How to access the Pokémon GO Help Center

When players in a game have questions, they want to find the best location to talk to the developers or someone who can help them. In Pokémon GO, the Help Center is a bit difficult to locate while playing. Here's where you can go to find it and make it easy.

The direct page you want to visit is here. You will have access to several different resources, such as how to contact support, articles on new features, recent patch notes, known issues, upcoming events, how to get started, and much more about Pokémon GO. Use the search back to view your questions to see if the developers have a post or series of articles to help answer your questions.

When you're at Pokémon GO, it's a little harder to get access to this page. The fastest option is to go to the main game screen and click on the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen. Click on it, then you'll open a list of available options. However, you want to focus on the top right choices. You want to click on the News option, and doing so takes you to a split screen for Notifications and News. You want to move right and go to News. This screen contains a list of Niantic's latest updates on new events in Pokémon GO.

When you click on one of these, you can read the short morsel of information about the particular event, but at the bottom, it posts a direct link to Niantic's webpage. Click the Blog link to go to their website. It may take a few seconds to load and you may need to double-click on it. When you are on the Niantic web page, click on the "Support" option at the top and you will immediately go to the Pokémon GO Help Center.

You can also go to the "Settings" section of the Pokémon GO app and scroll to the bottom of this section. You can click "Get Help" and have access to a modified version of the Help Center. There is a list of several options here, such as the main articles, release notes and known issues, trainer progress, evolving and hatching research, the PokEmon companion, and more. If you are looking for a particular topic, you can click on the magnify icon above to refine your search. For those who need to speak to the support team directly, there is an option to speak to a Pokémon GO support bot from your application.

The Help Center is an excellent resource if you have questions about how a particular mechanic works in the game or if you want to know about upcoming events in the game. For those who wish to frequent this page, be sure to bookmark it on your phone or computer to make it easier for you to access in the future.

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