Horizon zero dawn - the complete edition: The ultimate guide

The Guerrilla Games guys, back in 2017, pulled that universally recognized masterpiece of Horizon zero dawn out of the hat. A big and big, powerful and deep game, exponent of that action rpg / sandbox genre abused in the last 10 years but which, if polished and thought (and weighed) well as with this title, can only be an added value and a strong point.
You have to do a lot of things guys, really a lot, between main missions, secondary, collectible, recruiting secondary characters and building legendary armor. All accompanied by an excellent soundtrack and a graphic impact that makes you cry for a miracle. In short, putting it back on Horizon zero dawn after 4 years from its debut in the vanilla version, is a bit like tasting that limited edition ice cream that you loved for an entire summer and which then went out of production, but which you remember as one of the better ever eaten, and then, boom, here he is again. And what are you doing, don't you shoot a feast?
Of course it is possible that there are spoilers in the article, so read it at your discretion.

Main missions, side missions and commissions

Horizon zero dawn includes 27 main missions, which reach a total of 32 if we also take into account those of the expansion The frozen Wilds. Let's see them together:

Horizon zero dawn missions:

  • 1- A gift from the past
  • 2- The lesson of Nature
  • 3- The Tip of the Spear
  • 4- The Heart of the Mother
  • 5- The Proof
  • 6- The Belly of the Mountain
  • 7- The Way of the Warchief
  • 8- The Nora's Revenge
  • 9- A Seeker at the Doors
  • 10- The Camp of the Fallen
  • 11- The Borderlands
  • 12- The Sun will fall
  • 13- The Destiny of Olin
  • 14- The End of the Creator
  • 15- The Plague of Faro
  • 16- The Tumulus
  • 17- Ban the Darkness
  • 18- The deepest secrets of the Earth (first point of no return)
  • 19- Zero Dawn
  • 20- Alpha Record
  • 21- The Terror of the Sun
  • 22- The Heart of Nora
  • 23- GAIA
  • 24- The Mountain that fell
  • 25- A monument of Oblio
  • 26- The looming Shadow (second point of no return)
  • 27- The Face of Extinction

Missioni di Horizon zero dawn- the frozen wilds:

  • 1- In the frozen lands
  • 2- The way of the shaman
  • 3- For Werak
  • 4- Firebreak
  • 4- The forge of winter
the frozen wilds is a decidedly "cool" expansion

The secondary missions of the base game are divided by regions. Let's start with the first area, the embrace of the mother. It is the first area of ​​Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy has not yet gained access to the entire game map.

  • The Forgotten: On the main road south of Mother's Embrace, look for a rock ledge and talk to the woman at the top.
  • In Her Mother's Footsteps: Northeast of Mother's Embrace, along the riverside, you'll find a man to talk to to activate this mission.

Then we will move on to the Holy Land:

  • Insult to Injury: Talk to Fia at Mother's Rise, a factory located in a mountainous area between Mother's Embrace and the Holy Land.
  • A Daughter's Vengeance: Talk to the worried man in Mother's Rise.
  • Ancient Armory: Explore the bunker in the ruins east of Mother's Rise.
  • A Moment's Peace: Talk to Tikuk in Banuk Camp, located northeast in the Holy Land.
  • Underequipped: Talk to the concerned traveler in the Hunting Ground located northwest of the Holy Land.

The next area is Sundial:

  • Robbing the Rich: Talk to the noble who complains about stealing a robbery in the market area.
  • Honor the Fallen: Look for the person who will give you this mission in the circular area located in the upper level of the city.
  • Fatal Inheritence: Talk to Ranaman in Sundial Village, which is southeast of the city itself.
  • Hunter's Blind: Talk to Talanah in the Hunter's Lodge, to access this mission you must have completed the "Hunting for the Lodge" assignment.
  • Deadliest Game: Talk to Talanah in the Hunters' Lodge. You will need to have completed "Hunter's Blind" first.
  • Redmaw: Always talk to Talanah. You must have completed "Deadliest Game".

You will find the latest side missions in the Carja territory.

  • Heap of Trouble: Talk to Petra in Free Heap, located north east of the Carja Territories, near the border with the Holy Land.
  • Hammer and Steel: parlate con Kaeluf a Free Heap.
  • Death from the Skies: Find a man standing on the path west of Free Heap.
  • Blood on Stone: Talk to the quarry crew at Cut Cliffs, northeast of Meridiana.
  • Sun and Shadows: Talk to Lahavis in Brightmarket, located northwest of Sundial.
  • Sunston Rock: arrive in the location of the same name, also located north west of Meridiana.
  • Cause for Concern: You will unlock the quest after completing all the Bandit Camps and encountering Nil.
one of the many mechanical animals in the game

The secondary missions of the dlc are the following:

  • Underwater - We will be able to accept this mission in Last Chant right at the beginning of the DLC. Just talk to the musician Laulai and help her find out why Predagrigia flooded and no longer plays.
  • The Survivor - At Rocca Affilata we will meet the chieftain of the Whitetooth warriors who will tell us about the traditional ordeal to which the young people of this werak must undergo: spending four days and four nights on a glacier, but some of them have not returned ...
  • The Three Hunters - You can start this mission in Last Chant, after completing the mission "The Way of the Shaman". The merchant Burgrend has granted three young Banuk the necessary equipment for a journey in exchange for the fragments of Machines that they would be able to recover. However, the youngsters never showed up and Burgrend is worried about his investment. Aloy's job is to make sure the young people are well and to bring back some of the promised resources to Burgrend.
  • Border justice - We are in Ultimo Canto, here the Banuk Inatut was sentenced to survive naked in the cold for the murder of a Carja of which he declares himself innocent. Aloy will then have to investigate the crime to find out who is responsible.
  • Ikrie's Challenge - Ikrie appears to be a crazy Banuk huntress, who will ask us to help her in a two-man challenge on the verge of survival: resisting waves of machines with a limited number of ammo and without our trusty spear, while she will cover us. from above with a freezing slingshot.

Then there are other secondary missions, called commissions, which are easier to complete and have less impact on the general story, but which will allow you to unlock extra slots in the inventory. They are a total of 13 and are also divided by territories to which they belong:

Mom's hug:
Odd Grateful

The Sacred Lands:
Hunting the Lodge Lack of supplies Luck of the hunt To the old acquaintance Shrine Bounty of the traitor

Meridian City:
Supply and demand

Carja Land:
Collateral Judgment of the sun The healer's oath A curious proposition In foreign lands


Horizon Zero Dawn has 103 collectibles to find. You can keep track of it at any time by accessing the Notebook by pressing the touchpad. The easiest way to find all of the collectibles is to visit a merchant in any post-prologue area and purchase a map of each type from the Special Items category. This will show the general location of each collectible on the map. You will still have to search within the areas displayed by pressing R3 and looking for the purple loot icon.
The metal flowers they are small metallic plants that you will find in the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn. You will simply have to interact with these to collect them.

The statues of Banuk they are small animal-shaped models that are typically preceded by platforming challenges. You will usually find markings on the wall in the areas where the Banuk statues are located.

Look for marked or painted rocks to make sure you are in the right area; Banuk statues are small straw animals.

The ancient vases are rare pieces of loot. You will find them located among other objects, hidden in the debris.

The Grazer training dummies they are training mannequins in the shape of an animal that must be destroyed in order to be collected. There are 23 in total, although you will find many clustered in the same area.

I Vantage Datapoint they are glitches that reveal historical information about the world that preceded the fictional one in Horizon Zero Dawn.

The cauldrons are the dungeons of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. These areas include high-level enemies and puzzles, but completing them will unlock upgrades for Aloy's Spear.
I collolungo are distinctive animals found in Horizon Zero Dawn that can be scaled to unlock more markers on Aloy's map.
The energy cells they are part of the Ancient Armory mission and must be recovered to create the Shield Weaver outfit, which is the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn. To get it, you'll need to locate five energy cells around the game world which can then be taken to the Ancient Armory to solve a couple of puzzles. Keep in mind that you may have to have progressed the story to reach the required locations, but you can always return to these areas if you have already completed the game.

Position of the energy cell n. 1 Location: All-Mother Mission: The Belly of the Mountain When you wake up on the mountain, you will find a room immediately to the right on the first floor. On the left side of this room is a small cavity to crawl through. Press square to crouch and follow the tunnel. You will emerge into a room with an energy cell.
If you haven't collected it, you'll have to wait until after completing the "Heart of Nora" quest to return here.

Position of the energy cell n. 2 Location: The Creator's End Mission: The Creator's End Climb to the top of the tower where the large office is located. Directly behind you are yellow holes that can be climbed. Go to the highest point of the tower, where you will find an energy cell. Position of the energy cell n. 3 Location: The Mound Mission: The Mound On the third floor, you need to complete a simple puzzle to open a locked door. You should find the cell on the other side of the door.

Position of supply cell # 4 Location: GAIA Prime Mission: The mountain that fell On the third floor of GAIA Prime, you will reach a point where you have to go down with the rope. Don't do it. Instead, look left and you will see some rocks that you can jump on. Follow the path until you see a purple area hidden in the wall. Enter the room and you will find the cell on a locker.

Position of the feeding cell n. 5 Location: Ruins Mission: N / A Return to the ruins (marked on the map as a green bunker) where Aloy fell as a child. You should come across a couple of doors that can be opened. On the first floor you will notice a blocked area with a power cell inside. Break the sharp rocks with the spear to enter the room and collect your prize.
per ottenere the shield-weaver's dress, set the secondary mission Ancient Armory as a monitored mission and follow the path marker to the Ancient Armory bunker. Go down and follow the cave to the room with the armor inside. Insert energy cells into all missing cylinders. Then complete the ring door puzzle; the solution, from left to right when facing up, is Up, Right, Down, Left, Up . Go through the door that opens and follow the path into another room with a second ring puzzle. Insert the missing power cells and then enter the following sequence from left to right: Right, Left, Up, Right, Left . Then return to the main hall to get the armor and loot.
The camps of the bandits they are areas where bandits congregate. You will have to kill all the enemies in these locations to clear them from the map.

One of the long necks to kill to scan the area

Aloy's allies

To get one of the game's coveted trophies, you'll need to recruit as many allies as possible. Here is a list of all the side missions you will need to complete to get all the possible optional allies who will join Aloy. This will also help trigger the game's best ending.

A moment of peace
A daughter's revenge
Sun and shade
Honor the fallen
Sunstone Rock
Hunting for the lodge
Hunter's Blind
The deadliest game
Traitor's bounty
Queen's gambit
Here is a list of all possible optional allies who can join Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and who must be present to unlock the All Allies Joined trophy.

  • Aluki
  • Elida
  • honoring
  • Janeva
  • Nakoa
  • Namman
  • Petra
  • Sona
  • Talanah
  • Answer
  • Uthid
  • Vanessa
  • various

General advice

Horizon Zero Dawn has many options and difficulty settings, which means you shouldn't have too much trouble completing the campaign. However, if you get stuck or are looking for some tips to help you get started, you can take a look at what we have written for you.
Save the game often
Horizon Zero Dawn saves automatically, but tends to do so only during key moments in the story. Since the post-apocalyptic world of the game can be quite wild, we recommend saving at bonfires often, otherwise you may lose progress.

Collect any Crafting is a fundamental part of Horizon Zero Dawn and you will need the right equipment to take advantage of it. You should collect practically everything you see; Prioritize commissions to expand available storage space and make sure you always loot the carcasses of dead robots.

Can't get ready? Prepare to fail You will encounter many battles as you roam the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, so it can be smart to make preparations ahead of time. While not essential, creation is relatively simple. Making sure you have a plentiful supply of ammo, traps, and potions before entering battle can help you focus on the task ahead.

Stay in motion You should never stand still in combat. The game is designed around mobility, so make sure you dodge often and always look for the best position to expose the enemy's weak spots.

Stealth can help It is not always necessary to jump headlong into battles. Stealth is an important part of Horizon Zero Dawn, so make sure you use the tall grass to your advantage. Remember that you can hack the skills or the arrows of corruption to take control of the enemies and turn the tide of battle.

Know your enemy Whenever you come across a new car, be sure to use Focus to scan it by pressing the R3 button. This will add information about the enemy to the Machine Catalog, which you can read to learn more about his weaknesses and the type of arrows he is most susceptible to.

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