Luigi's Mansion Solution 2

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Below, the levels belonging to the "Gloomy Manor" world.

1-1 Poltergust 5000

Proceed to the gate. Overcome it, then approach the vase to the right of the stairs, examining it by pressing the X button, recovering the coins. Go up the stairs, then take the key from the nearby door and start chasing the mouse. Go down the stairs, press B to get the mouse. Take the key, go up the stairs and use it on the door of the mansion. Enter, then head left, into the garage.
Press R, then aiming up, retrieving the gold. Examine the blanket in the northwest corner. Retrieve the key, then use the vacuum cleaner on the dust. Exit the garage, returning to the entrance. Examine the east door, using the vacuum cleaner to reveal the presence of a "real" door. Enter the mud room on the right. Examine the roof fan, using the vacuum cleaner on it. Retrieve the key, then return to the entrance and proceed north. Run down the corridor quickly to get to the door that leads to the foyer. Approach the stairs, then climb up, locating several locked doors. Go past the balcony, using the vacuum cleaner near the light. Take the Strobulb that will be released. Go back to the mud room, examining the door that wasn't open before. Use the Strobulb on it, proceed outward. Go through the various platforms, arriving at a plain. Collect the gem, then go back to the Foyer outside.
Go up the stairs, locating the lock and using the Strobulb on it. Collect the money, go down the stairs to reach the next door, then use the Strobulb on his lock, to get to the coat room. Examine the latrine, which will propel you forward by moving the wall. Use the Poltergust near the towel, then get the money off the floor. To repel the ghost, you will first have to stun it with the Strobulb, then wait for it to charge and "suck it in" with the Poltergust. Then return to the Foyer.
So capture the next ghosts again, completing the mission definitively.

1-2 Gear Up

Use the Parascope to examine the mansion. Come in. Proceed to the corridor of the guards, then to the Foyer. After Gadd gives you the list, proceed to the west first floor room. So start chasing the keyed Greenie, heading south and past the entrance. Use the Strobulb to get it, retrieving the key and returning to the Foyer. Use the key on the nearby door. So choose the door to the far south, reaching the laboratory. Examine the blackboard on the back, using the vacuum cleaner to reveal a Greenie. Take it out, then use the vacuum cleaner again to reveal a Slammer. Pick up the gear. Go back to the central corridor. Vacuum the nearby tent, revealing a secret area. Come in. Collect the gold, then return to the Foyer. Try to climb the stairs, unfortunately being trapped. Use the Strobulb to catch the ghost who will try to catch you. Go up the stairs, go through the door using the key.
Enter the south room. Examine the digital clock, using the Strobulb to reveal a gem. Examine the Ponograph, using the Poltergust to start some music. Get rid of the Greenies, then examine the picture on the back wall. Exit the room, returning to the main corridor. Enter the bedroom. Examine the fragment of the wall to the southeast, recovering the gold. Then examine the rope to the northwest, using the vacuum cleaner to pull it from the wall, revealing the presence of a bed. Examine the bed, being thrown to the next room. Also examine the table to the north, recovering the coins. Capture the Greenies using the Strobulb, hence the golden bone from the northwest corner. So examine the fire, Luigi will now fall down to the study below. You will therefore have to fight against two Hiders at the same time. We recommend focusing on one of them at a time to avoid wasting your firepower excessively. Also try to move constantly, to avoid the flying objects thrown by the other. Having eliminated the Hiders, the Slammer will appear, coming from the picture. Push him back, then take the armor. So examine the areas that will be indicated by Gadd to retrieve various useful items. Then go back to the Foyer, removing the dust from the surroundings.
Examine the area where the gears are to be placed and observe the cutscene.

1-3 Quiet Please!

We will start, as usual, from the entrance. He examines the armor on the left, causing his head to drop. Collect gold and treasures. Grab the head, using it to aim for the portrait in the northwest corner. You will reveal the presence of a gem. So proceed north.
Walk down the corridor, then turning towards the foyer. Place the gear in the slot, revealing a door at the top. Head towards it, entering the Lobby. Push back the Greenies in the area, then vacuum the poster near the back wall, collecting the gold. Try interacting with the northwest door. Then run along the nearby balcony, reaching the door on the opposite side and entering the corresponding room. Pull the tablecloth off the dining table, thus recovering the hearts and gold coins in the area. Use the vacuum cleaner on the candlestick visible above the table. Collect the golden bone from the bulletin board to the west. Then examine the ceiling to the east of the room, then the door to the southeast.
At the balcony, retrieve the golden bar, then go back inside. Then examine the rope in the northeast corner, behind the mine cart. Pull it to reveal an elevator, climb up to reach the kitchen. Swerve to the left, then push back the Greenies (this type of opponent requires an initial dodge, then a subsequent quick strike). Therefore, examine the fridge, opening it and recovering the block of ice, always using the vacuum cleaner. Take it to the stove, retrieving a new gem. Continue to the library.

Boss: Poltergeist
Wait for one of the enemies to "throw" one of his books, then quickly stun him with the Strobe. Repeat this procedure to eliminate them one by one, trying to dodge their shots so as not to take excessive damage.

1-4 Visual Tricks

Go through the door, along the corridor, past the foyer, the laboratory, and arriving at the common corridor. The illusions will therefore start. Try to get out, failing. So go back to the Foyer, trying to go up the stairs and rejecting the hider that will come. Proceed to the master corridor, then further to the Parlor. Entered, approach the fireplace on the side. Ignore the spirit orbs as you continue to the laboratory. Use the vacuum cleaner on the board, then eliminate the two other Greenies that come on stage. Pick up the machinery that makes it able to alternate between light and dark. Use it to reveal the presence of spirit orbs in the area, taking them all. So, get out.
You will arrive at the main corridor. Continue to its end, first moving north, then east. Locate the door, using the Darklight to activate it. Capture the spirit-spheres, proceeding beyond the door itself. Look behind you, use Darklight on the painting to get a key, using it to open the door. When you reach the patio, go down the stairs and reach the main garden. Follow the path, then use the dark-light machinery to activate the dark zone, arriving at the statue of Gadd. Use the vacuum cleaner on the thruster, retrieving another key. Continue to the door that leads inside.
You will come to the kitchen. Start eliminating the Hiders, one by one. Examine the table in the center, taking the golden bone. Continue to the library. Use the light-dark near the area in the southwest corner, locating a previously missing sphere. Collect the Spirit Orbs, repositioning the orb to reveal a gem. Go through the kitchen, reaching the dining room. First of all, recreate a table by "sucking in" the spirit-spheres. You will now have to fight the Boo. It will first be necessary to "expose" it using light, then capturing it with the Poltergust. To be able to successfully complete the "lock-on" it will however be necessary either to approach while he is completely stunned, or to project himself towards his tongue and "pinch" it to finish it. So repeat everything until the enemy is eliminated.

1-5 Sticky Situation

From the entrance, start eliminating the large portraits in the area, using the light-shadow on each of them. Then proceed to the front area. Pick up the bud, use the Strobulb on the flowers that have followed your movements, causing them to gradually open. So continue to the guard room. Vacuum the cobwebs in the area by walking down the corridor in front of you. When you reach the Foyer, go up the stairs. Examine the treasure area to recover the hearts, then continue forward to the master corridor, then to the parlor. Fend off the Hiders, then exit back to the main corridor.
Examine the southeast corner, causing the painting to fall. The candles will therefore cause the cobwebs to ignite. Take the cotton ball that "hangs" from the ceiling using your vacuum cleaner, then bring it all towards the candle. This will open an access to the third floor, ignore it for now and proceed to the bedroom. Then rotate the fan, to cause it to project towards the cobwebs in the corner. Grab the gem, continue to the study using the bed near the wall. Use the light on the nearby painting, then go down the stairs next to the hearth.
Grab the gold bar in the southwest corner, then proceed to the outside. You will arrive at the main corridor. Get the spider ball, proceed south. Locate the candle, causing it to catch fire, along with the silk bullet. Go back to the patio door. Then "light" the flowers, withdrawing the money. Use the dark light near the door, capturing the spirit orbs and proceeding inside the door. Take the four gold bars, then examine the back door to return to the Foyer, recovering the corresponding gem behind the aquarium. Go back to the Patio.
Continue to the fountain, use Darklight to identify the spirit spheres. Capture them by taking the gem. Clean up all that remains, then return to the library using the central corridor. Jump on the spider web, also picking up the Ooga Booga nearby. Continue to the dining room using the elevator near the kitchen. Pick up the golden bone along the way. You will then arrive at the dining room. Examine the cart on the back, retrieving the hearts. Remove the cobwebs in the room, then continue to the library.
Cross the elevated bridge, take the first cobweb, reaching the portrait. Use the dark-light on the portrait, revealing a painting. Use the spider silk to ignite the cobwebs blocking the way, continuing to the lobby. Then examine the map, locating the door leading to the balcony. Use the dark-light to reveal the door, proceed to that area of 鈥嬧媡he balcony. So use the Strobolight to turn on the barbecue, and start moving across the balcony. Destroy the cobwebs, grab the golden bar from the northwest corner, then use the next silk ball to "light up" the last cobwebs on the back. Vacuum the cobwebs in the southeast corner of the balcony. Continue towards the "master" corridor, arriving at the third floor.
First remove the cobwebs around you. Stand near the armor, locating the pipe leading to the rear. You will have to walk it. On the opposite side, use the painting to "light up" the cobwebs. Continue along the platforms, arriving near a "pile" of dust, with associated cobweb. Also use the vacuum cleaner here, then south. When you get to the painting, set the fuse on fire, then bring it back to the spider web. It will catch fire. Grab the gem from the closet on the right. So go back to the Bunker.

1-6 Confront the Source

First, take the key from the elevator, so that you can reach the "rear" part of the mansion. You can then start from the Lobby. Examine the elevator. So take the gold from the painting and from the treasure chest under the stairs. Examine the nearby crates for more gold. Continue to the cobweb at the back, revealing the presence of the boss.

Boss: Grouchy Possessor
The battle is divided into three sub-parts, each of which is associated with a puzzle. During the first phase, walk towards the spider and use the Strobe light on it. When it opens its eye to attack you, use the Strobulb. So use the vacuum cleaner on the cobweb, pulling back. Keep pulling towards the armor. So dodge the poison that will be thrown at you by moving left or right. Keep going back until you get to the armor. Tell the "armor" to "light up" the spider web with the ax, thus revealing the presence of a ghost that "creates" spheres of light, then "charges" towards you.
Then run sideways, fully charging the Strobulb to stun the ghost itself. Then load your vacuum cleaner by pressing A to reach the next step. This phase will be quite complex. First, go back and locate the brown cobweb at the top. So look at the ceiling to which it is hooked, trying to make it rotate, while dodging the blows of the spider. The next web will catch fire, and another armor will be revealed. So when the armor has "caught" the ball, repeat the spinning motion with the next web. The spider will now be damaged, and you can take care of repelling the remaining white ghosts.
You will then move on to the last stage. Locate the spider "silk" ball next to the spider itself. Take it and go back. Several spiders will come down; continue back to the burning armor at the back. Having reached it, make them catch fire. Go back to the front area, near the cobweb on the left. Make them catch fire, revealing another "burning" armor! So stun the spider, taking the silk ball from immediately below, and then "take" the ghost that will appear.


Below, the levels belonging to the "Haunted Towers" world.

2-1 A Job for a Plumber

Starting from the entrance, examine the hydraulic generator. Then go to the front yard. Use the Strobe on the first two flowers, then on the flower on the opposite side, obtaining a key. So examine the tree completely to the east. Use the vacuum cleaner on the leaves at its base, then scan the gold bars. Also locate the window behind the tree, noting the presence of a Slammer taking care of the hydraulic generator. So use the key to open the access to the following area.
Once in the courtyard, proceed to the left, using the vacuum cleaner on the huge leaf, recovering the gold. So use the Strobe on the frogs, recovering the gold fragments. Also use it on the flowers on the right. You will then spot other frogs near the sunflowers in the northwest corner. Continue north, destroying the gate to reveal the next area. Then turn east, locating the water power plant. As soon as you enter, the Slammer will project towards the upper floor. Walk to the Hydro-Generator, then turn right and locate the key inside the treasure chest. So use the chiaroscuro near the chest right next to it, examining the kind of drawer in the area. You will get the MamBoo. Defeat him like the previous Boos. Proceed west, then returning to the courtyard. Walk along the courtyard, opening the next door to retrieve the key.
Locate the golden bone by moving the barrel north. Use the Strobe on the frogs inside the canal, then examine the north wall after you climb the ladder. Use the light-dark to cause a door to appear. Enter, after taking the spirit orbs. You will arrive at the greenhouse. Go up the steps, then proceed to the exit, walking through the flower fields. At the end of the room, use the Strobulb near the shovel to get a stun item. Repeat the procedure on the other Greenies. Having defeated them, you begin to "suck" the grass. When the ceiling is completely cleared, continue to the opposite side of the tower.
Immediately turn left, turning on your dark-light. You will locate a door. Collect the spirit orbs, revealing the entrance to the garden. Come in. Enter the hole in the wall, retrieve the frogs from the west garden. Go back to the tower lobby. Inside, turn left and position yourself between the stairs and the door. Locate the little gem, then go up the stairs. Use the vacuum cleaner on the leaf above the barrel, then the Strobe on the golden bat. Go up the stairs, entering the next room.
You will find yourself facing some menacing plants. Observe the area on the back, noting the presence of a plant with associated sphere and quills. Use the vacuum cleaner on it, then look at one of the plants and hold L. The sphere will literally project itself towards the plants, "eating" them and causing them to die. Then open the chest, taking the key. Keep going forward. Start chasing the golden mouse first, using the strobe on it. So go after the Slammer. The room contains three Slammers and four Greenies, one of which is equipped with a shovel. After the battle, use the light-dark on the blades in the northeast corner, revealing some golden flowers. Continue east. Take the bulb with the right button, then make it enlarge with the left. Use the circular pad to "steer". Get carried away by the balloon to the southwest corner, landing near the golden bulb. Hold R to throw the old balloon away. Several coins will therefore appear in the air; try to get them all, causing a treasure chest to appear upstairs. Then get carried to the second floor, taking the golden bars. Walk left along the path, drop down, "eat" the balloon and grab the gem on the wall. Continue to the top, entering the door to the west.
Collect the hearts near the sunflower, then go up the stairs. Vacuum the bucket, revealing the presence of a Greenie. So use the Poltergust on it, and then try to get the bucket. Place it on the far north switch. Luigi can then take care of the next switch, and you can use the Strobe on all the following switches, making the water "flow". In this way you will complete the mission. After the battle, Gadd will call you back.

Video - Gameplay Trailer

2-2 The Pinwheel Gate

Starting from the entrance, use the Strobe on the flowers to get items. So take the bucket using the Poltergust. Proceed east, coming to running water. Fill the bucket, thus using it on the roots of the plants. Repeat the procedure on the next two flowers, again using the Strobe. Then examine the empty tree, locating a golden bat. Use the Strobulb on it, getting more items.
Continue towards the courtyard, also giving water to the plants in the area. Walk along the sphere-shaped plant, arriving at the opposite side of the courtyard, positioning yourself on one of the two stones. The stone will fall to the ground, revealing a kind of "cut" in the back. Shoot the ball with spikes towards the cut, revealing the presence of some coins. Repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the courtyard. So, examine the various flowers to get additional items. So start exploring the tower to the west. Do not enter the greenhouse. Locate the bat in the vase next to the door, using the Strobe on it. Go up the stairs, then use the light-dark about halfway up the stairs, on the pipe from which the water comes out. You will notice a hole in it, fill it with the Spirit Balls, proceeding to the west garden.
The water will then create a new ball-shaped plant with spikes. Use this ball on the Carnivine-shaped plant. Grab the gem from the chest, retrieving the items on the west wall. Go up the stairs to the Plant Infirmary. Turn on the water using the vacuum cleaner on the east wheel. Proceed to the courtyard, approach the gate with the wheel, spin it using Poltergust and start following the Hiders. Go down the east corridor. Retrieve the golden bone from the vase, then enter the north door. Check out the cloakroom to the northeast. Examine the ceiling fan, rotating it to move downward. Take the bucket of water, proceeding to the laboratory. Left, use the shadows to eliminate the Greenies. Continue west, examine the books. Capture the hider to get the first piece of "wheel". Then walk along the stream in the center of the room, entering the door.
You will arrive at the sewers. Vacuum the root in the ceiling, revealing a Boo. After taking it, examine the other root, recovering various items. Proceed to the far east exit. So go back to the east corridor, returning to the east door. Kill the Slammer and the Greenies, then examine the Hider in the center of the closet. You will get another fragment for the wheel. So examine the door that leads to the garden.
Move around, examining the mower to the north. Shoot the red ball using the Poltergust, so the mower moves forward. South, get rid of the Greenies. Locate the hider by taking the piece of wheel. Locate the outside bed along the south wall. Use the dark-light, revealing the presence of a sunflower. Take the gold. Locate the bucket by filling it with water. Give the flowers water, taking a bud. Take the gold from the flower, go back inside. Examine the fountain, proceeding towards the stairs. Wait until they are at their "lowest" side, then jump on them quickly when they start to rise. Push back the Greenie, then continue to the top floor, using the dark light to locate the table. Open it, take the treasures. Enter the south door.
You will reach the botanical laboratory. Take the bucket from the table, fill it with water, then place the bucket under the spring using the Poltergust. Use the Strobulb to activate the machine. Bring the full bucket to the root in the northeast corner, resulting in a flower. Grab the gem, go back to the water machine, look up to locate a missing piece of pipe. Use the dark-light to make the tube appear. Activate the water machine with the Strobulb. Climb along the vine.
Continue to the laboratory, fend off the Greenies. Locate the Hider in the closet to the northwest, then take the piece of wheel. Examine the telescope-shaped object in the center. Hit the mouse, you will get the gem. Go back to the door, go up the stairs, going up to the conservatory. Fend off the Slammers, examine the piano, then use the Strobe upward. Take the piece of wheel.

2-3 Graveyard Shift

Locate the bucket, water the two plants to the east. So continue towards the courtyard. Approach the Slammer, two more will appear. Go back to the entrance. Fend off all three slammers with a single Strobe. Get busy with the Greenie, then examine the gate with Luigi. Blow it up with the Poltergust, entering the tree. At the empty tree, you will need to locate the flight of stairs with the orange flame. At the top, approach the spider and grab it. Make it ignite, using the flashlight. So try to enter the passage, the door will close on you. Go down the stairs. Halfway through, vacuum the brown silk in the center. Luigi will get off. When he has positioned himself there, take a silk ball and aim upwards, keeping the console in this direction. Make the sphere proceed up to the torch, light it, then "light" the spider web as well. Take another silk ball, taking it to the left, towards the cave. Destroy the cobwebs, then take the bucket. Take it to the cave on the right, take the bucket to the cave on the right, give the plant water with water from the spring. Use the Strobulb on the plant, obtaining a bud. Enter the door in front of you. Go down the stairs. At their lowest part, you can reveal another ball of vine, using the vacuum cleaner on the left. Split the branch of the tree in two, and jump on the elevator. Once in the old cemetery, left. Stand in front of the first burial stone on the right, look up, use the vacuum cleaner on the gem below. Continue east, getting rid of the crows. Go up the stairs to the crypt. Straight ahead, examine the yellow vines and hold A to knock down the wall. Proceed forward.

Boss: Herlinda, Lucinda & Belinda
At the start of the battle, the three sisters will begin flying around you. They have "mirrors" which they use to protect themselves, but one of them will always keep one "inactive". Activate the Strobulb, waiting for the sister without a mirror to pass in front of you; so use the Strobulb to stun her. So use the vacuum cleaner to inflict damage. Obviously, at the same time, you will always have to move sideways to avoid the blows of the other two sisters. It will therefore be necessary to repeat the procedure, until all three have been eliminated.

So, to calm Toad, you have to use the Poltergust to "suck" him, then release it to make him fly through the air. So take him with you to the coffin to the east, and have him placed on top of the coffin so that you can go back to the sewers. Collect the gold and return to the laboratory. Approach the Pixelator, and use it on Toad to complete the mission.

2-4 Pool Party

Starting from the entrance, examine the nearby tree, recovering the green. Take it, then continue to the courtyard. "Stun" then the plant on the left, projecting yourself towards the door always on the left. Wait in front of the door for the flower to fall, then hit the bulb. Continue now towards the greenhouse. Repeat the procedure with the flowers in the area. Go back to the Lobby.
Examine the jar, taking the golden bone. So continue to the infirmary. Examine the strange object in the center, then proceed eastwards, examining the water valve. Use the vacuum cleaner on it to increase the pressure. Now, locate the bucket in the northeast, taking it to the water in the northwest. Give water to the plant in the center, creating a kind of "ladder" towards the center itself. Head up to the bridge. Locate the flower at the end of the bridge by taking the gem. Go back to the Plant Infirmary. Climb up to Rumpus' room. Begin to examine the mansion, then the lighted room, arriving at the reception. Capture all the various Greenies in succession. When the lights come back on, examine the dolls in the center, revealing another gem. Continue south to the next room, which is the family room.
Examine the water on the left, taking a heart. Use the dark-light to reveal more water, next to the previous area. Open the basin, noting the presence of several money. Continue towards the east part of the room, reactivating the painting using the Chiaroscuro. Examine it to catch a Boo. Continue west, arriving at the Solarium.
Examine the red ball, causing the scales to appear. Use the Chiaroscuro to spawn a treasure chest on the table by taking the gem inside. Go up the stairs to the top, examine the hole to locate the Hiders. Continue east, using the vacuum cleaner on the ceiling fan, opening up access to the rest of the room. So start chasing the Hiders. So examine the bed containing the Hider. Use the vacuum cleaner on the blankets, catching the hider. Repeat it a second time, getting all the hiders and the key. Proceed to the next room, continuing west to Crow's Nest. Walk along the bridge, examining the hole to locate the Slammer blocking the door. Continue towards the conservatory.
You will then be able to locate the balloon plants. Jump on one of them, making it carry you east. Eat the balloon, so try to use the golden plant. Move with this balloon, taking all the coins. Grab the crate, then get back to the top. Swerve west, then use the dark-light to reveal the door. Get the gem, run outward, then along the center, then go up the stairs and get the gem. Back inside, head east. Enter the door, arriving at the raven's lair.
Take the key from the portrait, go back to the west corridor. Open the north door using the key. Locate the Slammer near the mirror. Capture it, then continue to the Greenies and capture them too. Watch out for the purple ghost in the north part of the room. So use the vacuum cleaner on the paper, taking a gem. Jump on the chair to reach the next room.
You will arrive at the rooftop pool. Examine it, noting that one of the frog-shaped statues is missing. Use the dark-light to reveal the last of them, taking the secret key. Unfortunately, it will be stolen from you. Capture the ghosts to get the key again. Look at the skit.

2-5 Doggone Key

You will now need to locate the dog. First, reach the entrance to the cursed tower. Continue to the courtyard. To successfully chase the enemy, you will have to go through the following areas: courtyard, hydraulic generator, east corridor, tool area, garden.
Push back the Sneakster, then continue along the tool area. So try to use light-shadow to successfully reposition the furniture. French Boodle will appear, which you need to chase. Then go up the stairs of the warehouse, the botanical laboratory, the seed laboratory, again the stairs of the warehouse, the conservatory. You will therefore have to make the piano reappear. You will therefore have to position yourself behind the piano, being trapped by a Creeper. Then proceed along the crow's den, the west corridor, the west bathroom. Locate the Polterpup inside the bathroom. Then continue along the west wall, the west bathroom, the west corridor, the west bathroom. At this point, the opponent will move between the last two rooms. You can use the strobe and the vacuum cleaner to get a secret key from it. Return to the laboratory.

2-6 Tree Topping

Locate the dark moon shard at the top of a tree. The goal should be to be able to locate the specific flight of stairs with no associated flames. Moving forward, unfortunately, the flames will be so similar that it is impossible to locate the right ramp. The only way to simplify the process is to keep in mind the precise location of the various flights of stairs, and go through a "trial and error" process. At the top, pull the yellow silk, then repeatedly press A to destroy the wall. Go up the stairs, hit the rope at the top, opening up access to the next area. Examine the flight of stairs to begin the battle.

Boss: Harsh Possessor
The burning flight of stairs will immediately begin jumping to various positions. After three jumps, she will try to "smash you" with her whole body. At this point, you will have to try to position yourself behind the enemy, and hit the rope. The White Horned Ghost will then appear, allowing you to inflict enormous damage on the enemy. When / if it continues to move unpredictably, we strongly recommend using a combination of Strobulb and vacuum cleaner on it. Repeat the whole procedure three times, and again for the next two steps (which will be practically identical to the previous ones).

2-7 Secret Hostile Intrusion

Unfortunately, the "composition" of the mission is characterized by the random generation of the rooms. Consequently, it will be necessary to follow your "instincts" in locating the preferred / preferable route.


Below, the levels belonging to the "Old Clockworks" world.

3-1 A Timely Entrance

Take the gold bars on the right. Examine the telescope, locating the boss - White Horned Ghost. Use the Strobulb on the gate, proceed forward. Turn left along the mine tracks. Use the light-dark to reveal the tracks. Take the bills from the cash desk. Therefore, observe the times marked by the clocks, noting how they are all identical. So look at the clock on the wall, and try to create a "correspondence" between the two. So use the vacuum cleaner on the wheel next to the clock itself, thus projecting yourself beyond the door itself.
You will arrive at the warehouse. Jump on the elevator to the left, then use the vacuum cleaner on the wheel that appears. So use the Strobulb on the cellar to the northeast. Take the key from the golden vase. Proceed east. Use the Strobulb to cause the bomb to explode, then capture the Greenies with the Poltergust. Pull the chain to the right, then examine the machine to the northeast for the golden bone. So locate the money next to the east door. Continue east. Go down the stairs, head south and get the coins using the Poltergust. Back at the top, use the chiaroscuro to retrieve the gem from the chest. East, look at the clock. Use the ground bombs to send the Greenies away. Collect the key, then use it to proceed east.
Walk to the center, then listen to Gadd's message. After the explosion, proceed east again. Examine the hole along the east wall, then examine the red chain above you, releasing the stairs. Try to go up the stairs themselves. Reject the Greenie. Having eliminated the other Greenies as well, defeat the Slammer using the vacuum cleaner. Go up the stairs, use the light-dark to cause a toolbox to appear. Open it and get the bomb. Use the Strobulb on the bomb, then project yourself to an area where you cannot be caught. Collect the gold bars, then enter the west door on the second floor.
Now use the Strobulb on the golden spider above you. North, revealing the bridge with the light-dark. Go down the stairs, always using the light-dark to understand where to proceed. Pull the red chain. So capture the neighbor Greenie with the Poltergust. Then locate the fan on the roof, using the vacuum cleaner to move the west wall "back". Move quickly to dodge the "coming" wall. Turn towards the fan, moving to the next room, repelling the pink ghosts that will potentially arrive. Open the drawer, take the compass.

3-2 Underground Expedition

Use the Strobulb to open the portal. Examine the area marked with an "X". Examine the sand around the X, recovering the special compass. Go down, then left, locating a silver vase. Examine it, noting how a heart and a bomb move outward. Wait for the bomb to explode, take the heart. Left, examine the bed, vacuum the Greenie. Use the light-dark on the portrait, grabbing the gem. Drop the trolley near the entrance, opening the door. Grab the rock next to the silver bucket, placing it on the cart, getting a chance to exit.
Once in the Canyon, turn east and then continue forward. Turn the corner. Use the Strobulb to detonate the bomb. Locate the rock wall at the back, using the Poltergust to reveal the entrance to a cave in the southeast corner. Go inside, then kick the red ball and get carried forward. North, go around the corner and locate the door. Once the minigame is complete, go back to the cave and get carried away by the rope beyond the ravine. Re-enter the shaft, then forward. Exit north.
You will come to the arena. Proceed to the center of the room, locating the red ball. Hit it three times with the Poltergust, revealing a chamber. Examine the sarcophagus on the right. Enter the coffin. Use the light-dark to make the buckets reappear. Defeat the enemies, then return to the southeast corner. Examine the box, taking the golden bone. North, examine the pots and get the gold.
Proceed therefore along the inclined plane, avoiding the enemies that will come towards you. At the bottom, take the coins and examine the vase to the northwest. Continue north. Go down the steps to the lowest part of the mine. Examine the rails leading west. Examine the mine cart to the east, then the cave behind you. Take the gem. Shoot the whole thing with the Poltergust, then fend off the incoming Greenies. Wait for the sand to fill the room, then examine the ravine to the north. Use the dark-light to reactivate the Bootline, completing the necessary items in the room. Swerve east.
Approach the cobweb at the back, then look to the left. Use the vacuum cleaner to locate a silk ball. Collect the gold in the first cave on the right. Then continue to the final cave. Examine the coffin, then stun the mummy using the Strobulb. After this is done, move quickly. When the mummy crashes into the wall, remove the bandages and stun the Greenie inside, then "grabbing" him with the Poltergust. Repeat the procedure on the next two.

3-3 Roundhouse Brawl

Proceed north first, arriving at the stairs of the Canyon to get some other items. Get the gem from the table above the stairs, then head back to the warehouse. So use the elevator, as well as the Poltergust to "clean up" the wheel, which will throw you upwards. At the top, walk to the door to the north. Use the Strobulb on the bomb "covered" by debris, clearing the path. Examine the swap body, following it along the bridge. Go up to the Golden Greenie. Take it, recovering the treasures. Enter the north door on the second floor.
Pull the carpet off the bottom. Follow the thread, to the alarm clock. Turn the fan with the Poltergust to reposition the digital clock, so it is 9 o'clock. When the Greenie wakes up, suck it in and grab the gem. Enter north. Proceed to the end of the first tube. Jump to the next by pressing circle. Repeat ahead. On the opposite side, stun the golden spider with the Strobulb. Locate the next pipe to the east, then go back and locate the gem in the chest. Go back to the opposite side, continuing to east. Go through the door.
Enter the west door of the long corridor. Detonate the bomb that falls towards you. Go up the nearby stairs, get the gold from the furnace. Use the light-dark on subsequent masks, unmasking some Greenie to suck. Proceed to the east door after the transport corridor. Examine the red chain near the yellow car. Use the Poltergust to proceed with the "extraction". North, walk the "new" path. Once across the bridge, open the chest and detonate the bombs, causing the elevator to descend. Go back to the corridor.
Proceed to the west wall, reaching the Kiln room. Use the light-dark on the plate north of the entrance. After revealing the wheel, press L to detonate the valve. Repeat the procedure with the next unit. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the smoke. Use the Strobulb on the lock, fend off the Greenies, then forward to the next room.
North, vacuum the cobwebs, revealing a gear. Use the dark light on the portrait to get the key. Head back south, proceeding beyond the door to the far south. Go down the stairs, then use the chiaroscuro to reveal a closet. West, locate the wall, use the vacuum cleaner here as well to reveal some gold bars. Continue west, retrieve the gem. Approach the next cabinet, take the money inside, then south.

Boss: Blue Poltergeist
First of all, dodge the bombs thrown by the enemy by moving around the perimeter of the play area. When the Blue Poltergeist has completed its spinning action, use the Strobulb and fire some "charged" rounds. So get rid of the sneaker that will arrive, and repeat the whole procedure.

3-4 Play Catch

Collect the treasure chest to the west. Then east, the path will now be completely unlocked, and you can freely explore the area. Use the vacuum cleaner on the fans, then continue along the tracks to their extreme east, then using the light-shadow to reveal a chest containing a gem. Enter the warehouse.
Pick up the Greenie in front of you. Make the previously visible vase reappear near the tracks, always using shadow-light. Bring the green pot to the pot wheel. Destroy it, getting another gem. Continue east. Follow the Polterpup tracks, arriving at the car in the northeast corner. Examine it, then - before you leave - pull the chain to the right to cause a golden spider to appear. Continue to the clock tower gate. Make the lantern reappear next to the clock gate, always using the shadow-light. Capture the Boo. Keep going forward. Pick up the golden bone from the table, then vacuum the nearby fan. On the opposite side of the room, examine the closet along the black wall. Make your way to the next warehouse.
Walk along the bridge, always following the usual tracks. So use the electric shield to pulverize the force field. Exit near the second floor. Examine the cloakroom on the west wall, noting how the boy immediately escapes: follow him. Then go through the various pipes, passing the transport corridor, and arriving at the room at the end. Briefly try to catch the ghosts - you won't be able to. Go back to the transport corridor. To remove neighbor Greenie's shield, you'll need to charge the Poltergust up to its third level. Once this is done, you can proceed to the transport area.
Head to the Containers area to try to proceed. Hit the chain to cause the bombs to fall, causing them to explode. Use some Strobulbs to quickly hit the Polterpup. Having defeated him, recover the hourly hand.

3-5 Piece at Last

Enter and proceed forward to the gear chamber. East, to the elevator. Retrieve the cage and take it to the lower level. Use the chiaroscuro to identify the table next to the elevator, taking the money. Head west, go down the stairs to the left. Pull the chain, causing 20 coins to appear. Continue down. Try to climb the sand hill, however you will be immediately attacked by various birds. Then examine the east wall, locating the ravine between the crates. Use chiaroscuro to cause the bridge to appear. Follow the path to the back door. Enter by completing the following minigame. Grab the gem, go back to the west door, passing it. Go down the stairs, reaching the next room. Now north, use the Strobulb to use the mechanism on the wall. So let yourself be carried away by the chain beyond the ravine. Go down the stairs, blow to make the bridge accessible. Now look north, revealing a door on the back wall. Continue to the gear room.
East, towards the gears below. Go down the stairs, using the Strobe on the bombs. So, use the chiaroscuro on the missing gear. Get the crate, go back to where you came from. Get carried away by the gear to the west. Go up and around the corner. Use the vacuum cleaner on the wall, go inside. Use the chiaroscuro on the chest to the south, open the chest containing the Bonny Raboot. So examine the steel pipe nearby. Go back outside, go through the rotating gear. Get rid of the Slammers on the back, take the key. Examine the drawers, take the heart and the golden greenie. Get carried away by the gear to get to the front gate. Collect the gold bars, then return to the holding area. Use the new key on the west door.
Get the gold, then examine the cuckoo clock to the west. Continue west, removing the cobweb. Go down the stairs to the southeast. Use the light shadow to reveal the missing wheel on the right. Spin the reels with the Poltergust, then continue towards the Toad portrait. Use the light shadow to save the yellow turtle. Try to get out of the room, being attacked by several Greenies. Defeat them, then proceed west. So jump to the switch at the back of the room, so that the gate at the back scene. Launch Toad towards the conveyor belt. Go back to the previous area, up to the maintenance area.
Take the turtle, bringing it to the top of the gear. Shoot it towards the east door. Fend off the Greenies and capture them. Let the gear drop down. Use the spring to return to the top, then get carried away by the chain, taking the Toad with you.
Repel and capture the various Greenies. Bring the Toad up, making it move to the east side of the room. Shoot the Toad at the elevator next to the door so that the elevator descends and opens. Enter the warehouse. Walk north, shoot the Toad at the rotor. Drop down to the lower level, walking to the center of the room. So take him to the service lift. Exit the door to the far north. Take the Toad to the service elevator. Remove the protector from the mirror on the rear wall. Locate the gem by shooting the Toad at it. Get the gold, use the Pixelator.

3-6 Showtime

Examine the image, obtaining information on the dark moon. Then go to the gate of the clock tower. Examine it in detail, setting the clock at 7:30. Come in. From the center, use the wheels on the nearby wall, knocking it over. Proceed beyond the door, go up the ladder to start the fight.

Boss: Overset Possessor (Infinite HP)
The structure of the battle is very complex, since it will be divided into twelve different parts, each of which will correspond to a specific time. During the first four hours, you will only have to face the "standard" Greenies. On the fifth, we recommend using the Strobe to get rid of desert animals quickly. On the sixth, group the Sneakers starting from the corner, and then eliminate them in speed. On the seventh, use a combination of dodge and strobe. At the eighth, you'll find three mummies - try to hit all three with a single Strobe. At the ninth, use the Strobe on the desert animals. At the tenth, you'll have to deal with four Creepers: use a combination of light-dark, strobe, and electric shock. To eliminate the bombs at the eleventh hour it will be necessary to run quickly along the entire game area. Moving on to the twelfth hour, you will have to try to hit all the enemies at the same time, using a combination of Slammer, Sneaker and Greenie.


Below, the levels belonging to the "Secret Mine" world.

4-1 Cold Case

First move east, using the mirror on the back to find a snow covered chest. Vacuum the snow, revealing a treasure chest and grabbing the items inside. Right, examine the empty tree, so that two ravens come out of it. So use the vacuum cleaner on the snow piles blocking the path to the north. Proceed in that direction, use the Poltergust to "take" the head of the fallen snowman. Now, locate the sled in the southeast. Use the dark-light to reveal the presence of a portrait, then use it again to take the coins from the portrait itself. Continue to the terrace, then west and use the vacuum cleaner as you move along the path. Use the Strobulb to activate the barbecue, recovering the golden bar. Enter the Chalet.
Vacuum the snow piles blocking the path to the north. Then proceed in that direction, using the Poltergust to retrieve the Snowman's head, shooting it towards the wall. Locate the sled in the southeast, using the light-dark to reveal a portrait as well, and then grab the coins next to it. West starting from the small garden, always vacuuming the snow. Use the Strobulb on the barbecue, obtaining a golden bar. Enter the Chalet. Capture the Sneaker and the Hider inside. Examine the north wall, taking the golden bone. Hit the bear's tail using the Poltergust. So check out the Piexlator on the east wall. Proceed north, as directed by Gadd. When you get to the smoked house, head to the left, pulling the towel that "holds" the gas valve in place. So examine the oven. Quickly grab the Greenie that comes out, so quickly try to grab the second one as well. When the rock has disintegrated, you'll need to grab some more coal and shoot it at the frozen rope in the northwest corner. Pull the rope, then use the light-dark to locate the missing towel next to the purple one. Hit the towel too, revealing the first gem in the mansion. Exit to the outside.
Walk on the lake. Continue east, revealing the presence of a missing door, to be illuminated with the dark-light. After the Boo dives, quickly turn left, grabbing the gem underneath the wood. Use the vacuum cleaner on the snow, revealing the presence of a lake of ice. Use the light shadow on the back wall, locating the portrait. Use the light shadow again to free the blue turtle. After the cutscene, it will be necessary to exit. Head west, looking for the elevator. Walk down the corridor to the west. So "grab" the Toad, and shoot it towards the elevator to the north. Take the key, first covered in snow. Then go back to the terminal.
Use the dark light on the north wall to reveal an ax. Spin the ax with the Poltergust, revealing a mouse. Use the Strobe to reveal some gold. Turn the second ax, then proceed towards the ceiling. Continue east. After the mirror in the area is gone, try to locate the barrel with a mirror "attached", making it appear in the dark-light. Examine the barrel, finding a Boofoon. Capture it, then detour along the south door.
Once in this new area, try to "shoot" the Toad along the ice, using the Poltergust. So walk forward. On the opposite side, use the vacuum cleaner on the poster, picking up the gold bar. South. Locate the key to the west, then go down the stairs. Vacuum the snow near the barrels on the left. Then light the fuse, using the lantern. Then open the hatch in the next room, reaching a secret room. So go inward. Get rid of the Sneaker, then use the dark-light on the northeast corner to reveal a bomb. Make it explode, letting out two golden frogs. Use the Strobe on them, recovering some gold bars. Exit the northwest door. Cross the next (precarious) bridge. To try to "tighten" the rope on the left, you will have to use the vacuum cleaner on the associated knot. You can then cross the bridge, and "pull" the rope on the opposite side to make the bridge completely stiff. Bring Toad to the opposite side, thus activating the various ropes thanks to the Strobe. Then examine the elevator, and go back to the Chalet. Examine the Pixelator, then following Toad.

4-2 Rock Bottom

Proceed to the front area of 鈥嬧媡he Chalet. Grab the turkey from the barbecue to the west, taking it to the front area of 鈥嬧媡he mansion. Use it to rearrange the gem painting. So use the dark-light to reveal the gem. Go down, then activate the elevator with the Strobulb. Get carried to the opposite side, using the binoculars to examine the back wall. Locate the gem by having the bat bring it to you. Cross the bridge to the south. West, go through the door. Use the Strobe on the circular object to the south, "uncovering" an E-Gate. Proceed forward until you reach the next area. Take the key from the ice block. Take her back through the gate, using the lantern, obtaining a thawed key. Exit to the west.
Vacuum the poster in the north wall, revealing two cash reserves. So try to retrieve the key to the right of the ski slope (it will take multiple attempts, but don't be discouraged). Then examine the barrel on the right. Use the vacuum cleaner on the fan, creating an outlet. Use the key to open the door. In this new room, use the vacuum cleaner on the poster to the northwest, then the light-dark on the new painting, retrieving the coins. Vacuum the fire again, using the bullet to melt the ice along the north wall. Fend off the enemies, then take the trunk to the north, using it to complete the removal of the north wall.
Then go out through the door, reaching a duct. Spin the ... wheel, using the Poltergust. During the descent of the elevator, ignore the ghosts, then go further down to the cave "protected" by the poster. Wait for the bats to arrive in the area, dodging them, and then - only later - going down. Then go back slightly up to find another gem. Go all the way back down, examine the wall below to get to the next room. Walk north, behind the mirror. You will reach the opposite side of the ravine. So look at the wheel to the southeast. Blow it down with the Poltergust. Make sure it is on the same level as the dark cave below, causing several golden bats to appear. Use the Strobulb on them, then proceed east.
Examine the crack in the north wall. Capture the ghosts, then go all the way east, passing the door at the end of the corridor. So let yourself be carried down by the elevator. Activate the machinery to the northeast, examine the nearby wheel to the southeast, then vacuum the whole thing with the Poltergust, so that several rocks are sent towards the conveyor belt. Get carried up by the elevator, returning to the corridor.
Take one of the rocks that "come out" of the tape. "Light" it with the flame, then press X. Examine the eastern part of the room, taking the gem from the ceiling. Having found it, release the Gem and take it back. So use another rock to melt the ice on the chain to the west. Hit each of the chains in the area so that the door is made operable. Enter the next room. Activate the gas by rotating the mechanism towards the northeast, creating a real "flame". Take the trunk on the back, turning it on. So use the log to melt the ice to the southwest. Throw the log, examine the coal, use the rock to melt the key attached to the ceiling. Exit the room, use the key on the last door in the corridor. After defeating the ghosts, you can return to the crystal room.
Use the light shadow to cause the mine cart to appear on the left, recovering the treasure it "emitted". Then examine the crystal to the northeast, trying to "break" the Greenie. Capture it, causing two more ghosts to appear. Capture them too to complete the mission.

4-3 Across the Chasm

Examine the fireplace to access the upper level. Close the window using the Poltergust. Examine the wheel near the central mechanism, using the vacuum cleaner to make it "rise", so that the flames at the top also start. Now, "blow" on the wheel to bring down the burning candlestick. While at the top, proceed east and pull the poster off the wall, revealing a kind of "container". Collect the money, then go down the stairs and use the elevator to go down again. Immediately turn left, go up the stairs, then use the Strobulb on the machine that controls the elevator, then having yourself transported to the terminal. Ignore the nearby door, heading east instead. Locate the bomb inside the frozen area, using the Strobulb to set it off. So use the vacuum cleaner on the snow, detonating a second bomb.
So continue towards the pelvis. You will quickly locate the ghost under the ice. Use the light-dark on the ice, revealing the presence of a bomb. Detonate that bomb with the Strobulb. Having cleared the enemy presence in the area, you will have to deal with the Gobber coming from the ceiling. The best way to deal with it is to move around while using the vacuum cleaner to maximize your ability to dodge its powerful projectiles. When, therefore, it stops to "recharge" you can hit it with the Strobe and, secondly, with electric attacks. Then proceed towards the Chalet. Examine the closet to the south, locating the Super Slammer. After the Grennies are "gone", the Slammer will come back down. Try to progressively decrease his 250 life points, up to his KO. The red chain will break, one last ghost will remain in the area. Proceed to the smugglers' hideout using the air route.
Use the light shadow to cause the armor to reappear in the northeast. When she reappears, cut off her head, then examine the nearby armor, causing the Greenie to appear in the area. So quickly capture the sneakers. The last chain in the area will therefore disappear. Make your way to the crystal area.
Proceed along the gate along the back wall. You will then be taken back to the Chalet, where you can take the gem. Then continue towards the Gondola. Inside, you can retrieve the hearts from the northeast corner. Also examine the Parascope to shoot fire rocks at the chairs. So exit the terminal.
Continue to the outside of the northwest exit. Continue west, hopping on the first elevator. On the opposite side, examine the raven lair at the back. Use the vacuum cleaner on it, and also examine the secret area to the north. So walk forward along the pipe in front of you. Jump to the next pipe, grabbing the gold bars. Examine the explosions that occur on the opposite side. Continue east. To activate Gadd's generator, you will need to bomb the ice. Use the vacuum cleaner on the nearby bombs, then shoot them on the generator. They will therefore fall, then explode on the ice. You will need to shoot in different directions to create small "alcoves". We recommend the following sequence: right, left, center, left, center.

4-4 Chilly Ride

Go through the nearby door, using the Strobulb for help.

Boss: White Horned Ghost
During the first phase, you will have to shoot pieces of ice around the snow monster's neck. We recommend doing this using the bombs in the cart. When only 1-2 pieces remain in the area, we recommend using "test" bombs - the total number of your bombs is limited, so you will need to use them with some "care". When you have hit all the pieces, the snow monster will come and "charge" towards you. Dodge his charges, then stunning him with the Strobulb. After you hit it, you can proceed to the next stage.

4-5 Secrete Severe Infestation

This is a "fast" type mission: we primarily recommend paying attention to the presence of "Super" ghosts, which will appear mainly in this mission. In particular, the Super Sneakers could prove to be particularly annoying. For the rest, the specific path will tend to change with each repetition of the mission, it is therefore not possible to provide specific indications.

Video - Trailer E3


Below, the levels belonging to the "Treacherous Mansion" world.

5-1 Front Door Key

Starting from the ravine, to overcome this phase you will have to forcefully use the "gyroscopic" controls. On the opposite side, use the Strobe on the nearby statues to get some gold. Walk to the door, observing the skit. Then right, looking at the area inside the window. West to the end of the balcony. Use the dark-light to locate the chest. Grab the items inside, go down the stairs. Examine the area to the east, walk along the tunnel. Blow out the candles in the area, capture the Greenie. Go back to the stairs. Examine the well, use the light-dark to locate a chain, then project yourself down.
Use the vacuum cleaner on the north wall, recovering the gold. Walk through the cave to the east, then hit the golden web at the end of the cave and proceed to the next room. Swerve north, examining the decrepit armor in the northeast corner. Take the golden bone. So examine the silk sphere. Pull down the wall, locating the ghosts. Quickly catch them, then proceed through the cave to the east. Then use the vacuum cleaner on the wheel, then walk through the next room. You will reach the ceremonial chamber.
Use the Strobe on the spiders, proceeding west. Pull out the back wall, revealing the presence of a golden spider. Proceed west again. Collect the silk ball near the west wall, returning to the beginning of the cave. Set the cobwebs on fire, collect the gold, then return to the chamber. So "turn on" the fuses under each statue. You will now have to fight against the armor itself. To defeat it you will have to wait for it to try to hit you and dodge, making it go and hit the carpet. So capture the Greenie that will appear. Repeat the procedure moving on to the next armor. After the battle, examine the hidden chamber, get the treasure, then examine the chair.
You will find yourself in a kind of labyrinth. To reach its end, we recommend proceeding south, south, east, east, north, north, east, south, east, locating the door. In general, you will need to use clear light to track the baby. You will arrive at the underground laboratory. Get rid of the Shades, then locate the Super Sneaker floating in the area. Use the vacuum cleaner, then - after the battle - examine the coal bag to the southwest. Collect the hearts, then examine the wheel on the back. Charge her to her "positive" side, causing Boolldog to appear. After the battle, take the "head" of the armor, and shoot it towards the gem to the northeast. You can then take the gem. So continue east.
At the catacombs, proceed south, west, west. You will arrive at the cells. Go down the stairs, examine the "moving" barrel next to the stairs, locating a "Super" type hider. Capture it, then remove the plant next to the barrel. Take the bucket of water, filling it. Take him west. Give water to the flowers inside the cell, recovering the money. Now leave the bucket in the area, walking towards the end of the corridor. Use the Poltergust to remove the bars placed "guard" of the cell. Use the light shadow to cause a bomb to appear from the portrait above. Follow the path to the end of the path, recovering the flower. Then go back to the cell, pulling the chain on the wall. Exit the corridor, use the light-dark on the portrait turned, opening your way to the wall. Examine the cell, more specifically the barrel to the south. Capture the Polterpup to retrieve the front door key.

5-2 Double Trouble

Proceed to the front entrance. Use the dark light on the statue to the right, revealing some kind of hidden container. Use the Strobe on it, revealing the presence of a Super Slammer. Take it, then also retrieve the gem behind it. Then proceed to the west door.
Continue through the next room, reaching the medieval exhibit. Open the wardrobe, use the Strobe to catch the Hider and the Greenie that will come out of the closet. Open the chest to the west. Place the book on the bookcase, then activate the gate. Proceed north. Use the dark-light on the left, retrieving the Greenie. North, vacuum the snow near the door. Use the Strobulb on the statue. Open the nearby door, proceed north. "Pull" then the body of the Mammoth. Proceed north to the Gargoyle roof. Retrieve the star-stones, to "shoot" them towards the back. You will find three types in the area: one to the south-west, where the Gargoyle is also found; one to the north-east, on the ground; and one that flies above you. Fill the star to get a gem. Go back through the shaft.
Then proceed inside the igloo, activating the gate. You can examine the frozen area to the northwest, locating the Toad's portrait. So go back to the corridor. Turn the corner to reach the northeast room. Enter the door to the east, twice. Use the dark light to reveal the presence of a door to the north. Come in. Start examining the chains in the area. So go to the bathroom. Capture the Greenie, then leave and proceed to the next bathroom. Pull the chain next to the bathroom, scaring the Slammer, so you can stun and catch him. Then open the nearby vault, using the Strobulb. Take the money, then go out.
Proceed all the way east, then north. Examine the closet to get some money. So, still north. Use the Strobulb on the statue's eyes. After the sand has filled the room, pull the chain three times, revealing the E-Gate. To eliminate incoming mummies, we recommend making them "impact" on the flames visible along the wall. They will then go on fire, and you can easily stun them. Then activate the E-Gate, go up the stairs to the east, proceed beyond the door. South, enter.
East, check out the Tikis. Get rid of the two Super Greenies, capture the ghosts, then examine the large leaf behind the Tikis. Use the vacuum cleaner on it, revealing a treasure chest. Continue all the way east, getting carried away by the creeper. Walk under the waterfall, locating the hidden cave. Take one of the logs, taking it to the E-Gate. Then take it to the desert room using the E-Gate, making it light up with one of the torches, bringing it all towards the ice room.
Use the burning log to cause the ice to melt in the west. So use the dark-light on the cave, next to the portrait. Open the treasure chest, recovering some gold. Use the light-dark on the portrait. Walk outside, and capture the Greenies who will try to attack you. Continue west, then south, fending off the Super Sneaker. So continue on to the medieval exhibition.
Pick up the bucket, leading it to the jungle exhibit, using the E-Gates. Walk under the waterfall to fill the bucket. Give the plant on the lower level water. Use the vacuum cleaner on the ball of quills, then take it to the upper level, crossing the "bouncing" flower. Repel the carnivorous plant using the ball with spikes. So use the dark-light to "discover" the turtle. Bring the turtles down, using the E-Gates. Retrieve the bucket. Take the turtle up the stairs, past the plant to the southwest. Give the plant water, causing a flower to appear, which contains a Gem. So take the turtles to the inner courtyard. Locate the cages on the statue in the center, shoot the turtles in each of these cages. A Booba Troopa will appear, which you will have to fight. After repelling it, use the light-dark on the fountain. Place the two turtles on the cages, use the Strobulb to activate the lock, causing some ladders to appear. Make the turtle climb to the top, thus activating the Pixelator, completing the mission.

5-3 A Train to Catch

Let's start from the inner courtyard. Place the rotor on the central part of the stairs. After placing the rotor, rotate the flight of stairs to reach the east side of the second floor. Go up the stairs, entering the room to the east. Walk down the study corridor. Once in the study, try to observe the mirror to the east, locating a book. Use the dark-light to reveal the book's presence. Take the book using the Poltergust, placing it in the appropriate area. The Super Poltergeist will fly west, so head back to the inner courtyard.
Go down the stairs, rotating the ramp so that it leads west. Then go up the stairs, returning to the west door. Dodge the enemies in this corridor, then examine the south part. Use the light shadow on the statue to the east, then the Strobe to recover the hearts. Look towards the opposite side of the statue. Use the light shadow to cause a door to appear. Start from the south gate, progressing progressively towards the north.
From the initial balcony, proceed south, looking across the ravine to the east to see a balloon plant and a blue book. So use the vacuum cleaner on the pumpkins, shooting them at the walls to cause them to explode. Look through the rear window. Look at the missing statue. Use the dark-light to make it reappear. Take the Strobe to get some money. Go back north. Continue north for a door. You will reach the space exhibition. So look out the telescope from the west window.

Boss: Super Poltergeist
Like all other Poltergeists, it will periodically shoot objects (stars, mainly) at you. Watch him walk along the stars, using the Strobulb to stun him. So try to damage it as much as possible. After a while, it will move to the main planetoid and launch several bombs at you. Try to find an area where you cannot be affected by them. The opponent will then move towards the stars. Repeat the previous strategy, until his complete KO.

Then proceed along the front entrance. Leave the book in the area, returning to the west corridor. Enter the central door along the west wall. You will reach the archives. Examine the crates to the west, in the following order: southwest, northeast, northwest, southeast. Collect the Greenie, then exit through the northwest door of the corridor. From the aviation museum, take the golden bone from the northwest cabinet. Look up. Once you have located the plane, fly along the preordained route, making the rotor move with the Poltergust. At the end of the path, recover the treasure of the plant. Pull the weight down to the east, releasing a hot air balloon and some hiders and greenies. Then proceed towards the courtyard.
Rotate the stairs one more time, aligning them with the east balcony. Enter the east door on the second floor. Proceed inside the southeast door, reaching the nautical exhibition area. Close the window above the north wall, then "suck" the steam in the room. So try to stun the Super Slammer. After the ghosts are gone, activate the E-Gate. Then examine the boat, noting that it is necessary to place an object on the switch to the west in order to reach the door to the east. You will therefore have to go back to the medieval exhibition and take a bucket, fill it with the water from the jungle exhibition, then place everything on the switch of the nautical exhibition. So go back to the nautical exhibit, open the door to get a gem. Then, go back to the central part of the nautical area, making the E-Gate "change" rooms by spinning the wheel southwest. Then align the compass with the ground, making it point north. Proceed to the study.
Take the book from the front entrance, placing it on the bookcase, so that you have direct access to the train exhibit. Start chasing the super Sneaker in the area. Finishing it, use the light-dark to "fill in" the rails visible in the center of the room. Get carried by the train to the rear section of the room, retrieving the gem. So look at the area "separated" by a glass. Examine the area, a Boo will then try to scare you, but Gadd will bring you back.

5-4 Ambush Maneuver

When you get to the train area, use the shadow-light on the tracks in front of you, so that the train with the screwdriver-shaped front appears. So watch the cutscene, after which the boss will appear.

Boss: Big Boo
First, you'll need to stun the big main Boo. To do this, the simplest methodology is to have the Boo "load" towards the train. Basically, you have to position yourself in front of the train, and dodge the Boo that will quickly "charge" towards you. It will therefore be necessary to shoot the Boo towards the front of the train. Hold on to his tongue, thus aligning the arrow with the front of the train. In case you miss the objective, you will have to repeat the procedure from the beginning (including dodging the Boo and its impact against the train). In case this all works, it will decompose into various little Boos. To eliminate them, you will need to shoot them towards the cells visible along the train. At the same time try to recover a large amount of languages, using the Poltergust. After a while, all the "stunned" Boos will wake up and start moving. You can stun them using the dark-light and then send them to the train. So, after a short time, the Big Boo will be back in the area. Repeat the entire procedure twice to complete the battle!

5-5 Paranormal Chaos

Rotate the stairs using the Poltergust. Since you want to head north, you'll need to make sure they are aligned with the north balcony on the second floor. Go up and through the door. At the terrace, talk to Gadd, and proceed to the boat show. Get rid of the Slammers, use the portal to get to the space hall.
Use the Strobes to take out the "super" Greenies. Continue to the ice age. It will be necessary to use electric "shock" weapons to eliminate the Sneaker in the area. There will therefore be two other rooms in succession. You will reach the ancient exhibition. Get rid of the first two mummies, using the torches to "ignite" them. You will then move on to the jungle exhibit. There will be only one ghost there - a Super Goober, near the top of the room. We recommend hitting it with a quick electric discharge to make it move away, so as to quickly inflict various damage during the subsequent phases. Then continue towards the bathroom on the right, where you will find three Creepers. Use the light-shadow to bring them out into the open, so grab them and start moving forward, towards the kitchen. Here you will find three "Super" level hiders. By now you know how to eliminate them; after that, you can go to the terrace.
You will start the battle using the Greenies, then move on to Slammer and Sneaker. We highly recommend an offensive approach - you need to make sure the battle ends quickly so that the damage is minimized!

Boss: Tough Possessor
During the first phase, your goal will be to get all the "knights" to position themselves on the mat (by moving them all in that direction). Once this is done, pull the carpet using the Poltergust, and get rid of the Possessor that will come in the area. Repeat the entire procedure to pass the second stage.
You will then move on to the third phase, during which four of the Possessors will take "control" of a specific part of the knight's body. We recommend starting from the right foot, then moving to the left and "pulling" the carpet under each of these feet. You will then go directly to the next battle.

Boss: King Boo

Dodge the first orbs that will be thrown towards you. Therefore others will fall from the ceiling. Position King Boo, having him follow you under one of these "spheres". When he has been positioned "exactly", look at him to make sure that he temporarily interrupts his escape. Wait for the sphere to fall on him, then use the vacuum cleaner on King Boo himself.
You will then move on to the second phase, which is a run along the mansion. You will need to avoid the obstacles placed by King Boo as he rolls towards you with his body - in case he hits you, you will take various damage. The two phases will be repeated, with a progressive increase in difficulty. However, the overall strategy will not change. You will then move on to the final phase, which is identical to the "first", but with more power from King Boo. The strategy remains unchanged!

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