How to use AR Experience Shared with Friends in Pokémon Go

Get ready to say "Cheese" and take photos with your Pokémon and friends. Niantic has officially finished the launch of the Shared AR Experience in Pokémon Go. Now all trainers of level 2 and above can use this new feature.

This new feature allows you to have your Pokémon Buddies appear alongside your friends' Pokémon Buddies. Using your phone with built-in AR in the camera, you and your friends can take pictures of your Pokémon together.

As the feature is still very new, many players are still trying to figure out how to use it. Luckily the official Pokémon Go Twitter account shared an instructional video explaining how to use the shared AR experience.

How to use the AR experience shared with friends in Pokémon Go

UPDATE: Say "Shared AR Experie—" Er… CHEESE !!! ? The shared AR experience is now complete! It is now live for Trainers level 2 and above. Celebrate this moment with a #GOsnapshot of you, your friend, your friends and their friends! ?

- Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) December 21, 2019

The first thing to do is to gather a small group of friends and make sure you are all in a well-lit place. One of you will need to log into your friends profile and tap the AR Experience icon; the icon should be right next to the Play button in the buddy's profile. That person must then host a group by tapping the "Create a group QR code".

A Buddy Group QR code will then be displayed on that person's phone. Two other players can scan that QR code with their phones and join the party. When the other two players have scanned the code, the host just needs to tap "GO" to get started.

From there, all three players must hold their devices upright. Each will then point their device at a single object in the room. The video states that a chair or table will function as an object. All three players will then have to walk left and right around the object in a 180 ° rotation. A check mark will appear on the screen if everyone has been able to sync successfully.

Yellow footprints will appear on the screen; touching the footprints will show your friend Pokémon. If the other two players in your party also did everything right, all three friendly Pokémon should appear together on the screen.

Once all the Pokémon are on the screen together, you can now take as many photos as you want together.

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