How to get the Modern Warfare Tomogunchi (Tamagotchi Watch)

Finally, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tomogunchi wristwatch has been added to the game. Of course you want a Tamagotchi Modern Warfare watch. In this guide, we'll let you know how to get the Modern Warfare Tomogunchi and what it is, exactly. Read on to find out how to unlock the Tomogunchi attachment and what you need to do to keep your kill-hungry pet alive and healthy.

How to get the Modern Warfare Tomogunchi (Tamagotchi Watch)

In one of the most undeniably weird and wonderful moves in Call of Duty history, you can unlock and equip a Tamagotchi-style wristwatch in Modern Warfare tastefully called Tomogunchi. This provides you with a tiny pixelated animal that you must keep alive by feeding its bloodlust for kills, kills, wins and the like. Want to know how to get the Tomogunchi Modern Warfare? Easy, over 1.000 COD points for the Tomogunchi package.

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Unfortunately, it appears that the only way to get the Tomogunchi is to purchase it from the in-game item shop for 1.000 COD points. At the time of writing, it doesn't look like you can unlock it by playing. If you remember the days of the Tamagotchi, you will be fond of the Tomogunchi, which promotes good play in fear of killing your little pet through neglect and poor play.

You will have to keep your pet Tomogunchi alive by "feeding" him by killing, killing stripes, winning and completing objectives. Find out more about the bloodthirsty little pixelated animal in our news post about the awesome new item right here.

How to equip the modern War Tomogunchi

To use the Tomogunchi in Modern Warfare, you will need to purchase and equip it. Just equip it as a wristwatch to start the life of your new best friend and pet. It will start life like an egg, but who knows? Perhaps you will form a powerful bond with your new virtual pet.

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