Is a Call of Duty: Mobile Gulag update coming?

The CoD: Mobile test servers may have revealed a huge new addition coming to Activision's iOS and Android title. Eagle-eyed gamers who download the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 test build have noticed that there is a 35,1MB download file titled "Gulag" among the new content. Could this mean that there is a Call of Duty: Mobile Gulag update on the way?

Is the Gulag Coming to Call of Duty: Mobile?

The Gulag appears to be coming to CoD: Mobile, although it may not take the form you'd expect sooner. The setting was introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone and immediately embraced by that game's community; While most battle royale modes don't give second chances, the Gulag allows players to earn one by winning an intense 1v1 shootout. While CoD: mobile gamers are undoubtedly excited about its potential addition, it most likely won't be coming to BR in this case.

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Apparently, the Gulag will be a standalone map for the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile 1v1 mode. It makes a lot of sense, as it is probably the map of the best known neighborhoods in games right now, although it will continue to be a disappointment to some. If the question is there and it is technically possible, however, there is at least a chance that the Gulag could be integrated into the isolated Battle Royale map.

With the seventh season of CoD: The launch of the mobile device in early June shouldn't be too long to wait until we know for sure how Gulag will be integrated on iOS and Android. Whatever happens, it's undeniably an exciting addition to the free smartphone shooter.

Is a Call of Duty: Mobile Gulag update coming?

  • The Gulag is expected to be added via the CoD: Mobile Season 7 update.
    • Season 7 is expected to start in early June.
  • Gulag is most likely a standalone 1v1 map.
  • It may or may not be integrated into the battle royale mode.
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