How to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Fishing in Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the easiest ways to find battles with water types. As you wander the wilderness, you will notice some ripples on the water of the lakes there. This means that there is a Water type and if you are lucky you will be able to catch it.

How to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The good thing about Pokemon Sword and Shield is that you don't need anything special, or to find a random NPC, to be able to fish. When you arrive in the wilderness, you will be given a camping set, which will contain a fishing rod that will allow you to fish. All you have to do is play through the story and the ability to fish will automatically open for you.

When you travel through the Wild Area and see a ripple on the water, walk over to it and press the A Button. Your character will grab a fishing rod and throw a line. When a red exclamation point appears above their head, press A again to resume your catch. It will be a Water-type Pokemon, and this will start a battle.

Fight and catch Pokemon to add it to your collection or finish it if you don't want to catch it. Later in the game, when you get a special bike that can travel on water, be careful not to get close to the ripples on it, or you will scare your next potential Water type.

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