La Soluzione di Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

A Quest from a Pirate

During the first walk, you will talk to Jack the Knife - memorize the password he will tell you about, then repeat it when you get up in the cell. Once out of the cell, customize your character, then go up the stairs to the right or left. Talk to Captain Teal.

The Boat

Exit the booth, enter the door in front of you, talk to Nicky Nails. Go down the ladder, use the teleporter to get to the island, proceeding towards Kanger Bay. Kill the nearby bears by recovering three portions of bear fat. Use the teleportation stone to reach the ship, jump up. Talk to Nicky Nails, then to Cutter. Go down to the cabin, go back up, talk to Nicky again to get the boat.

Lover's Conspiracy

The objective of the quest is to locate Maren. You will notice on the map an area indicated as his "atelier": use the teleporter to reach it. Unfortunately, she will refuse to interact with the captain, but will give you some information about a treasure. The completion of the quest will therefore be subject to completing The Treasure, Lost Souls, and Moving Ancestors. So, go talk to Edwin Teal, the captain, tell her about Maren. Choose the first option, after the conversation enter the house, talk to Maren and Captain Teal. You will get the Teal's Ikayorte quest. Examine the cloakroom, then use the boat and teleport to the Old Cemetery.
On the way it will be necessary to destroy the two water elementals, next to the beach. When you get to the cemetery, you need to start talking to James and Lora. You will have to agree to their conditions, thus gaining access to a new quest - Lost Souls, to be completed with the highest priority.

Lost Souls

From around the teleporter, open the gate leading to the graveyard and quickly run to the area. When the Black Eyes appear, try not to get surrounded, preferring instead to use spells that affect an entire "area" of the game. So save your game, and proceed to the next area of 鈥嬧媡he graveyard. A rather tough fight will take place here, given the large presence of opponents - Black Eyes and Stenches. We still recommend using spells capable of acting on an entire game area, and heal yourself frequently.
Proceed to the second part of the cemetery, save your game, then open the next gate. Talk to James and Lora again, enter the nearby tomb. Wait for all the souls to go down the stairs, talk to them, then proceed inside the tomb. When Hunn Kanga appears, talk to him quickly, you will then get the next quest - Moving Ancestors. You will only be able to complete "Lost Souls" after completing Moving Ancestors. After exiting the cathedral, talk to James and Lora, choosing the first option.

Moving Ancestors

Accepted Hunn Kanga's proposal, exit the tomb using the nearby door. Open the gate, run to the cathedral. You will have to fight against Bailiff and his assistants - we recommend using the three altars scattered around the game area to heal yourself continuously and permanently, especially in situations where you will suffer serious damage. Examine Bailiff's corpse, recovering all possible items. Go back to the tomb, talk to Hunn and retrieve the Kanga family urn. Back at the cathedral, place the urn in the sarcophagus. Save your game, then exit the cathedral to complete the Lost Souls quest.

The Study

From the starting teleporters, where you received the quest that requires you to recover the treasure, you will have to cross the forest to reach the teleporter near "The Ribs". Along the forest it will be enough to face two fire elementals, rather than the large amount of enemies present along the alternate path. Arrived at the teleporter, you will have to defeat three groups of Olorum that will come out of the ground. We recommend avoiding a "multiple" fight: it is preferable to focus on only one of the three enemy fractions, moving on to the next only when / if you have destroyed the first (or the second). Also aim first at the archers and warriors, and only ultimately at the warrior.
Having killed all these enemies, you can go down to the studio, using the password "The goal is the horizon". Examine all the crates, but pay attention to the wizards who will periodically summon undead: hit the wizards with physical attacks, so that they perish quickly. Once you have recovered Nanook's package, open it from inside the inventory: you will automatically gain access to many other subsequent quests.

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Teal's Ikayorte

Make your way to your ship, reaching the warehouse. Enter the captain's room by destroying the lock. Talk to Nicky Nails to get two quests - Glass Jar and Spirits of Nature, to be completed in order to finish Teal's Ikayorte. Go back to talk to Nicky, then go down to the transport warehouse and talk to Billy next to the cage. After the skit, also have a conversation with Cutter; After the scene with Teal, go down on deck and enter the captain's cabin. Swap the vase on the left table for a fake table, earning 30000 experience points.
Go back to the bridge, talk to everyone present. Then use the teleporter to return to Maren's house. Talk to Teal's soul and Maren, obtaining the "Needle in a haystack" quest as well as the "Sight Stealer" item, useful for expanding your field of vision.

Glass jar

After the conversation with Nails, go down on deck and talk to Bugeyes. When Cutter exits the room, talk to Bugeyes. Use the teleporter to move to the nearby island, where the old distillery is located - nearby, you will need to defeat some enemies. You can enter the distillery from its back, walking on the wooden planks. Arrived at the cellar, take the objects from the table, open the next doors until you find the grimoire of wisdom from the table. Read it, your goal will now be to find all the ingredients to create Miss Moonshine.
Exit the distillery, proceed south. Swim to the island directly south. Kill five Meenguls by taking their intestines. Also collect three portions of Horseradish from nearby, then use the teleporter to return to the distillery. Search the room to find two bottles of birch water, then run to the cauldron and throw the five intestines inside. Pull the lever, then retrieve the intestinal residues. Pour the three portions of Horseradish into the still, then pull the lever. Recover the extract, then add it to the intestine residues and put everything in the mixer. Pull the lever, retrieving the Miss Moonshine. Go back to the ship, give the Moonshine to Bugeyes who will give you the glass container.

Spirits of Nature

Enter Maren's house, asking for the flat stone and a book - Kaglivok Spirits. Maren will also give you his horse. He will also show you the (nearby) areas where you can retrieve the saddle and a light armor needed to protect the horse. Therefore, walk towards Ongama, freeing yourselves from the two guardians of Ongama's lair; However, we do not recommend proceeding along the main road - it is best to proceed along the series of rocks to the north, less densely populated by hordes of enemies, which you can then defeat in a series of one-on-one encounters.
Proceed inside Ongama's lair; there you will have to fight with an Ancient Ongama, a potentially tough opponent - when you meet him, try to retreat to defeat the other "guardians" in the area first, so that you can face Ongama alone. Having killed everyone present, take the Kaglivok spirit from the Ancient Ongama's body. Go down the long flight of stairs, keep going up, reaching a kind of terrace: from there you can easily hit the enemies below. Having finished them, you can recover the other two Kaglivok spirits; a passage will also open that leads directly to the outside of the den. Use the closest teleporter to go and complete Teal's Ikayorte.

The Glass Map - Second fragment

The quest can be completed as a sub-quest of "Glass Jar". Use the teleporter to reach the old distillery, then move to the nearby well, eliminating the wolves that populate its surroundings. Jump inside, reaching the basement. Get out of the water, eliminate the two Ublarion beyond the corner, then - at the end of the path - you will find the second fragment of the map.

The Glass Map - Third Fragment

Reach the village using the third teleporter, then locate the church: next to it there will be a house with an open door. Enter, then unlock the hatch in the room to the left. Go down to the cave, cross the bridge ending the two warriors. Go down the stairs to the right, retrieve the contents of the chest beyond the corner. When you reach the second (larger) cave, use the teleporter at its end to get to the lower section of the map.
You will be immediately intercepted by eight Olorums. Given their quantity, we recommend using teleportation in a strategic way: hit the subjects around you without excessive concern for your HP; when / if you are then seriously injured, jump into the transport to return to the previous area and heal yourself. Repeat this procedure until you have killed all the opponents. So go up the stairs on the opposite side of the teleporter. Defeat the archers, then sequentially lure the five warriors visible to the right so you can kill them one by one. Go up the next ramp, take a left. Go up another ramp, grab the two crates, then proceed up again to get to a teleporter. Use it to reach the third fragment of the map. So go back to the surface.

Needle in the Haystack

After agreeing to help Maren, use your boat to make your way to the last island of the archipelago. Once in the area, you can find the teleport corresponding to the "Sauwok Coastline", marking it on your map. A new area to reach will appear on the same map - use the newly discovered teleporter to reach it. Enter the garden full of statues - petrified creatures. Retrieve the hunter's diary, then approach the shaman's statue, triggering an intermission scene that introduces the Basilisk, new opponent.
It is quite powerful; the strategy that we advise you to follow is to stay hidden as much as possible, while using the Sight Stealer to locate the monster even when it is outside your immediate field of vision. Wanting to attack, quickly approach its head and fire a missile, going to destroy the eyes of the beast. As for the defense, it is not at all easy to be able to dodge or block all the hits of this kind of opponent - we recommend using the nearby altar to periodically gorge your HP, rather than approaching the fight with a strongly defensive strategy, of sure loser.
So examine his corpse to get the ring as well as the claw. He then proceeds beyond the Basilisk's lair, retrieving the diary from the table. Read it, therefore locate near the rocks next to the kettle; throw Basilisk's claw there, thus gaining 10000 experience points. Then examine the chambers around you, locating a variety of objects - most of which are in the far north chamber.
Among the various objects, the most important is undoubtedly to be referred to the tears of Sila, positioned on the table near the entrance. Having taken them, go back to the exit and approach the statue of the shaman. Use one of Silas' tears on it, then immediately walk away. After the skit, talk to Tornak, accepting his terms, thus obtaining three new quests to complete - A scrap of his mortal form, Gather around the cauldron and We're all made of clay. Only after having performed them will you be able to consider the quest "Lover's Conspiracy" as finished.

A Scrap of His Mortal Form

It is a quest that takes place on the ship. Go below deck, talk to Nicky Nails. Go back to the bridge. Talk to Teal, answering his questions as he pleases. After that, go back to Nicky Nails to get the captain's hair by completing the quest.

Gather Around the Cauldron

Talk to Maren, near the second teleporter. Then enter her Atelier and examine the chest next to her.
Talk to Maren again, obtaining an item that will allow you to complete the quest.

We're All Made of Clay

Use the horse to reach the Drowned Mine. Inside, you will notice several doors that join the caves that make up the mine; you will have to fight the Olorum in the area to be able to complete all the objectives. Along the first corridor, get rid of the wizard and the warriors; along the second, of the archer. Follow the only path available, so use the nearby lever to let the water drain when it obstructs your passage.
Go down the stairs, take a right, arriving at a flooded cave. Swim to its right side, where there is the entrance to another section of the same cave. From here, you can pick up the Karaska Clay, which can be found in the left corner. Then exit the cave to complete the quest.

The Glass Map

Having taken all the pieces of the Glass Map, it will appear in the inventory. Examine it, the location of the archives you need to reach will be marked. Use the nearby altar to make it easier to fight the four Badagrises that you will find next to the archives. So examine the chest to the left of the entrance, use its contents to be teleported to another area. Run forward, [i] do not [/ i] open the door with the drawing of the moon, preferring instead to climb the stairs on the left, going to complete the objective.

The Archives

Having approached the pedestals, enter the inventory and examine "The Glass Map". It will break into three fragments: place them in the three pedestals. Enter the door that will open. Eliminate the Olorum, continuing to the crossroads. You will notice three crates scattered along the corridor to the right; in order to recover them, you will have to defeat some warriors, none of which are prohibitively strong. Then unlock the nearby gate, obtaining a new mission - the search for the Nanook archives.
Go up the stairs to the left, go through the corridor, arriving at the chest. So go down the stairs, examine the table to get Nanook's diary. Read it, then locate the chest under the bookcase - take the items inside. Save your game, use the Ocolus to fly to a flashing square on the left: approach it and shoot. A door will open, go through it. Retrieve the instruction manual for the bracelets, then wear the bracelet yourself. Go back to the graveyard, then save your game and enter the cathedral to start the second part of the "Lover's Conspiracy" quest.

Lover's Conspiracy - Second Part

From the cathedral, go down the stairs, talk to Tornak. During the following conversation, select the third option - it gives you access to the best quest ending. You will have to face a short fight, extremely facilitated by the presence of three altars in your surroundings, as well as many columns that can block the shots of the enemies. Draw the warriors towards you and kill them, staying behind the columns, so that the shots of the archers do not hurt you. Then move on to the archers, this time exposing yourself to their fire. Finally, finish Nick Nails - without the support of his underlings, he won't be able to resist you. Grab what you can from his body, exit the cathedral, and talk to Maren and Teal.

Cartographer's Legend

You now have everything you need to reach the flying fortress. Use the teleporter to reach the Drowned Mine, then proceed to the rocky pass. Use the altar to facilitate the fight against the four Olorums. A little further on, you will be able to locate a teleporter, as well as a door with a face engraved on it: go through it and follow the rocky corridor. Examine the corpse on the left. Open the inventory and examine the sketch, then click on the "Avioyok Corr Amarok" object. Press the keys that will appear on the screen to play the song, waking Amarok. It will therefore be necessary to take it down, a fight that is anything but easy, given that the enemy has an immortal "aura". You will need to pull the four levers around you so that the aura is deactivated - this deactivation will only last 23 seconds, however. At first try to defeat him in a standard way, but know that - in case you fail - you can use a trick: Basilisk's ring allows you to cause the enemy double the damage that he did to you.
Having defeated him, examine the corpse for some crystals and a crown. Go through the gate, then use the teleporter to get to the flying fortress. Go up the stairs, talk to the three souls to get the Amethyst rose. Go up to the second level of the ship, talking to Ulgrim and Tengo. Run through the door next to the chest, talk to Zygy, then open the gate behind him to reach the cartographer's booth. After talking to us, you can proceed with the following quest.

Unknown Place

After the cutscene, examine the sarcophagus on the left to get some free experience points. After battling Lassitude - quick and easy challenge - pick up the healing items nearby. So, go straight on along the only path available. When you reach the third platform, use the lever on the pillar in the center to repel the enemies that will arrive on the scene. Examine the sarcophagus on the opposite side for other useful items, including the lost second thought. Then go right, cross the bridge, then left. Third sarcophagus, containing the third lost thought. After finishing off the simple enemies, use the nearby portal. Back on the ship, head upstairs to meet Geoffrey and complete the mission.


Climb to the top of the ship, locating three portals. Each of them leads to a quest that you will have to face forcibly as part of the main story. The portal in the center will have you facing Amnesiphobia, the one on the right Arachnophobia, the one on the left Atelophobia. After completing them, go talk to Geoffrey to get the next quest.

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Unconsciousness: Amnesiphobia

Pull the lever on the pillar in the center of the play area to take out the enemies. Use the portal, then proceed forward until you locate a sarcophagus on the left. Collect the lost thought from within - using the usual pillar in the center to get rid of enemies in the area. Go back to the previous platform, enter the portal nearby. You will therefore find another sarcophagus on your left. Picked up the fifth lost thought, go back through the previous portal, continue forward one room to find the next. Sarcophagus on the right, which contains the sixth lost thought. Go back through the portal again, continuing to the next. Save your game, open the gate - now you have to fight the demon Amnesiphobia. First of all, we recommend that you immediately use all the HP-boosting spells at your disposal, in order to maximize their level. Therefore, focus your full attention on the demon, ignoring his assistants, and preferring a strongly offensive approach. Having defeated him, the quest will be completed, so return to the ship.

Unconsciousness: Arachnophobia

Examine the sarcophagus on the left immediately, getting rid of Lassitude. Retrieve the forgotten seventh thought. Move sideways in either direction, reaching a platform - pull the lever corresponding to the center column to finish off the enemies around you. Carry on further, finding another sarcophagus, containing the eighth lost thought. Then pull the lever to finish off the enemies thanks to the shock wave.
Go straight, then - reached the gate - move sideways to locate the ninth sarcophagus, containing the lost thought. Then open the gate, save your game, open it. You will have to fight against Arachnophobia. It is identical to the previous boss, but with more powerful but slower hits. As before, we recommend taking maximum care and then attacking it without hesitation. So use the portal to return to the ship.

Unconsciousness: Atelophobia

Open the sarcophagus on the left, defeat Apathy, recover the lost XNUMXth thought. Run to the next platform, pull the lever in the center to finish the subjects around you. Right, at the fork take left, locating the sarcophagus on the right, to be unlocked to get the eleventh lost thought. Then go back to the fork, this time going in the opposite direction from before. Once in front of the gate, take a right to locate the last sarcophagus. With the lost thought, go through the gate and save your game. You will have to fight Atelophobia - not very different from the two previous bosses, so as before, attack with all your might after maxing out the HP. So go back to the boat.

Subconsciousness / Consciousness

From Geoffrey's immediate vicinity, run past the nearby open door to a corridor leading to Nanook's cabin. Talk to Nanook's consciousness inside, then to Geoffrey. Exit the cabin, go down the stairs, then unlock the gate. Retrieve Nanook's Awareness Map from the following room. Go back to Geoffrey, examine the map inside the inventory. Now go back to the room where you recovered awareness, go down the next flight of stairs, unlock the door to be teleported to three doors, which coincide with the next three quests. After completing them all, go back to talk to Geoffrey, go to Nanook's cabin to talk with his awareness, then go back to Geoffrey.

Subconsciousness: Conflict of Generation

From the initial cottage, open the door and proceed outside, going to meet Reality Weaver nearby - he will help you craft items. In case the ladder does not appear on the nearby rock, ask the subject to make it for you. Continuing further, talk to Nanook. Continue to the next field; having eliminated the enemies, ask the Reality Weaver to create a hoe and start piling potatoes - eight servings. Go back to Nanook and talk to him.
Continue to the next field, where you have to save the cows from the wolves. Having killed them, ask Reality for a bucket and fill it with milk, from four cows. Always ask Reality for a piece of fence, place it in the area where the fence is destroyed. Go back to Nanook and report all the work done. Run behind him, then enter the gate on the right. Walk down the street, enter the farm at its end, noticing how father and son are arguing. Talk to the father, enter the nearby hut. So talk to Nanook, run after him again. When he stops, talk to him again, open the kitchen door and kill the giant ants inside. Nanook will ask you to find a recipe. It is in one of the cabinets on the right - read it, then take the salt and whey from the cabinet next to it, the honey from the one next to it. He takes the flour from the bucket to the right of the fireplace. Mix all the ingredients (except honey) in the bowl above the furnace. Ask Nanook to mix them.
You will thus obtain a paste, on which to spread the honey. Then pull the lever to the right of the furnace, lighting the fire. Place the pasta inside the oven, wait a few seconds. Grab the dead branches (behind you), throw them into the furnace. After a while, the bread will be ready - give it to Nanook. Run after him to the bedroom - ask Reality for the key. You will now have to defeat the nightmare that resides in the wardrobe, otherwise Nanook will refuse to enter. Locate the sextant inside the room - in the closet next to the bed - and give it to Nanook; then follow it until you hear the sound of a hammer. Unlock the door to the adjacent room, talk to Hunn Kanga. Keep following Nanook to the exit; at the end of the path, ask Reality for a boat, then talk to Nanook.
The goal is to reach the next farm, finishing off the simple enemies scattered along the water path. The last quarrel will take place at the farm; try to convince Nanook to reconcile with his father, so start following Nanook again - defend him from the enemies that will appear along the way, thus allowing him to reach the place where the last conversation between him and his father will take place. So read the map of Nanook's awareness, go through the corridor where you will find yourself to complete the objective.

Subconsciousness: Worldviews in Conflict

Approach the wall in front of you, ask the Weaver to create a door. Exit, run towards the gate, pass it to get to the entrance of the university. Run down the corridor, go down the stairs. At the crossroads, turn right, then right again. Watch the scene, approach Nanook, talk to him. Exit the university, proceed beyond the gate and make your way to the area indicated by Nanook, ending the enemies in the area. Reality will then appear, which will warn you of the presence of poison: to protect yourself, ask him for some coal water, and drink it immediately. So go through the forest, now immune to poison. Take the Belgurak seeds from the mushroom, go back to Nanook - he is near the vegetable garden, looks dejected at the square of land.
Place the seeds in the ground, talk to him again, accept the new mission - find fertilizer for the mushrooms. Proceed towards the meanders of the forest until you meet the Droser - a monster of considerable size. We still recommend an offensive approach, you should be able to afford it. You will therefore have to face some Baboons; finish them all, to be able to recover their excrements, which will act as fertilizer for the mushrooms of Nanook. Return to him to report the good news. Now Nanook will ask you for assistance in watering the mushrooms. So go to the well, next to which Reality will appear. Ask him for two rags full of oil, throw the first in the well indicated by Nanook, the second in the well in front of the university. Run to the nearby lever, pull it to complete the task. Chat with Nanook to get information on the last objective you need to complete to allow the mushrooms to grow - you'll need to go and get some captured souls.
Run to the gate marked by Nanook, finishing off the enemies - perhaps with the help of the nearby altar. Ask the Reality Weaver to create two fireproof glass bells, which you will have to use to defeat the fire elementals that will appear from the front door. Continue forward, enter the corridor on the right, then right again, going up the stairs. Finish the elementals in the area, then go left, then right. Retrieve the first "element" of fire, then left twice. Go down the stairs to the ground floor, left; Defeat two fire elementals, retrieve the second element. You will be shown a double door opening.
Go through this door, then go talk to Nanook to insert the captured spirits on the brazier, next to the mushrooms. After the skit, choose the answer "Spending time together ...". So go to the university, go talk to Veneficus. Entered the building, go down the stairs, go down the corridor to the left. At the crossroads, take a right. You will find Veneficus. Watch the scene, talk to Nanook, read the awareness map to return to the corridor with the three doors and complete the quest.

Subconsciousness: Family Conflict

Exit the initial house, proceed forward until the appearance of the Reality. Ask him to create a bridge; so, get ready to fight animals - there is still an altar nearby, perfect for restoring your HP. So run to the door right in front of you - trying to get in. Nanook's wife (D茅nia) won't leave you - you'll need to get her favorite herbal tea first. Then proceed to the southeast, getting rid of the animals, until you reach a plateau where Reality will take care of creating the very herbs you need.
Having taken all of them (hops, chamomile and lemon balm) tell Reality that you also need a cauldron. Throw all the herbs into it, retrieve the potion that will come out of it. Come back from Denia, give her everything. You will then have to go to the camp indicated by her to retrieve the remains of Tan. Return from Denia; she will have one last request, regarding the burial of her child - she will show you where her tomb is, so reach her and place her remains inside. Talk to Nanook, then use her awareness map to return to the corridor with the three doors again, completing the quest.

Subconsciousness / Consciousness - Second Part

Stand in the middle of the corridor containing the three doors. It will open and you will fall to a new area. Use the altar before starting the following fight against Subconsciousness. The enemy is not to be underestimated - he can shoot very powerful fireballs, and hit you in the melee in a deadly manner. Despite this, immediately start attacking him without thinking about the damage suffered; after a while, the protective shields of the altars will be removed, and you will have to approach the crystals and destroy the associated altars. Obviously if / when you start taking excessive damage, you will need to get as far away from the enemy as possible and use a large amount of regenerating potions. However, in general, you will have to keep destroying the altars around you - having pulverized them all, the opponent will no longer be able to regenerate his HP, so killing him will become a no brainer.
Then use the nearby portal - created by Reality - to return to the ship. Go up the stairs, reaching the highest level. Save the game. Enter Nanook's cabin, talk to him and Geoffrey.
You will now have to choose one of three potential endings of the dialogue with Nanook. Choose as you prefer, perhaps reloading the previously saved game to be able to see one of the two alternative endings. In case you have chosen the first answer, you will also have to face the quest "The Treasure".


Use the teleportation stone to reach the area indicated by Nanook, which is the ruins of a monastery. Finish all the subjects present, then take advantage of the teleportation in the center of the ruins themselves. You will find yourself on an oval shaped platform.
Run along the only path available, up the stairs until you reach a corridor and finally a gate. Unlock the gate to get to a cave, take the contents of the chest to complete the game.

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