In the meanders of space led by, in search of our old companions!

Prologo: Save Joker

After the skit, you begin to familiarize yourself with your character's controls. Therefore proceed along the only path present, in front of you. Talk to Joker, telling him that the ship is lost anyway, his attempts to save it are in vain. You will convince him to flee with you. Another skit, you will be launched into interstellar space. When you wake up, you can finally decide the characteristics of your character.


Following the instructions given to you via the communicator, take the gun from the locker on the corner. Exit the room, then jump behind any object to avoid being hit by the shock wave of the impending explosion. So take the ammunition for the gun, then continue quietly forward. At the next room, jump over the railing, then use the vase as a cover. Eliminate the robot, go up to the next area. Destroy, one by one (try to avoid multiple simultaneous combats) the robots that will enter the scene. So take the ammunition and proceed forward, also recovering a grenade launcher.
Equip it immediately, then take out the four robots below you. So continue to the elevator, go down and follow the commands that are indicated on the screen. At the crossroads, take the first left, deciphering the lock of the cabinet, in the only room present, to recover a fair amount of objects. So go back, this time taking to the right. Watch out for the mechs, coming from the left. Talk to Jacob. Exhausted the conversation options, proceed to the shuttles. Left, fight with the Mechs, waiting for Wilson's communication. Unfortunately, he will be captured by the enemies or at least it seems. You will need to find it before you can continue.
Go up the stairs, examine the computer in the alcove. Go through the nearby door to make contact with Wilson. He was hit by a bullet. Before you can leave, you need to make it able to move. Near the entrance to the room you will see a container of medicines. Retrieve a Medi-Gel inside, instrumental to the care of your partner. Press the keys as indicated on the screen to complete the dressing. Kill the Mechs arriving in the room, blowing up the containers, as suggested by the game.
Watch the skit, then interact with Jacob to get all the information available. Going down the following corridor, you will finally arrive at the Hangar. At the crossroads, take a right. Use the structure just next to the entry point as cover, possibly waiting for your companions to open fire on the Mechs before starting yourself, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of ammunition.
Then examine the room the Mechs came from. Interact with the computer, obtaining interesting information. Then head to the other side of the hangar to continue. You will come face to face with Miranda, talk to her. Then get on the ship that will take you to the next game area. Miranda will talk to you for a while, answer as she pleases you. Inside the ship, all you have to do is talk to the Illusive Man. Go straight, then right, go down a ramp. Use the holographic gimmick to communicate with the guy above.
After the conversation, go back to the bridge. Talk to Jacob or Miranda. Then approach the door that leads to the outside of the bridge to complete the mission.

Freedom's Progress

You will immediately notice that you have been appointed (by the Illusive Man) as crew commanders. Talk to Jacob and Miranda, avoiding dispensing orders immediately: start the conversation in a more natural and neutral way, and then tell them that they will have to take care of finding the survivors. Landed on the planet, exit the door, reaching the colony apartments.
Exit the apartments, then left, going down a ramp. Right, you will notice another door. Collect the bonuses from the chest on the left, then break through the door in front of you to proceed. Without wasting time, locate the crates and dive behind them. Several mechanical enemies will attack you, from practically all sides. From the crates, proceed to the right, up the stairs. Then left, entering the only room present. On the right, yet another opening: exit quickly, immediately eliminating the two Mechs that will surround you. Then go back inside, taking the Medi-Gel.
Back outside, make your way to the next door. Talk to Tali and Prazza, having them join your party. After the conversation, you will find yourself in a room; come out, as it doesn't contain anything particularly interesting. Go down the stairs, proceeding to the next building. Watch out for the Mech on the left. Right, back out, use the guardrails for cover. Use Overload to destroy flying enemies, in large quantities. Then move to the buildings on the opposite side of the walkway, retrieving the med kit from inside the first locker. Left, go down the stairs. Wait for the drones to arrive to quickly climb the stairs, using the railing as a cover. The fight will require patience, take out the enemies without exposing yourself to their fire.
So complete the descent of the stairs; Tali will contact him, telling you that he is about to open a door, unfortunately freeing a large Mech. Follow the instructions on the screen to order your companions to position themselves, well covered, around the door. After the skit, the real battle will begin. First of all, use Overload to destroy the Mech's shield, concentrating your forces and those of your companions on it. Move the crew from crate to crate, as their fragility makes them only temporary covers. Destroyed his shield, it will be easy to finish him permanently, focusing the bullets on the central section of his torso. Collect the Iridium from its carcass, as well as the ammunition from the surrounding area. Then talk to Tali, following her towards Veetor's residence (the only closed door of all those closest to you). Managed to enter, look at the skit. Talk to him, obtaining valuable information on the events in the colony.
You can now choose whether to join Veetor to your party. Whichever option you prefer, you will find yourself back on the ship in the presence of Illusive Man. He will provide you with a list of potential members of your party. He will then reintroduce Joker to you.

Video - Afterlife


You can now become familiar with your ship. Explore the various floors a bit, possibly talking to those present if you want to get side-quests. When you have made the final decision to continue the main quest, head to the Galaxy Map, inside the CIC. It is advisable to start with the Citadel, although in reality you can proceed towards any of the points indicated by the Illusive Man.


Citadel is an extremely large place; given the freedom granted to the players you can explore it far and wide, also obtaining large amounts of side-quests, in case you are interested in them. Below, we will list the parts of Citadel that must be visited in order to access the rest of the game.

Captain Bailey
Heading towards this area is not useful in and of itself, but for the fact that along the way you will be intercepted by a certain Sergeant Haron, who, using a particular scanner, will notice that legally speaking you would be ... dead. He will still let you talk to Bailey, who will be able to complete the necessary bureaucratic procedures to "bring you back to life". If you want to get details regarding the history of Mass Effect 2, you can exhaust all the conversation options. Near Bailey, you can talk to Avina, who can provide you with a wealth of advice regarding travel & co., As well as enlighten you about the Citadel philosophy. Here, too, we recommend exhausting all conversation possibilities.

You'll have to go here and talk to Captain Anderson. After arriving at the Presidium, you simply have to go through 2-3 doors to get in front of Anderson. Start the conversation, you will be interrupted shortly by Udina. Wait for the end of her scolding, then start talking to Anderson again. Exhausted, you can return to the Normandy.

Dossier: The Professor

Always following the advice of the Illusive Man, head towards the Omega Nebula, thus continuing towards the actual Omega planet. During the approach process you will be intercepted and will be required to explain your motives to the great chief of Omega before landing. You will be transported to "Afterlife".

Walk towards the entrance, passing the line. Then go through the entrance tunnel, arriving inside the club. Go talk to Aria directly. Try to get information about Solus. She will tell you that you can track him inside the Quarantine Zone. However, she will provide you with the opportunity to visit what suits you best within her system.

Quarantine zone
It is located in the southeastern part of the map. Talk to the Turian in custody of the area. The Quarantine Zone is so called precisely because inside it there are confined subjects infected by a plague that fortunately does not afflict humans. To get him to let you in, simply say that you have enough weapons to deal with what is beyond the door.
Proceed inside the Quarantine area. Take the "Eezo" from the crates. Turn right, picking up the Med Kit from the room. Continue to the opposite side, entering the door on the right. Have your gun ready, immediately trying to return fire from the mercenaries that will appear as soon as you cross the threshold of the entrance to this area. Once they are eliminated, head to their previous location; grab the items, then hack the door to continue. Use the tape recorder to hear the last sentences of the now deceased Taurians.
So go back slightly, to the room where you fought the two mercenaries. Talk to the Batarian. After the chat, continue along the corridor parallel to the Batarian. Hack the first sealed door on the right. Go down the stairs, collect the bonuses, listen to the tape. Go back up, continuing straight, then right. You will be attacked by a fair amount of enemy troops. It is advisable to find cover in the left section of the room, where the amount of enemies is much less. Eventually, in case you manage to frame them, it is also possible to take advantage of the explosive barrels in the upper part of the room.
Killed all the opponents, recover the medical kit in the room at the top of the stairs, on the left. Then go down, continuing this time to the right. Hack the door, talk to the two refugees. Take everything you can from the room. You can also try to persuade them to walk towards the doctor, since you have cleared the road, but they may resist. Be that as it may, sooner or later you will have to leave.
At the clinic, talk to Mordin Solus. He will tell you that the Vorcha are in control of the area. Exit the clinic, continuing towards the central. Use the previously locked door which will now be released. Go up the stairs, then left, immediately seek cover. Eliminate the enemies who will try to hit you here. At the top, move left to meet another ramp.
Left again. Some Batarians are threatening Mordin's assistant. Nothing that interests you, you just have to get the medical kit. Go back to the previous room, this time entering to the right, then going down the stairs. At the end of the ramp, take out your sniper rifle. Turn right, immediately locate the opponent on the balcony (equipped with rocket launchers). Aim, shoot, eliminate the threat. You can then proceed along the walkway. However, keep your rifle tight, which you will need to finish off the opponents - also equipped with rocket launchers - visible on the balconies below. After killing them all, continue beyond the doors from which the Vorcha exited.
Collect the medical kit on the right, then turn left instead, then proceed straight along a series of flights of stairs. Enter the door at the top, reaching the control room. Talk to those present, to understand the true motivations of the Collectors. Unfortunately, their response will automatically lead to a battle; fortunately, their numbers are quite low compared to what you are used to by now. Then examine the control panel, inserting the vial into it.
Your action will cause the immediate arrival of a group of enemies. Search for the nearest hiding place, catapulting behind it to avoid incoming shots. Once in safety, immediately focus your attention on the enemies on the balcony, equipped with rocket launchers. Destroyed them, you can safely eliminate the others, far from dangerous. Once you have freed up the necessary space, run towards the end of the room, activating the two fans: in this way, the antidote will circulate along the ventilation ducts.
Continue to the following corridor, the one you haven't visited yet. Here the welcome of the Vorchas will be rather hostile, you will find yourself having to destroy a large number of them. Look for cover as close as possible to the entry point, then eliminating enemies systematically and slowly, haste will be your worst enemy here. When you arrive at the control station of the second group of fans, interact to activate them too, thus completing the mission. You will automatically find yourself inside the clinic. During the dialogue, remember to invite the doctor to join your party. You will then automatically return to your ship.

Folder: Archangel

Although you have returned to the ship, perhaps hoping to travel to new star systems, we recommend resuming the exploration of Omega. In fact, there is another potential member of your party, a certain Archangel, specialized sniper. To get information about him, you will need to take a tour of Afterlife; before entering, talk to Gavron, near the entrance to the "club". The conversation will be enlightening.
Once in Afterlife, go immediately to Aria. Ask her about Archangel again (in case you have done so before). She will explain that in order to get in touch with him, you will have to pretend that you are interested in becoming a member of one of the mercenary groups. Go down the stairs, go talk to the Batarian recruiter. Tell him you are there to take the job on offer. After the conversation, exit Afterlife, heading to the nearby launch pad. Talk to the pilot. Upon reaching your destination, it will be explained to you that you are part of the team that will distract Archangel, while a group of high-level mercenaries will take care of picking him up directly, from behind. Clearly, you are playing a double game.
However, once you take control of your party, start running forward. Talk to the nearby mercenaries. It is advisable to stay on the left side of the game area, as it is the only one that will allow you to proceed forward without too many problems. Talk to Jaroth to better coordinate operations, as well as to obtain information potentially useful for the continuation of the mission.
So open the door in front of you, reaching a corridor. Enter the door on the left, hack the robot next to the locker. Go back to the corridor, entering the only door available, then forward until you meet another group of mercenaries. Talk to Garm, then forward. Take the bonuses from the datapad on the ground, then hack the two doors, first in front of your eyes, then to the right. Collect the can from the locker, then continue to the left section of the play area.

Here you can get acquainted with Cathka, one of the supreme leaders of the mercenary groups. Try to get some other information regarding the positioning of Archangel. Immediately after the conversation, the assault on Archangel's post will begin. A new HP bar will also appear on your game screen, clearly referring to Archangel himself. Your slightly devious task is to kill mercenaries who get too close to Archangel. Clearly, you'll have to cover up, pretending it was an accident. Start running quickly towards the building, taking out the first mercenary. Then cover up immediately, while the rest of the group climbs the stairs; you can retrieve the items on the lower floor, before you go up too. Kill all the mercenaries on the second floor, also looting everything possible here. The time will therefore come to physically contact Archangel. Enter his room, you will witness a skit - the content of which we do not reveal to you. You will therefore formally change faction, having to defend Garrus. Start killing, from a distance, the enemies that cross the bridge in front of the second floor balcony (you can use the nearby machine gun).
The Mech you hacked will arrive, luckily thanks to your modification, it will try to kill its own creators. Together with your companions, give them a hand. Once you have cleared this obstacle as well, talk to Garrus. During the conversation, an alarm will sound, indicating the destruction of the access door to the first floor. Tell one of your party members to defend Garrus, his death would coincide with the end of the mission.
Then go down the stairs, passing the door, now open. As soon as you enter the new room, press the green switch. Kill the enemies in front of you, while the switch will close the three doors to the hall. Then enter the door on the right. Again, you'll need to reach the green switch on the other side of the room to stop the flow of enemies. Then cauterize the remaining opponents and recover the scattered ammo, before returning to the previous hall.
This time, take a left. It will lead you to a small corridor, along which you will have to fend off large amounts of opponents. Use the barriers as a cover, in the unlikely event that you encounter any difficulties. The only one to which you will have to pay more attention is an opponent equipped with rocket launchers, immediately after the curve to the right; the goal is still being able to press the green switch at the end of the corridor.
You will be immediately teleported to Garrus' launch pad. Unfortunately, it will come under attack by several mercenary groups as soon as you appear in the area. Place your party members near the second floor balconies, so they can finish the fight quickly, thanks to the advantageous placement from an altitude point of view. At some point, things get complicated, as a battleship arrives in the area, trying to kill Garrus directly. We recommend using the grenade launcher to speed up its elimination.
You can therefore easily leave Omega. After the skit, you can proceed to the next mission.

Dossier: The Convict

Now is the time to go and get the so-called "Convict"; apparently, he is on a prison ship called Il Purgatorio. It is found in the Osun system. Land, talking to the guard who will come to meet you. You will be interrupted by a Turian, a certain Kuril, leader of the prison ship. After a short conversation, you will manage not to put down your weapons.
You will learn that the character you want to meet has been cryogenically frozen, due to its dangerousness. You will learn that a certain Cerberus is financing Jack's cryogenic prison, so by being able to stop the flow of money, you will be able to get your hands on Jack at the same time. Return to the central part of the room, following the corridor beyond the walls, behind which the prisoners tried to take refuge from Kuril's blows. You will have to eliminate a group of Vorcha, paying attention to the fact that they are able to regenerate themselves, so you will have to kill them immediately.
Keep going, killing all the Vorcha along the way, but also remembering to retrieve the ammo along the way. Around the corner, to the right, remember to explore the room beyond the door on the left, containing a fair amount of objects of various kinds. Then go outside, and enter the adjacent room. Talk to the two humans present.
So go back to the main corridor. So follow the red line on the ground, go through the door, go down the stairs, arriving at the clinic. Inside, talk to all the inhabitants, getting information that is potentially important for the continuation of the mission and the game. At the crossroads, take the first right; you will be rejected, so the only alternative will be to go straight. Approach the end of the room; you will be contacted by Kuril; apparently, he wants to take you prisoners.
Dive behind the nearby table for immediate coverage. You will be assaulted by copious amounts of Blue Sun troops. Try to be patient and methodical in combat, proceeding to the following table only after completely annihilating the wave of enemies you are facing at any given moment. The ultimate goal is the door at the end of the corridor room.
Back in the corridor, move to the left; at this point, you can easily access the previously off-limits wing. Kill the technician, retrieve the medical kit and the E-Zero. Interact with the computer, hacking it. Jack will come back to life. You will have to try to reach her before she - quite rightly - leaves her prison. Enter the door on the left, go down the ramp. Left again, along the corridor, colored red by the flashing of the alarms. Locate the hole in the corridor wall (on the right) and continue through there.
Use the large amount of cover available to easily kill those present, be they guards or prisoners. Use grenades or sniper rifles to destroy the Mech, preferably from a distance. Retrieve the shotgun, then use the only door available to proceed. Take the Med-Gel, to then arrive at the umpteenth large room. Using the sniper rifle, kill the opponents on the other side of the room. Then try to continue to the right, immediately locating any possibility of cover so as not to be killed by the incoming Blue Suns.
Also expect the arrival of a Mech; this time the fight will be forcibly close, but the danger will be mitigated thanks to the possibility of serving you large quantities of newly recovered medicines. Still ahead, in one of the following rooms you will witness a skit. After that, the last of the battles awaits you for this area. Look for the closest cover immediately, taking out the various waves of oncoming enemies as fast as possible. The ultimate goal is to destroy the three generators that power Kuril's armor. It is advisable to destroy them in sequence, focusing on one of them at a time; first, clear the surroundings of enemies; therefore, open fire on the generator. Destroyed the third, Kuril's "pulp" will be exposed and you can destroy it mercilessly with extreme ease. After the skit, you'll end up on Normandy.


Head to Korlus, in the Imir system (the reference Nebula is Eagle). Then proceed along the only path available, then climbing the stairs, killing the subjects who try to attack you. Beyond the ramp, talk to the injured mercenary. Kill the Blue Suns, then go down the ramp to the left. Pick up the medical kit, then off along the usual path. Help the Krogan as soon as he asks you to, thus eliminating the guards on the catwalk. Talk to Krogan again to be able to continue.
Retrieve the ammo from the Blue Sun corpses. So, off again along the usual path. Remember to take the med kit and the Platinum along the way. Go up the stairs, go through the door, then some more stairs. Before continuing straight, get your med kits and ammo. Left, immediately after the entrance, watch out for the two consecutive Blue Sun groups. Immediately after successfully dealing with them, turn right, hacking the PDA. Go up the stairs, grab the med kit from outside the door. Examine the corpse, then left, entering the door. Take the cells, then another PDA to hack, again in order to access yet another electronically blocked entrance.
Go up the stairs; get ready for a firefight beyond the door. Nothing peculiar to report, quite "typical" combat. Pick up the medical kit from beyond the door; hack the terminal on the left, then talk to Rana. Forward, left, another terminal to interact with - here you can talk to Okeer. Now, head to the door on the exact opposite side of the room, taking out Jadore (as soon as you enter, throw yourself to the right side of the room to immediately locate ample cover). Then take care of the relatively harmless Mech. Go back to Okeer, listen to his message. Interact with the console to complete the mission, releasing Grunt.


Head to the fourth bridge; the first door on the left will allow you to access the Warehouse. There you can give orders to release Grunt. So go talk to the Illusive Man. So continue on to Horizon.

Video - The Assassin


Follow the path ahead of you, retrieving the nearby cells. Hack the datapad, examine the two corpses in the corner. Walk through the entire following area, picking up a medical kit from the building on the left, and then walk through the cottage in the center. Go up the stairs, hack the computer here. Then go back down, take the Particle Ray; enter the building in front of you; go up to the door, go through it and watch the scene. Retrieve the med kit and equip the Particle Beam to prepare for the impending combat. Eliminate all present; Go up the stairs, hack the console in the middle of the upstairs room, then go down again. Enter the great door ahead of you, beyond which you will have to endure a prolonged fight. Before starting a serious duel, we recommend that you retrieve the ammo from the building on the right. So look for a good cover, before activating the computer, an action that will bring large quantities of opponents into the area. We recommend that you stay well covered in the moments in which the enemies (or rather, the most powerful enemy - Pretorian) will use "waves" on the ground, which can only be parried by objects placed between you and the direction of origin of the wave itself. Immediately after the execution of this move, the opponents will be considerably more vulnerable, you can take advantage of it to make them completely inactive, thus completing the mission.


To find Tali, you'll need to head to the Far Rim Nebula within the Dholen system. Land on planet "Haestrom". The presence of only one path will force you to proceed along its direction. Try to run quickly, when you reach brightly lit areas, so that enemy troops cannot easily locate you. Enter the door on the right, examine the corpse and pick up the medical ket. So open the gate that will allow you to proceed.
Go up the ramp on the right, covering its entire length; at its end, you will be able to locate an opening on the right. Upon entering, you can make your own a gun. Then go back up, restoring the standard direction. Take the Iridium from the nearby chest, then position yourself inside the shadow created by the nearby building. From there, you can easily take out the Geth.
Away along the corridor, now free; examine Quarian's bodies, taking a radio and an SMG from them. Then stay along the left section of the path, where the shady areas are generally concentrated which, as before, allow you not to be easily found. Shortly thereafter, you will be able to enter the building; take the demolition charge from the table and read Tali's diary. From here, left, passing the boxes; nearby, you can retrieve a medical kit. Go back up, more medical kit, then out. Locate the crane. Reach it, thus recovering a dose of Iridium. Then take a left.
Go down the ramp, enter the bunker. Inside, you can find another charge of dynamite, along with a potentially useful medical kit, as well as some cells, which are also extremely usable. Go back to the outside, left, you will notice another bunker, very similar to the previous one. Use the walkway next to it to reach a walkway, absolutely full of Geth. Before dealing with them, retrieve the medical kit. Open the shields, using them as a barrier to resist enemy blows, clearly while trying to destroy them.
So walk the entire walkway, preferably running, to avoid running into unpleasant sudden surprises. Collect the second piece of Tali's journal, then go down the ramp. Reach the door, blocked for now, placing the explosives that will allow you to open it. Beyond it, go up the ramp to the right, retrieving the Geth Rifle (from the Geth's corpse). Another section of Tali's diary, luckily for you. Look to the right, noting a lock on the wall that you can clearly hack easily. Upon entering, there will be a ramp to go down, so another Geth's corpse, from which to recover as much as possible. Also activate the console-communicator, so you can speak freely with Tali.
So open the main door. In the new area, use the medical station immediately, and then go down the following ramp. Move along the path on the right, while eliminating the drones that will gradually try to surround you. Move to the left as soon as the shadow area ends, staying adjacent to the very left wall. A door will allow you to continue further, so a lock will need to be hacked, on the right.
You will thus be able to gain access to the umpteenth ramp, near which you can also retrieve a medical kit, and then talk to Kal'Reegar. Around you, several cranes; from each of them it is possible to extract Iridium, in case you need it and especially if you want to do it - it will take some time. In any case, you will then have to walk along the right path. Kill the Colossus, which - despite its name - is not a particularly threatening enemy. Make the cells on the right your own, thus continuing towards the opposite side of the room, where the exit door is located, which also coincides with the end of the level.


The reference Nebula here will be Crescent, the Tasale system, the planet Illium. As soon as you arrive, speak to Liara immediately, asking for information about Justicar, the person you are looking for. So call a taxi to take you to the space port. Once you get off, start a short chat with Pitne For, then continue towards the Police Station. To your surprise, you can immediately grab a med kit and secondly go talk to Anaya, the detective in charge of the station. Again, the dialogue will be relatively short.
Then continue along the alley, going down the stairs. After examining the circuits, head back up, this time preferring the ramp that goes up. Enter the door at the end of the path on the left. Inside, you will make the acquaintance of Samara. A skit will prevent you from deepening this friendship, as Samara will be jailed immediately. So talk to Pitne For again who should be right in front of you at this point. Then enter the elevator on the left.
After getting off, turn left, where there is another door. Eliminate the mercenaries and Mechs, their number is not such as to endanger your safety. On the right, you can retrieve a bladed rifle; in the nearby locker, you can also accumulate a certain amount of ammunition, they can always come in handy. So continue towards the flight of stairs; before using it, however, remember to fend off the mercenary that appears, coming from a room to the right. After you finish it, enter the room it came from, making the cells your own. Also interact with the terminal on the wall to the right, and then go back outside.
Go up the stairs, reaching a door, through which you will obviously have to enter. Later, you will notice a path: there are no alternatives, start walking it. Collect the med kit on the wall in front of you. then hack the nearby terminal. Go back, go up the stairs on the left. At the end of the path, you should find yourself in a square room, full of chests. On the right, a computer, to be hacked of course; on the left, a medical kit, this one instead to steal. More stairs to climb, a door that has been opened by your hacking skills.
The following corridor will take you out into a larger room - than the previous one. On the left, a source of Platinum. Then continue north-west. Go through the door, then take the cells on the left; on the right, a medical kit, as well as a computer, with which you will have to interact. In this way, you will open the door that will allow you to continue your wanderings.
Go down the next stairs, interspersed with a bridge, where you will be annoyed by a warship (small, of course) that you can pulverize with some grenades. Before going through the door, remember to grab the med kit on the right. Then take the poster on the right, before taking a look at yet another computer that will open yet another door. Fortunately, it will get you to Niftu Cal.
After the chat, which is in many ways enlightening, walk down the corridor on the right, thus lighting up at the medical station. Use the locker, grab the weapons inside, then continue to Wasea's cell. Free her, then grab her datapad from the table. Also hack the computer on the right. Having obtained all the information you were looking for, continue to the police station, where you can report to Pine For. Proceeding inside the plant will mark the end of this mission.


Talk to Seryna near the warehouse and tell her you are ready to go. Proceed to the landing, eliminating the Mechs, thus proceeding inside the building. Left, hack the terminal, get the medicines from the special station. Turn 180 degrees, there will be a door in front of you, enter to go talk to Salarian. So follow the only path available, along which you will be involved in battles against a fair amount of Mechs - nothing different than what you are used to suffering.
After the umpteenth door and the umpteenth ramp, you will come to a crossroads: the option you select will not affect the destination, identical for both routes; however, we recommend that you head to the right so that you can retrieve two precious medical kits. Pass the badly lit building, then left. Walk the entire corridor, always on the left, to retrieve a new sniper rifle and some ammunition / supplies, as well as find a computer to hack, thus obtaining valuable information. Make your way back to the main corridor; sticking to the wall, perform a U-turn, arriving at a door that fortunately can be overcome - if you have hacked the computer we mentioned earlier.

Talk to the two Salarians, then take the medical kit from the container (on the left) and examine the locker on the right. Go back, then take the elevator. Prepare to have to kill three enemies as soon as the elevator door opens. Pick up the datapad on the ground, then enter one of the two available doors - the choice will not affect the continuation of the game in any way. Other Salarians will attempt to hinder your rise to power (figuratively), but by using the cover on the right section of the room, you can take them out without taking any damage. Even if you have suffered damage of some kind, you can still retrieve the medical kit, then hack the PDA (traceable on the only body in the area), then go out and start moving to the left. Open the communicator, then go up the ramp.
Along the following path, you should come into contact with a locker, full of various weapons (on the right). Take possession of the Med Kit, right next to the locker, as well as the Element Zero, inside the container. Go out onto the balcony; from it, you can continue straight, without performing acrobatic maneuvers, a walkway connects the balcony to the next play area.
Arrived near the tower, you should be able to locate a corpse, on your right; take the PDA, then go down the stairs, fighting the enemies who will try to hit you as you cross the bridge. Here you will have to fund the availability of Medkit accumulated so far, as the lack of coverage could cause a considerable decrease in your life points. Particular attention should be paid to drones equipped with rocket launchers that will appear from the highest floors of the buildings around you. Use the ramps to reset their natural altitude advantage. At the end of the climb you can see the scene at the end of the mission.

Collector ship

Kelly will tell you to talk to the Illusive Man, do as he tells you; you will then naturally, as well as automatically, be directed to the Collector ship. The use of the grenade launcher is recommended.
Once inside, as usual, proceed along the only path made available to you by the game. After a while, the road will naturally turn left; examine the pod in front of you before continuing. A little further on, you will notice a door on the left; a little further to the right, a pile of corpses. Examine the very latter before continuing through the door we just talked about. On the right, a console; hack it for good, so go ahead, retrieve the medical kit; then left, examine the terminal; after the skit, you can choose how to distribute additional experience points (with a single constraint: they must be assigned to a skill concerning weapons). Free choice.
Then continue north, keeping your gaze pointed to the right, as right there you can recover some cells, as well as a good amount of Element Zero. Go up the ramp at the end of the path; interact with the console, then forward, other ramps and stairs. At the end of this climb, a control terminal - a slightly oversized computer compared to the average. Log in, without hacking, extracting only the information you need.
Then proceed to the left, along a ramp; therefore right. Another control panel to activate. Immediately upon activation, we recommend that you track down the closest available coverage. The General will in fact take control of one of the Collectors, shooting himself in the air. During his ascent, use the SMG to begin damaging him seriously, so that his barrier is immediately scratched by your blows. As a compendium to the SMG, you can also use the sniper rifle, especially if you don't have enough ammunition.
Then jump to the higher platform, making the cells there your own. Go back down, interact with the command console (green) to restore the connection with the EDI. Then continue straight along the only linear path present. Going down, grab the Med Kit on the left and go through the door in front of you. Also on the left, a Collector, dead - as you can surely guess, it contains a fair amount of objects, try to make them yours.
Immediately use the cover closest to you, eliminate the two looming opponents. So, find the path that goes down to the left. Here too, at the end of the first stretch, analyze the surroundings to identify any niche where you can save yourself from the opponent's blows. Neutralize the threat, go up the ramp to the left, following the corridor to its end. Here, turn right, then take the Element Zero from the vicinity of the wall, as well as a medical kit.
Right, progressing inside the opening in the wall. South, jump off the platform. A short corridor will lead you in the presence of a Pretorian. Cauterize him, but try to stay far enough away from the menacing figure of him. Now is the right time to use the grenade launcher we suggested you bring with you. Have your teammates deal with the lesser opponents while you keep the biggest threat at bay - the Pretorian.
After the fight is over, walk towards the door opened for you by EDI, towards the end of the room. It will be closed before your eyes. Turn right, waiting for EDI to unlock another path for you. Go through the corridor that will become free, then left, examine the two consoles. Straight, right, use the nearby cover to kill the few Collectors that swoop in the area. Then take the path to the right, reaching an elevated position, from which you can easily finish all the opponents below you. Get off, without being afraid any more and walk along the following very short corridor; a single ramp separates you from the shuttle that will take you to your ship, thus completing the level.

Reaper IFF

The Nebula to which you must direct your vessel will now be Hawking Eta, the Thorne system, the reference planet Reaper. Go through the door in front of you, then turn left. Go down the stairs, left again; log into the terminal, starting and completing the hackering job. Exit out to the opposite side of the alcove. Off along the path, take two medical kits, then another door.
Activate the switch on the left, then walk to the right instead, killing the husks along the way. We recommend that you eliminate one at a time, so that you are not challenged by a multiple fight. Another switch, therefore a ramp. On the left, shortly after the end of the aforementioned ramp, you will be able to recover some cells, together with some Platinum, a rifle, as well as a terminal. The main route along which to move will in any case remain directed to the left; at the end of this area there will be some husks to be eliminated, flanked by a group of Scions. You may have run out of HP at this point - don't worry, you can immediately grab a med kit. Hack the terminal next to you and talk to Tali to get valuable information on the continuation of the mission.
So turn around, starting to proceed backwards, and then walk along the passage to the left. Go through the two doors, reaching a room, at the moment of your entry you will be automatically interrupted by a skit.
You will get acquainted with Legion; try to quickly eliminate the husks, which block your access to the path on the left, corresponding to a descending ramp. Other Skis here, try to post near the initial section of the ramp so that you can enjoy the advantage of elevation in finishing off the enemy. Then continue straight, finding another ramp, at the end of which there will be a terminal, obviously to be hacked. Next to it, a medical kit.
At this point, turn around, you will notice a well-defined path. Follow it, reaching another computer. Interact with it, then locate the following ramp, retrieve the Medkit. Unfortunately, the level is not particularly varied: two more ramps await you, interspersed with the hacking of one of the usual terminals.
After the short battle with the Scions, just after the ascending ramp, walk along the path you saw the Scions coming from. Retrieve the cells, then turn left. Killed the enemies, go down and get the medical kit, thus restoring the life points lost so far. Go through the nearby door, destroying the lock. After the skit, go down the stairs. On the left, a computer: examine its contents. So go back up the stairs. Several enemies will have appeared, pulverize them en masse. Wait for the doors leading to the Core to open; shoot at the Core, continuing until its destruction. So enjoy the scene, the end of the game is now looming.

Tell Miranda and Jacob that before proceeding, you absolutely must speak to the Geth. So go to the EDI Core, behind the medical room. Activate Legion; at this point you will have to wait for the IFF to be put into operation; it will take some time, so we recommend the execution of the side-quests of the "Loyalty" series, in case you have not already completed them in full.


Access the Galaxy Map; you will be automatically launched from the ship, contained in a Shuttle, so that the functional tests of the IFF can be carried out without causing danger to the inhabitants.
Taking control of the Joker, choose the road on the left once you reach the fork; then go through the door, reaching the research laboratory. Continue straight ahead, also going down the ladder. Take the door on the right, reaching the medical room. Enter the EDI Core. Watch the sketch that will be automatically activated by this movement of yours.

So go down yet another ladder; another fork in front of you: choose right, quickly climbing the two flights of stairs; when you reach the top, wait for the Collectors to pass before making your presence known; kill them by catching them off guard. Then enter the door on the left. Hack the engine controls, in the middle of the procedure you will be interrupted by an automatic skit. So go talk to the Joker. You will be given permission to speak to EDI about the Cerberus. You can also finally face the final mission. Before embarking on it, we recommend that you check the paraphernalia available to your teammates, to avoid nasty surprises (read: their death in battle).


Head to Omega 3. Watch the skits in sequence, their nature will largely depend on your choices throughout the game. You will then have to make the final decision regarding the composition of your team; then go outside, walking towards your destiny. Take the med kit on the right and the cells on the left. Remember the probe, absolutely necessary to be able to continue without problems. After the skit, you can consider yourself landed for all intents and purposes.
Follow the path, it will lead you to a room; take out the enemies here. At the crossroads, select the direction that suits you best, the result will be the same. Turn off the heat exchanger; activate the valves (there will be 3 in sequence). Jump to the next platform which will contain the fourth valve. The fifth is on the left. Climb up, yet another platform will contain the sixth valve. Watch out for the killer, go up the ledge on the right to escape the blows of him. Continue to the green console, it will allow you to turn off the seventh valve. Eliminate the Collectors, then continue up, where you will find the eighth and last valve. Look at the skit.
Then keep moving forward in the next section. Try to stay inside the Biotic Shield. The entire game section consists of moving linearly along the only path available. Collect the ammo on the ground. Keep going straight for the final battle.
After the cutscene, start killing the incoming enemies right away, as they approach you via their floating platforms. It is advisable to have one of your companions create a drone, so that it can temporarily distract the Harbingers, who tend to attack with vehemence and speed (you know how to handle vehemence by now, speed can put you in difficulty, since a large amount of enemies will compete for your attention).
Then activate the console to start a skit. Immediately after his end, dive to the side to seek cover from the impending arrival of the Collectors. Following each wave, the armature that surrounds the pipes will shrink; this is the moment in which you will have to quickly shoot right towards the pipes, thus damaging them irreversibly. Try to do this before the skeleton is able to fully charge, as at that point you would surely fall victim to the wave it created.
Destroyed all 4 tubes, look at the skit, making the necessary selections as you like. Then start hitting the orange parts that correspond to the enemy weak points. The fight will be quite long; one method to minimize the risks is to try to kill the Collectors as soon as they enter the scene, so as not to risk overcrowding. Pulverized the opponent, you can say that you have completed Mass Effect 2!

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