Genshin Impact guide: how to unlock fishing, lures, all fishing spots and respawn times

After a long wait miHoYo has finally introduced the fishery in Genshin impact with Update 2.1. It is a relaxing pastime, ideal for catching your breath between a boss and farming a dungeon, but which also requires a certain dedication to bear fruit.

Once the game has taught you the basics, in fact, it will be up to you to search for the various fishing points scattered throughout the huge game map, get the suitable baits and find the rarest fish. There are some interesting rewards up for grabs, such as the spear "The Catch", of which you will find more details in this guide.

In this Genshin Impact guide we will explain everything you need to know about it: how to unlock fishing, how to get baits and rods, where to find all fishing points and how the fish respawn mechanics work.

How to unlock fishing and get the first fishing rod

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You will be able to access fishing in Genshin Impact starting fromAdventure Rank 30. The other requirement is to have received the Serenitea Pot with the quest "A Teapot to Call Home: Part I", which in turn is unlocked after completing Lyue's main story arc. It is not necessary to have gained access to the Inazuma archipelago, although some species of fish can only be found in this part of the map.

Once the requirements are met, the quest will be added to the log "Exploding Population". Head to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild. This will set in motion a short quest where after a short tutorial you will unlock fishing, get your first rod, the "Wilderness Rod", as well as some lures to get you started.

The fishing mini-game itself is very basic: once you reach one of the various fishing spots scattered around the Teyvat, press the interact button to start fishing. Choose a lure and then launch the hook with the dedicated button. If a fish is attracted to the bait you have chosen, it will approach and bite. Otherwise you will have to try with a different bait. Once a fish bites, a short mini-game will start in which you have to fill / empty the bar linked to the fishing line tension trying to stay in the yellow area of ​​the same. Nothing particularly complicated or innovative than the fishing mini-games seen in myriad other titles, but it's still a pretty fun active.

Once this feature is unlocked, all you have to do is get large quantities of bait, find the fishing spots scattered around the game world and new rods.

Fishing lures and rods

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Currently in Genshin Impact they exist four types of lures (Fruit Paste Bait, False Worm Bait, Redrot Bait and Fake Fly Bait) and each one allows you to catch different fish. To get them you will first need to get your hands on the relevant crafting recipes. The first, that of the "Fruit Past Bait", will be given to you as soon as you have unlocked the fishing. The other three, on the other hand, must be purchased from Nantuck, the NPC of the Fishing Association located in Mondstadt, on the shore of Cinder Lake, in exchange for three "Medaka" fish for each. In practice, you need nine in total. These are very common small goldfish, you will probably have caught one already in the tutorial mission, you will have no problem finding them in quantity in the fishing points scattered around the game world.

Once you have a recipe, don't forget to "learn" it from the Inventory. You can create baits at the crafting bench which are located in Mondsdat, Lyue and Inazuma. Each of them requires a small amount of materials and crafterete them in groups of ten. To get started properly, we recommend that you create at least 100 units for each type of bait.

Beyond the "Wilderness Rod" you can get others three fishing rods (and more in the future) by trading your catch at the Fishing Association NPCs. Each of these grants a bonus to the speed of catching fish in the region of the game world in which you purchase them. Here's how to get them all:

  • windtangler: Obtained from the NPC of the Mondsdat Fishing Association in exchange for 20 units of "Medaka", "Alien Medaka", "Venomspine Fish" and "Tea-Colored Shirakodai".
  • wishmaker: Obtained from the NPC of the Lyue Fishing Association in exchange for 20 units of "Medaka", "Sweet-Flower Medaka", "Betta" and "Brown Shirakodai".
  • Narukawa ukai: Obtained from the Inazuma Fishing Association NPC in exchange for 20 units of "Medaka", "Glaze Medaka", "Lunged Stickleback" and "Purple Shirakodai".

Fishing spots and times for fish respawns

Genshin Impact, don't rely too much on memory but rather place a nice placeholder every time you find a fishing spot

The most complicated part of life as a fisherman is finding the various fishing spots. These are in fact scattered all over the world of Genshin Impact and unfortunately the game does not indicate on the map where they are located. In short, finding them all without help is a real challenge.

Fortunately, there is an incredibly simple and functional solution, which is to consult the official interactive virtual map made available to miHoYo. Thanks to this tool you will be able to identify all the fishing spots scattered around the Teyvat and even which fish you can find there. Not only that, you can also fiddle with the filters to view only the areas where specific fish species are found. You can access the interactive map of Genshin Impact at this address (we have already set it up for you to show only the fishing spots).

Our advice is to put a nice one place card in your game map every time you find a new fishing spot. To do this, just open the map, move the indicator to the desired point, press the button dedicated to the "Pin" and choose the icon you prefer (needless to say, there is one in the shape of a hook). In this way, in the future you will no longer need the interactive map to find the various fishing areas, which is no small convenience.

Keep in mind that each fishing spot has a limited number of creatures, once all of them are captured they will empty and you will need well three days (real, not game) before it repopulates. Fish may only appear at specific times (some are available from 18:00 pm to 06:00 am, others from 06:00 am to 18:00 pm), so we recommend that you use the time advance function found in Paimon's menu . This way you can be sure that you have caught all the fish in one area before moving on to the next.

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