How to find Giratina in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl?

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Giratina is one of the strongest Pokémon trainers she can catch in Pokémon Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl. The iconic Legendary from Generation IV is a Ghost / Dragon type who will be a solid addition to any team.

How to find Giratina

There are some prerequisites that coaches must meet in order to meet Giratina. Trainers must become champions of the region by beating the Elite Four. Additionally, coaches must own a National Dex, which can only be acquired by completing the Sinnoh Dex.

Once the National Dex is acquired, Turnback Cave, which houses Giratina, will unlock. To reach the location, head south of Veilstone City on the right hand side of Route 214. Keep moving south until you reach Spring Path. At the end of the spring walk, you will encounter Turnback Cave, which is your destination. It's worth noting that Spring Path is home to Pokémon around level 50-55, so be prepared.

Navigating through Turnback Cave can be quite tricky. There are 30 rooms inside the cave, along with three pillars. The problem here is that the rooms are randomly generated and the trainers have to reach the third pillar before they get to the 30th room. If the coaches encounter the third pillar, the next room will contain Giratina; however, they will have to start over if they reach the 30th room and don't encounter the third pillar.

Giratina is a level 70 Pokémon with dual types of Ghost and Dragon. It is weak to Ghost, Dragon, Ice, Dark and Fairy, while it is resistant to Poison, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass and Electric. Giratina has the following set of moves:

  • Strength of the shadow
  • Sphere of the aura
  • Claw of the Dragon
  • Splitting pain

Overall, the battle isn't that complicated and the coaches should be able to handle it. Dusk Balls are very effective in catching Giratina as it is a cave battle. These can be purchased from the Pastoria City Pokémart and the Celestic Town shop for $ 1000.

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