How do eggs work in Pokémon Masters?

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Pokémon Masters eggs are now one thing. A staple of the other Pokémon games, Eggs have made their way into DeNA's mobile RPG - but there's confusion over how they work, what creatures you can get, and more.

With Pokémon Master eggs arriving in version 1.9.0 of the game, we're here to break things down for you and help you out. An egg cell idea, we think you'll agree.

What are Pokémon Masters eggs?

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Eggs are a new feature in Pokémon Masters that work in a similar way to the other titles in the series. After installing the latest patch and logging in, you will be greeted by Professor Bellis and asked to choose from three eggs.

Like most Pokémon games, where you select one of three starters, you can only choose one. The three eggs you can select will give you one of three original appetizers - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle - which is a nice touch for anyone whose travels began in the distant past with the first generation of games.

More egg choices are expected to come in the future but, for now, you can only choose from these three.

How do I hatch Pokémon Masters eggs?

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In games like Pokémon Go, it is necessary to walk a certain distance - while incubating the eggs in artificial incubators - for them to hatch.

In Pokémon Masters, you must also complete a task to make them hatch, but not by walking. Instead, you have to take part in five battles to break their shells and reveal your new pup. After each battle, the egg hatch meter will increase, so just fill it up to hatch it.

Once hatched, you can give them a nickname and install them as a Sync partner. You can also level up their moves using Egg Move Candy instead of the usual Move Candy.

What are the levels of affinity?

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Pokémon hatched from eggs are different from normal Pokémon Masters creatures. They don't have Sync Grid or Sync Pair Story, but they have so called Affinity Levels.

Affinity Levels are what you use to strengthen your Pokémon, and you can increase their levels by feeding them Berry Tarts. Berry tarts come in three variations: 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. Only 1 and 2 Star Berry Tarts are available for purchase right now, and you can only get them from the Swap Item Shop in the game's General tab.

You will be able to get 1 and 2 Star Berry Tarts outside of this system in a future update, while the 3 Star variant - required to raise your Pokémon beyond level three - will also come down the line.

You can also evolve hatched Pokémon once you reach a certain level. You will have an evolution material, such as a crystal or shard, to evolve them like any other Pokémon.

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