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Video games on iPhone and iPad represent the largest source of income of the entire iOS ecosystem, a real gold mine for Apple and all developers able to guess the idea or business model.
We are far from having an average quality comparable to that of dedicated consoles, as well as from taking advantage of the considerable hardware available. As always, though, just dig into the mare magnum to find several interesting goodies or cross-platform games that also work well for touch screens.
In this regard, I decided to create a guide to the games that in my opinion deserve attention, starting with those discovered in 2016, with a short description and the download link also from mobile.

Super Mario Run: perhaps Nintendo has not guessed the most correct business model for its first "real" title for iOS, but it has created a game as always painstaking and perfect in its gameplay dynamics, fun and extremely replayable. 10 euros for the complete experience are not few, but in my opinion they can absolutely fit. Add me as a friend to challenge me!

Lumines Puzzle and Music: the best Touch version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's musical puzzle, which since its first version has captivated me for hours thanks to its mechanics integrated with the soundtrack. A sort of Tetris in which the blocks are canceled at the passage of a metronome, also generating chords and backing tracks, in levels that are always very different from a graphic point of view. There is also the legendary Shinin 'of Mondo Grosso, directly from Lumines for PSP!

inks: finally original pinball game, to overcome the scheme you have to hit points that release paint of different colors. Gradually, then, the screen fills with stripes and colors, with some really well thought-out paintings in terms of mechanics and the ability to share photos with your own impressionist creation. Fun and beautiful to look at, it made me want to play games like that again.

Rodeo stampede: classic endless runner in which you have to ride different animals to reach greater distances, it has mechanics and a view that slightly differentiate it from other titles in the genre, with a management part thanks to the creation of your own zoo with animals.

Chameleon Run: runner that offers a myriad of levels in which you have to reach the end by collecting objects or getting a good time.It differs because it is graphically delightful, above all it offers some mechanics through which you have to change color depending on the platform you are traveling on. The level design is really great, it totally convinced me.

Steamworld heist: extremely full-bodied title, two-dimensional turn-based strategy in which you command your own team of robots in space, with the need to plunder various spaceships while the story takes shape. Very interesting mechanics, other productive value, worthy of PSN and XBLA games. It will keep you busy for a long time.

Severed: another game with an important production value, with stylish graphics and mechanics that work perfectly with the touch, as you have to explore different environments in first person and slice the enemies and bosses that arise. The story is interesting and the hours of play high, among other things it is in super offer and costs much less than the PC counterpart.

PinOut!: another pinball game different from the usual, this time in the form of infinite levels to be faced in sequence, throwing the ball towards the next scheme. Free to try, 3 euros for the full version, another interesting variation on the theme.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: I thought it was a spin-off of mediocre workmanship, instead it changes the cards, literally, regarding the famous Pop-Cap series. A sort of card game that allows you to create your own deck to challenge the opposing zombies.

Mini Metro: based on a very nice idea, that of creating your own subway line in different cities, combining stations, positioning the carriages and paying attention to intersections. It is therefore a strategic one, with a minimalist graphic style that works very well, thanks to its ingenious gameplay.

Shadow Bug: at first glance it looks like Badland, but it is a different platform / action gameplay, with well-made levels and an above-average production quality.

Dan The Man: another action platformer made by Halfbrick Studios, with a great control system and increasingly complex levels that keep you busy for a while.

Lost In Harmony: Music game with delightful graphics and a great soundtrack, which bases its premises on the dream of the main protagonist. The artistic direction differentiates him from the crowd.

card crawl: card game that has its roots in Solitaire, elevating the mechanics to higher levels. No copies from other similar games, it has its own identity and was one of the best surprises I found within this genre. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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