitely marked by power and ugly strength. His ability with "Vale Tudo" (whose "stance" offers versatile offensive solutions that combine speed and strength) also makes him extremely technical. His attacks are however mainly characterized by powerful moves, among which the new addition "Qucik Bazooka" stands out, a medium attack useful both for its effect on the "Counter" and for the safety in the execution phase. "Eathquake" is another new addition, a medium attack also to be used against the opponent on the ground. The main feature of Marduk, however, lies in his characteristic "stance", the "Ready Position", from which he can perform the "Double Leg Takedown", definitely his best move, unstoppable and very difficult to interrupt. The limits of Marduk are summarized in a general slowness, evident both in lateral displacements and in medium attacks. To look for defects we can also mention the lack of moves capable of throwing the opponent, beyond "Air Lift Uppercut" and "Battering Ram", both however very slow and dangerous to perform.


Miguel combines an excellent simplicity of control for a rookie with an offensive power capable of putting most opponents in difficulty. The beginning of his offensive phase usually passes through two moves: the "Chocking", from which with the pressure of the stick it is possible to switch into "Savage Stance" and which in any case allows a remarkable recovery speed, or the "Brushing", useful for its safety and speed. Most of the moves in his repertoire however take advantage of the "Savage Stance": from "Upstroke", to "Fade Slash" to "Rock Nut". Almost any move performed in "Savane Stance" can easily lead to a combo or "juggle". However, Miguel's simplicity of control exposes him to various risks, due to the simplicity of numerous moves that make him an easily predictable fighter.


Mokujin is the quintessential character that only fits the extreme Tekken player. In fact, he does not have his own moves, but can make use of the moveset of all the other characters. This obviously requires the widespread knowledge of all the wrestlers available in the game and a solid mastery of their range of moves. On the other hand, if used to his full potential, he is almost unstoppable.


Nina's characteristics are quite close to those of Alisa: both equipped with quick and effective punches, they can exploit this characteristic to torment the opponent by forcing him to make little thoughtful moves to get out of the way. This, combined with exceptional agility and the ability to deal massive damage with each hit, makes Nina one of the most complete fighters in the game. She is trained on both the low hits, "Uppercut to Jab" and "Stiletto Heel", as well as the "launcher", "Standing Right Kick". Even the slowest hits, such as the "Skull Splitter", still enjoy an above average speed of execution. The completeness of Nina is limited only by the lack of effectiveness over long distances that force her to have a close confrontation with the opponent.


Paul's ability to deliver hard hits to the opponent's energy bar has been his main characteristic since the beginning of the series. "Demolition Man", his most famous low blow than him, is astounding as it can hurt. The introduction of new attacks that go alongside the famous "Phoenix Smasher", "Phoenix Bone Braker" and "Kongo Blast" make him a unique fighter. His power is decisive in the phases of the game in which the opponent is stuck on the edge of the arena: a few shots and the fight ends. Fortunately for the opponents, his shots, however powerful, are easily pared and offer the side to "Counter". But he does need a really high attention span to exploit these weaknesses.


Raven is not a beginner character. His strength comes out only when he is able to master the "Shadow Sprint" and "Haze", his "stances" that allow him to create tricks with which to displace the opponent. "Haze" allows him, for example, to make himself semi-transparent and in that state to launch attacks like the Alterego with which he first creates an illusory copy of himself and then attacks with a blow from the bottom up. However, it does not lack effective basic attacks: "Hydra Byte" is a good launcher, while "Body Blow" and "Assassin's Sting Combo" are excellent attacks carried out with the use of fists. However, the gaps that he suffers from are numerous and require a skilled player to be compensated: in fact, he lacks both effective "Counters" and sure shots in execution. Using Raven, the way to victory is through deception and simplicity doesn't pay.

Roger Jr.

The boxing gloves immediately suggest the style of this fighter. Boxing skills are enhanced by the simple close range fight, but tend to show flank when applied over long range. His move repertoire also emphasizes this by including special moves that are also effective only at close range. His ability to dodge and repel blows allows him to take advantage of his winning tactic even against opponents with the same characteristics.


Steve is part of the circle of characters with incredible power. He is certainly the character whose "juggles" inflict the most damage on the opponent. Like all powerful characters he can be lethal in a few hits if he manages to nail the opponent to the wall. His "stance" then compensates for some of his limitations. The "Flicker" for example allows the "Flicker Jab", a shot that combines power with surprising speed, or the "Tempest Combo". "Lightining Combo" is a defensive blow, a "Counter", which not only often manages to solve complicated situations, but also inflicts considerable damage. This new version of Steve is, if possible, even better than the previous ones, being able to enjoy a new "stance", "Peek-a-Boo" and the new hits connected to it. One of Steve's limitations can be represented by the absolute effectiveness of his "Jab", which sometimes leads him to have a style too focused on this single shot.


The new version of Xiaoyu combines new offensive skills with well-known speed skills that help her escape from opposing moves. Unfortunately she turns out to be a complicated character who makes tricks her best weapon, like Raven and for this reason she is definitely not suitable for beginners. Paradoxically, her most effective attacks are simple moves, mostly punches, like "Belly Chop". She also has a couple of very effective "Counters": "Clouded Peak" knocks out the opponent very quickly, while "Ji Dan Tui" scores two kicks. Her evasive skills are very well represented by the "California Roll", with which she can escape from many high and medium attacks, but from which she can immediately switch to the "Cyclone Left", thus throwing the opponent into the air and creating the conditions for a "juggle". The difficulty in controlling Xiaoyu is especially evident against opponents with a good defense.


Wang is an extremely solid character, but to be fully exploited he needs a thorough knowledge. In fact, his attacks are afflicted by a high percentage of risk that limit their effectiveness. The knowledge of the techniques that allow Wang to manipulate his opponent, however, significantly limit the influence of risk in the execution of the shots, making Wang one of the most formidable characters of the entire game.


Yoshimitsu is a character who, if chosen by an experienced player, can give great satisfaction. He can't count on powerful attacks and doesn't have moves that stand out above the others for effectiveness. For this reason it is necessary to make use of all his skills in every fight, mastering to perfection all the moves available to him so as to exploit the most useful advantage of him, the ability to confuse the opponent. However, his complex and unusual attacks are unique: "Soul Stealer" is the fastest attack in the game and surprises the opponent in the middle of a move. "Guillotine Crow Kick", on the other hand, is an unstoppable and impressive kick. Many of his attacks are not safe and leave the side uncovered, but if used properly, that is, avoiding repeating the same moves, but taking full advantage of the offensive potential, Yoshimitsu can be unstoppable.


Zafina is also an unusual, complicated, hardly malleable character. To get results with her it is essential to master the three "stances" ("Mantis", "Scarecrow" and "Tarantula") that allow you to disorient and deceive your opponent: only knowing how to take advantage of these situations can you realize all the potential. by Zafina. Take advantage of attacks that lead to a "stance" at their end, such as the "Spinning Sweep" which automatically ends in "Mantis". The "Scarecrow" is by far the most effective "stance", in any case. However, Zafina is a very difficult character to control, suffering from defects that can limit her in many fights: a general slowness and the penetrability of a large part of her moveset.

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