Guide to Fifa 2005

Generic Tips

-> Steps. Pass the ball often but don't do it without thinking about it. Choose who to pass the ball to and direct your pass. It is a difficult thing to do the first few times, but as you learn. Just remember to address it.
-> Cross often. It is the easiest way to score. One of the most profitable tactics in this game will be to have your midfielders run to the sides of the pitch and put the balls in the middle for your attackers' heads. Use [] to cross.
-> Use the through balls if you have attackers making the move, so as to throw them in one on one with the opposing goalkeeper.
-> Counterattack. Once you have recovered the ball from a corner kick or in any case from a free kick of your opponent, with a few passes you catch his defense unprepared. This tactic is especially useful against human opponents.
-> Use the second joystick to do some footwork. Use is recommended when you have no team mate to pass the ball to. Not recommended if your player has low stats.

Difficulty Levels (and Strategies)

You simply combine passing nets between your players and keep putting balls in the middle with crosses. The computer at this level will not be difficult to defeat, so this difficulty level is only for beginners: in a few days you will be ready for the semi-pro.

Be more careful when passing the ball, especially better direct the passes. Begin to understand how to use through passes but be careful: do not think that using this type of pass is necessarily the best solution. If you manage to spin the ball with sufficient agility, it is unlikely that a game will go wrong.

More difficult than the other two but certainly not impossible. The CPU will give you some time to reach halfway, but once it gets past that, it will attack you. Always help yourself with the radar, use many touches as before, pass accurately (and quickly). However, the clash will be quite difficult.

The CPU can lock you in your area for a whole game, or score without you even noticing. You will need every skill you have learned so far, or you better hope that the leader of the opposing team has an injury.

Inactive Balls - Corners

There are various types of corner kicks. Use the training mode to try and choose the type of corner that best suits this tactic. I tend to use the Driver corner kick aimed at the player who is not moving. You choose the one you are most comfortable with. Use the left lever to move, the right one to push.

Inactive Balls - Direct Free Kicks

These situations will arise when you are near the door or when you choose the Lay Off and Shoot option. Use the left joystick to aim and the right joystick for effect. The bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the amount of power. Press O to activate it. Press it again when the green part joins the red part, then press it again when it moves into the green section (the closer it is to that area, the better the execution), to make sure the ball goes where you want it. I always aim for the high corner and get the ball around the barrier. If the attempt is unsuccessful, you will at least get a corner kick.

Inactive Balls - "Indirect" Free Kicks

That is, when you are too far from the door to shoot or you do not choose the “Lay Off and Shot” option. They are very similar to corner kicks, use the left stick to move and the right stick to push.

Inactive balls - throw-ins

You will be able to select and move players as you usually do to free yourself from opposing markings. Use [] to put back into play, X to switch players.

Game Formations

There are loads of lineups to choose from. Here they are accompanied by a brief description:

4-4-2: The most classic formation. Useful for a balanced team that does not favor the defensive phase over the offensive one or vice versa.

4-3-3: With three forwards, this is certainly one of the best formations for a manager who likes to attack. Be careful though, because the lack of coverage in midfield won't help in the defensive phase.

3-4-3: Another formation with a strong offensive mentality. Be careful though, as you only have three defenders.

4-5-1: Don't use this formation. Never. Because with this you will have little hope of going beyond 0-0.

5-4-1: More or less the same as above. You will need excellent midfielders and a great striker to score. Avoid.

5-3-2: Not very defensive, because you will have halfbacks who can alternate in the defensive phase or in the middle of the field. It is a very useful training.

5-2-3: With five defenders it might seem like a defensive formation, but there are still the pushing midfielders, who will help the only two men you have in midfield.

3-6-1: Very good formation in the attacking phase as long as the midfielders help your only striker.

There are also other formations such as 4-1-2-1-2, but they are very similar to those already described.

As for the men to be sent on the field, wherever possible try to line up the players in their favorite positions. Their attitude can be seen under their name.

Movement Without Ball

The ways to make the movement without the ball are practically identical to those of the 2004 version. Use R2 to start and L2 to alternate between 3 players. You can move the numbered player with the right stick and use [] for a straight pass or the triangle for a through ball.


When the ball heads towards you, move the right joystick in the desired direction. Do not use it if the space you find after passing your marker is small (in fact there must be space to run once you pass your opponent, otherwise the ball would be lost). In any case, the game dedicates a tutorial about it.

Special Use of the Right Joystick

Use the right joystick to play ball games. Try it in practice mode. There is a great variety of numbers to do, just try to move the joystick at random to find out. Here are some of the best ones to use.

Lift the ball: Move the right stick back => the selected player will lift the ball.
Jumping: Push the right stick forward => the selected player will jump on the ball.
Drag the ball: Push up and then down on the right stick => the selected player will drag the ball past the defender
360 °: Move the stick 360 ° => the selected player will make a turn on himself

Try and discover new moves!

Career Mode Presentation

Pick a country, grab a league, grab a low-key team and give them glory for 15 years!

Starting Career Mode

After choosing a team you will receive 100 points to distribute to your Coaches. Choose the top four and the Fitness Coach. Then you will reach the main menu of the Career Mode: Career Central.

Play the Game

You can decide to play a game (with previously chosen options). There will be no extra time if you draw a league match.

Simulate the Game

You can also ask the computer to simulate the next game. You will see actions regarding fouls, cards, goals, dangerous actions, etc. And you will still receive points. And you can take action if things are going wrong.


Here you can prepare your team. Very intuitive.


By winning matches and scoring goals you can improve your Coaches. You will start with 100 points, as mentioned above. Each time you add 100 points to a certain Coach, it will level up. So your players will improve! You can also add extra points if you are liked by the club or at the end of the season.

Your Coaches are:
Goalkeeper Coach - Improve your goalkeepers
Defense Coach - Upgrade your defenders
Midfield Coach - Upgrade your midfielders
Attack Coach - Improve your attackers


During the pre-season (before September) and January, go to the Transfer Area and you can make requests for players, if not sell your own.

=> Look for young players under 25 (however a 20 year old will cost more than a 30 year old of equal skill).
=> For first division clubs, look for disgruntled players in the league. They will usually join your club at the reported price.
=> Watch your budget! Don't spend more than 75-85%!


Under the options you will not only find the transfer market, but also places where you can see how good the players will be in the game. You can also redeem unused points.

Manager Summary

Your rating as a manager explains how good you are at the game and shows you the various records you have achieved over the various seasons.

More Career Mode Tips

-> Keep the troop happy. They will prefer a 0-0 draw rather than a 0-1 defeat, but obviously a match won will make them happier!
-> Keep your players trained. There is nothing worse than having a phenomenal footballer who cannot play more than 15 minutes at high levels because he is out of shape. Usually midfielders and forwards will get tired more, so apply the turnover on them often and willingly.
-> As mentioned, keep a small squad. Three porters are useless, sell one. But don't sell too much! If you are playing with a defensive formation, keep more defenders; if, on the other hand, you have an offensive mentality, you will need a good number of attackers.
-> Try not to get warned / expelled. Don't get players suspended! And try to avoid injury to your team leader!


There are a lot of tournaments in FIFA 2005. These include all leagues and all regional cups. We have made a list, organized alphabetically by country.

Austrian OFB Cup
Austrian Bundesliga

Belgian Cup
Belgian League

Brazilian Cup
Brazilian League

Danish Cup
Danish League

Dutch Cup
Dutch Eredivisie

English Premiership
English Football League Championship
English Football League One
English Football League Two
English League Cup
English FA Cup
LDV Vans Trophy
Community Shield

French Cup
French Division 1
French Division 2
Champions Trophy

German Bundesliga
German Bundesliga 2
2 German Cups

National Cup
Italian Serie A
Italian Serie B

Supercopa (Spain)

K-League (Korean League)

Mexican Apertura
Mexican Closing

MLS Open Cup

Norwegian FA Cup
Norwegian Tippeligaen

Portuguese Cup
Portuguese SuperLiga

Scottish Premier League
Scottish FA Cup

Spanish First
Spanish Second

Swedish Allsvenskan
Swedish Cup

Swiss Axpo Super League
Swiss Cup

Plus the Americas Club Championship, the EFA and the Champions League.

My Fifa 2005 - How to Get Points

Points can be earned by completing the following actions:

1000 points for:
Andare a Career Mode, Practice Mode, Set Pieces Area, Jukebox, Tournament Mode e Create a Tournament Mode.

2000 points for:
5 consecutive wins in Career Mode, beat a 5-star team (Arsenal or Milan), beat a rival team, and finish a match with zero goals conceded

4000 points for:
Qualify for the European Cups in Career Mode, play online

6000 points for:
Win a tournament in tournament mode (6000 each tournament), create a player, get a promotion, make a hat-trick, win an international match, win a penalty shoot-out, win by scoring more than 5 goals

8000 points for:
Complete career mode!

10000 points for:
Become a 5-star manager, win the EFA + the Champions League

Votes to Players and Teams

Here's how the game assigns its star ratings. They are shown for teams when you select them, while the players' ones are shown when you choose your team / formation.

TEAMS (based on an average of attack, midfield and defense)
90+: 5 stars
85 - 89: 4.5 stars
80 - 84: 4 stars
75 - 79: 3.5 stars
70 - 74: 3 stars
65 - 69: 2.5 stars
60 - 64: 2 stars
55 - 59: 1.5 stars
50 - 54: 1 star
49-: 0.5 stars

PLAYERS (skill based)
95+: 5 stars
90 - 94: 4.5 stars
85 - 89: 4 stars
80 - 84: 3.5 stars
75 - 79: 3 stars
70 - 74: 2.5 stars
65 - 69: 2 stars
60 - 64: 1.5 stars
55 - 59 : 1 stella
54-: 0.5 stars


Some of the most frequently asked questions related to Fifa 2005:

Q: Are there five-star teams?
A: Yes, Arsenal and Milan.

Q: Are there any five-star players?
A: Yes, like Thierry Henry (French who plays for Arsenal).

Q: I went to my opponent and tried a number with the right joystick. It did not work!
A: Some tricks cannot be used during a sprint. It must also be taken into account that if the players are poor it will be very difficult for them to perform these numbers.

Q: Can I switch regions while playing Career Mode?
A: Sure, at the end of each season.

Q: I want to play as [Premier League team name] in the League, but I don't want to waste years in Career Mode, how do I do it?
R: Tournament Mode.

Q: Where is Holland?
A: It is not in the game and it is not unlockable either. A lot of games have this problem - it seems that Holland doesn't like being featured in these games so it's not there.

Solution summary

14. F.A.Q.

How to Play / Controls

Attack / Defense:
R1: Sprint (hold)

X: Pass / Head pass (low)
[]: Cross (high pass)
O: Shot / Header
T: Through ball (low)

For crosses and shots, press the button hard to give more power. A through ball means making a pass so that the receiving player is in front of the ball.

Give the ball:
L2: Scroll through probable receivers
[]: Ride
T: Through pass
X: Normal Pass (not necessarily aimed at the selected player)

X: Change player
[]: Tackle in sliding tackle
O: Tackle not sliding
L1: Call the second defender

Use sliding tackles to intercept passes. Be careful because if you catch a player with this intervention you could receive a yellow card or a red card. Call a second defender only when absolutely necessary.

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