Is Minecraft Dungeons local multiplayer? | Is there split screen?

If you're not sure about Minecraft Dungeons, but are looking for a new game to play with local multiplayer and co-op, this guide is for you. Read on to find out the answer to "is Minecraft Dungeons local multiplayer?" We will let you know if you can play local multiplayer and local co-op in the game below. Find out if there is some kind of Minecraft Dungeons split screen in the game or not right here in this guide.

Are there any local multiplayer of Minecraft Dungeons?

Yes. Minecraft Dungeons local multiplayer exists. You can play the entire game with up to four players locally in co-op mode. The more people you play, the more enemies will appear. Minecraft Dungeons increases the number of enemies, difficulty and loot based on the number of people playing at the same time. This means that if you are playing a four player local co-op, there will be more enemies on the screen, in the minimum single player. This should mean it's fun for all players, giving a lot for everyone.

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If local multiplayer isn't your thing, you can go online for the same experience. You can join online for a total of four players at a time and play in cooperative mode. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine the two. You cannot share local co-op and online multiplayer at startup. This feature may be available in the future, but it is not possible for now. The choice is yours, it just depends on whether you have someone you can play with locally or not.

Are there separate Minecraft Dungeons screens?

As far as we know, you share the same screen in Minecraft Dungeons while playing local multiplayer. The screen appears to stretch and zoom with different players, zooming out to fit everyone on the same screen, rather than splitting it. Once again, though, you can play Minecraft Dungeon in local multiplayer co-op mode, with up to four players.

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