Logitech K780 keyboard: the review

In speaking of the keyboard Logitech K780 it is fair to clarify why I have chosen to change my previous peripheral, with cable and without gaming pretensions, with this wireless product and certainly far from what are the needs of a gamer. My use of the keyboard has always been purely for writing and rarely for gaming (I prefer the pad also on PC), which has always made me lean towards products directed away from those designed for video games. However, I had the need to a wireless product to take on business trips and that it could connect to multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. And after a long wait for an offer I bought on Amazon for less than € 60 (with the full price just over € 100) Logitech K780. Will this new keyboard have succeeded in satisfying my needs and perhaps exceeding them?

Unboxing di Logitech K780

The assumptions of this keyboard didn't seem to be the best. A small, thin box wraps around it making it appear much smaller than I expected. With 38 cm of width, 15,8 of depth and variable height from 8 to 22mm it seems a particularly microscopic product when compared with the classic extended keyboards. In addition, taken in hand, the 875 grams of weight made it seem a particularly bulky and heavy object, perhaps not suitable for my writing and versatility needs. Yet I had to change my mind and let myself be convinced by its characteristics.

La Logitech K780 is a wireless membrane keyboard whose peculiar characteristic is the presence of a loop in the back that can act as a support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with a slight inclination that allows its use almost to simulate a laptop. Devices with a thickness not exceeding 12mm - which is that of an iPad Pro - can be inserted in this housing, more than enough to house most of the devices as long as you do not use external covers. This feature is also joined by the possibility of pair up to three devices to the keyboard via bluetooth and to switch between them using quick keys. One of the very popular features given the need to switch between devices and write long posts on Instagram much more easily when at home.

Ergonomics and materials

To tell the truth, this transition between devices is much less immediate than what one might expect and it can happen that in cases of prolonged inactivity (for more than fifteen minutes) the Logitech K780 must synchronize again by issuing the first commands with delay and in some cases creating a bit of confusion and repetitions on the screen or alternatively a few seconds of waiting before being able to type. Even the transition from one device to another is less immediate than expected, making navigation between the various devices less immediate.

After some small initial uncertainty of initial pairing, the keyboard shows all its strengths. Despite the small size and the absence of some keys, typing is precise and does not imply particular adaptation problems. The keys of the Logitech K780 are round, wide and slightly concave which helps precision and ergonomics. Ergonomics that is not affected even by the thickness of the peripheral which, even after long writing sessions, does not tire the hands thanks to the very short stroke of the keys.

The weight of the keyboard, which as mentioned borders on 900 grams, is perfect for keeping even the heaviest screens firm and stable like the aforementioned iPad Pro held horizontally (perfect test and no problem. The support area is in hard non-slip rubber perfect to easily support any placed object (even a small notepad). The noisiness of the keys is minimal, but the resistance is sufficient to perceive every typing and "feel" the operation of the keyboard.

Software and functionality

As far as the management software is concerned, there is nothing complex in the settings. There are some quick commands with which to easily manage not only navigation on PC but also on mobile devices, also allowing the use of quick keys and scrolling through the pages. The management and arrangement of the keys is assimilated with a little use but then becomes immediate and without too many headaches in remembering the combinations. The internal batteries - two simple, easily replaceable AAA cells - allow for a prolonged use that promises two years of autonomy. After two abundant months of use it is difficult to judge this feature, but I think it is likely that it can reach this duration.


Obviously this keyboard Logitech K780 does not have a backlight but, as mentioned, it does not represent an indispensable aspect. Being a keyboard for writing and navigation, it has proved unsuitable to play, but after all, you don't buy it for this and therefore nothing is expected in this direction. If you are a gamer you can consider a keyboard like the MSI Vigor GK80 that we have already reviewed on Gameplay Café.

Price and conclusions

The Logitech K780 is not a gaming keyboard nor a comfortable one for commuters or short trips. This product is meant for those who want to have an all-in-one solution that can concentrate multiple devices in a single keyboard and to have something to possibly take on a long business trip without going around with a laptop. Despite being a medium / high-end product in terms of cost, being often discounted on Amazon increases its quality / price ratio. Excessive weight and his anima business reduce the pool of potential users but for those who write a lot for work especially on social networks it is a solution to be taken into serious consideration on their desk in the office.

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