How to catch Inkay in Pokémon Go

Inkay made his Pokémon Go debut during the start of the Season of Evil. It is the first new Pokémon for the season and has been shown in datamining logs for several months. Players eager to acquire the evolution of this Pokémon, Malamar, will want to make sure they take every opportunity to catch Inkay and collect his candy. This guide breaks down all the ways you catch Inkay in Pokémon Go. He will make his debut during the Psychic Spectacular event.

Inkay will be available primarily via Psychic Spectacular in the wild, raid, and field research activities. When it comes to finding Inkay in the wild, however, it will be extremely difficult. You'll have to be extremely lucky to find it, so you may want to add incense to your character or activate a lure in a Pokéstop.

Among the choices, we will recommend that you prepare to chase Inkay through raids. It will be a one-star raid, so most players should expect to defeat it on their own. It is a Dark and Psychic-type Pokémon, which makes it weak to the Bug and Fairy-type Pokémon. Alternatively, if you don't want to fight Inkay, you can catch him by completing specific field research tasks offered during the Psychic Spectacular event. The Psychic Spectacular event will be held September 8-13.

Once the event has concluded, Inkay will be a little harder to find. We don't know if Inkay will continue to be found in the wild, but it likely won't be available via raids. Instead, we expect it to regularly appear in any Psychic-type event in the future and when it returns for its brilliant debut.

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