Halo Infinite, semi-serious guide to all the weapons in the game

Halo Infinite is finally reality, and its multiplayer on everyone's lips. Like any competitive game based on firearms, this 343 Industries also has a rich selection of weapons, some historical of the series, others debuting with this chapter, some apparently easier to use, others to discover match after match.

To help you discover the weapon that's right for you, and make your climb to success faster and more satisfying, we've compiled this long list that includes all the weapons in Halo Infinite, each accompanied by a brief description that will highlight their strengths. and weak.

Of course, we have not even discounted those two weapons that, in our opinion, present the most critical issues at the moment, such as the Commando rifle for example.

It is mainly our opinions, if they are in line with yours we will find out only in the comments, where we invite you as always to write your opinion!


So here's ours semi-series guide to all Halo Infinite weapons.

MA40 assault rifle
The great Halo classic, the weapon that as soon as you see it you understand what game it is, the MA40 rifle is an extremely agile and reliable cornerstone. However, it tends to rise as the gust advances, and it is therefore necessary to keep it at bay a bit. If you can fix it pointed at the opponent's head you will not have problems even against two.

Pulse carbine
It would be a big mistake to underestimate the pulse rifle. This weapon seems less powerful than the more infamous MA40 but it is only an appearance. Its burst is undoubtedly slower but it takes away energy which is a pleasure. Furthermore, its shots tend to chase the enemy so it is very useful against particularly tarantulated opponents.

BR75 Battle Rifle
The weapon of order in ranked matches is this highly versatile shotgun capable of lethal three-shot bursts. This makes the battle rifle slower than the MA40 but able to outrun it in damage and range. On the medium length the BR75 is unrivaled, but even at short range with a little practice it will give you great satisfaction.

Commando Rifle VK78
This is one of the two worst weapons in Halo Infinite. Potentially its role would be that of a more powerful but also slower BR75, particularly suitable against vehicles, but at present it seems to do less damage than it should, and its small charger makes it even less palatable. To be reviewed.

Shock Rifle
A delight for those who love precise, long-range shots, but can't stand the bulk of a sniper rifle, the Shock Rifle is a far more versatile weapon than it might seem, absolutely lethal in the right hands. Logically it is quite slow as a weapon, if you find yourself in the middle of the action it is likely that you will lose your feathers, but someone will surely take it to your grave too ...

MK50 pistol
The weapon of the devil, the one that seems harmless and instead purges you with extreme ease, the MK50 pistol is common equipment of the Spartans and you will soon understand why: it constantly saves your life, especially when a fight will last longer than the ammunition present in the your main weapon, and it also has a more than decent range. An enemy already softened, will hardly survive in front of the sight of a MK50!

We call this a support weapon, on its own it is very difficult to use because it is essentially a bullet shooter that hurts a lot, but only at a short distance, it is also not so handy and has extreme recoil. Nonetheless, in a close-knit team a Spartan with a Harrower will always prove to be an extraordinary ally. It probably won't be the weapon you will use the most in multiplayer, but learning how to use it is essential.

Plasma Gun
The weapon no Covenant would part with, which is why they always end up losing the battle. The plasma pistol is much weaker than the MK50 and it is also slower, its shots are slightly magnetic like the pulse rifle and yet it is not enough to make it a reliable friend. Its charged shot can hurt, but it leaves the enemy completely at the mercy before and after firing it. Avoid it unless forced by events.

Voltaic pistol
This is a strange weapon: when you are forced to use it it does not disappoint with its DPS damage, which hits once and continues to hurt over time with continuous electric shocks, but we have never tried it voluntarily. Her hits also spread to nearby enemies, but the damage in these cases is quite modest. The voltaic pistol is a not fully framed weapon that gives satisfaction only when you find yourself in its partner in the right place, and at the right time.

Bulldog CQS48
A shotgun that does shotgun deliciously well, that's what the Bulldog CQS48 is. At close range you will flay your enemies, be their grim reaper, and drive you mad. At longer distances it quickly loses its effectiveness, but with a little courage and good aim it could still save you an unpleasant end. Avoid it in the open field, love it in the most closed maps.

It didn't drive us crazy initially, but continuing to play the Burner turned out to be an increasingly interesting weapon. Meanwhile, its shots bounce, so you can carom with the vilest enemies, moreover it fires five shots at the same time that can be arranged horizontally and vertically: the first setup allows you to hit more enemies, the second to concentrate the five shots along the whole body of a single opposing Spartan, doing him a lot of damage. Trust him, he will know how to repay you despite the slow recharge.

Sentinel lasers
A weapon that releases a continuous burst of energy that would also do a lot of damage, if it weren't that hard to keep at bay. The weapon tends to rise and counter its continuous recoil is very difficult during action. The typical energy weapon reload system is useful for getting a few shots in the barrel, but with the sentinel laser the feedback is insufficient and you can get confused. Instead, we found it very useful against half enemy, larger and easier to target.

Needle gun
Everyone discards it in favor of other weapons, but the needle gun is extraordinarily devious: and it is both a gift and a condemnation. A sentence because it is certainly not powerful and it is better to find a missile launcher, a gift because if you have an opponent in front and a bit of cover, you will have the kill in your pocket. The needle gun in fact fires these insidious shots that pounce on the enemy and chase him for several meters, usually up to knocking him out. It also recharges in an instant.

Stalker rifle
The Stalker Rifle is the alien sniper rifle, slow but deadly yet slightly more versatile than the human-supplied S7 sniper rifle, as it seems to do better at medium range. The headshot in this case is not conclusive, so be prepared to strike several times to bring the prey home.

S7 sniper rifle
The pure sniper, the one that every head is a kill unless there is a powerup of some kind behind or in front of it. It is logically not suitable for short distances, but the kill with the S7 point blank is a bit like coming of age: sooner or later it must be done and from that moment on nothing will be the same again.

The spit does not beat. This monster here, capable of firing giant pegs at sidereal ranges, is a single shot of immense power, not only against infantry as it does great against vehicles as well. It is probably the weapon that will give you the most satisfaction, moreover it is for pure brave, warriors who are not afraid to die if they miss even one shot. Spit is a way of life.

The Carbonizer is a simple and effective weapon, equipped with a cannon that fires solid light grenades capable of bouncing and causing massive area damage. The Carbonizer is the typical splash damage that must be aimed at the feet of the enemies instead of directly on the body, in order to cause as much damage as possible and as many players as possible. Its speed makes it dangerous at all distances.

The Shaker is the weapon that shouldn't exist. He launches like the Carbonizer, but his plasma drops do more damage by hitting the target directly, making this alleged killing machine totally useless, as long as you don't want to die in the worst possible way. The Shaker doesn't hurt, it's not scary, but it totally sucks at the moment. If you find one in your hand, use the gun.

A high-class weapon, the Hydra. It is a missile launcher, but its bullets are smaller and faster, moreover they can be fired normally or using a precise automatic tracking system. Logically the shots in the cartridge belt are not many, but as long as he can shoot, he will most likely hit the target. But watch your back while using it!

Another weapon that needs no introduction, the Spanker is a brutal and effective missile launcher, its missiles travel quite slowly, this is true, but if they catch you you have no chance to save yourself, no matter if on foot or at the controls of a vehicle. It remains dangerous even over short distances, especially in the hands of players who like to blow themselves up together with their executioner.

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