Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes | Nether update

The Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes have come after months of waiting! The Nether update is finally here and this brand new Minecraft update adds a lot of cool stuff to the game like new Nether Biomes, Netherite, Piglins, and more. Let's go to this!

Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes | Highlights of the patch

The Minecraft 1.16 Update patch notes are all about Nether Update, a massive revamp of the game's first alternate dimension. The Nether was first added to the game in late 2010 and has remained relatively unchanged since then, until now. The first noticeable change is the addition of more new biomes to the game.

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What are the new Nether biomes?

  • Basalt Delta
  • Crimson Forest
  • Soulsand Valley
  • Deformed forest

Players can now score a fantastic new achievement by visiting them all. There is also the addition of the remains of the bastion, a mysterious type of structure that was somewhat abandoned long ago.

Also in the Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes there are several new mobs. Piglins replaces Pigmen with a whole new design and a more complex society. Striders are passive creatures that have the amazing ability to walk on lava and can be mounted by the player, although they can only be moved through the use of a fishing rod in a manner similar to Pigs. Hoglins and Zoglins complete the new creatures in the Minecraft 1.16 Update patch notes.

Getting to the Nether is easier than ever in the Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes with the addition of ruined portals. These are broken Nether portals that can spawn randomly anywhere in the Overworld or the Nether, saving players the trouble of finding Obsidian. Navigation is also easier thanks to the addition of Lodestone; this new element allows you to lock a compass on it, ultimately allowing one of the most useful navigational tools to work in the Nether.

There's a lot more to see in this update - keep reading the full Minecraft 1.16 update notes!

Minecraft 1.16 update patch notes | Full list


  • Added the Basalt Delta biome to the Nether
  • Added the Crimson Forest biome to the Nether
  • Added Hoglins
  • Added Netherite
  • Added Piglins
  • Added ruined portals
  • Added the Soulsand Valley biome to the Nether
  • Added Striders
  • Added Warped Forest biome to Nether
  • Zoglins added
  • Added a new disableChat command line option: when used, receiving and sending online chat is disabled
  • Added a new disableMultiplayer command line option: when used, the Multiplayer button is disabled
  • Bastion remains added
  • Added new Game Mode Switcher debug menu
  • Added new Nether blocks
  • Added the Soul Speed ​​spell
  • Added the lodestone
  • Added regeneration anchor which allows you to set your own regeneration point in the Nether. Use while holding the Glowing Stone to charge up to a maximum of four charges - each regeneration uses one charge
    • It is possible to load the regeneration anchor using a distributor
  • Added target block
  • Basalt is formed when lava flows over soul soil near blue ice
  • Bell blocks will now ring when hit by any bullet
  • Bells can now be hung from the bottom of multiple blocks
  • Compasses can now be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing
  • The Endermen can now collect some of the new Nether blocks
  • Endermen will no longer collect Netherrack
  • Entities are now being pushed by flowing lava
  • Farmers can now compost the seeds
  • Fish now disappear when more than 64 blocks away from the closest player
  • Huge mushrooms will now only grow on its corresponding nylium type
  • Kickback resistance is now a scale rather than a probability
  • Travertines are now considered junk fishing loot rather than treasure
  • Patrols no longer spawn when the player is near a village
  • TNT and bonfires now ignite when hit by a burning bullet
  • The list of general statistics is now in alphabetical order
  • Updated logos for Mojang Studios and Minecraft
  • Villagers can now spawn Iron Golems regardless of their professional status or last working hours
  • Walls no longer have gaps when stacked vertically
  • Walls will now connect to even more things, such as iron bars, glass, pressure plates, banners, and even pickles
  • When a Villager is struck by lightning, the witch she is converted into will no longer disappear
  • When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open water


  • Added "Spacing" chat and accessibility option
  • Added "Chat Delay" accessibility option


  • Piglins and Hoglins are now in demand for Monster Hunter and Monsters Hunted
  • Serious dedication is now allotted to obtaining a Netherite Hoe
  • Getting Blackstone now also counts towards Stone Age advancement
  • Breeding Striders now counts for The Parrots and the Bats and is now in demand for Two by Two
  • Bullseye unlocks when hitting a target from at least 30 meters away
  • Hidden in the depths unlocks when ancient debris is obtained
  • Cover Me in Debris unlocks when you get full Netherite armor
  • Country Lode, Take Me Home unlocks when using a compass on a lodestone
  • Who is cutting the onions? Unlocks when Obsidian Crying is obtained
  • Not enough "Nine" Lives unlocked when setting a regeneration anchor to maximum
  • This boat has legs unlocked when riding a Strider with a mushroom on a stick
  • Hot tourist destinations unlock when visiting all Nether biomes
  • Those who were the days are unlocked when you enter a bastion
  • War Pigs are unlocked when you loot a chest in a bastion
  • Oh Shiny unlocks when he distracts an angry Piglin with gold


Basalt deltas are now in the Nether!

  • Remnants of volcanic eruptions, this biome sports a high concentration of basalt columns and lava deltas
  • As you walk through it, you will be surrounded by flowing white ash flakes
  • Magma cubes finally have their home and spawn very frequently here
  • A new block, blackstone, can be found here in large patches


What is made of black stone and filled with Piglins and Hoglins? Remains of the bastion!

  • Added four separate types of Bastion Remnants: Bridge, Hoglin's Stable, Housing Units, and Treasure Room
  • You can find these sizable structures in all biomes of the Netherlands, with the exception of the treacherous ash-scattered regions of the Basalt Delta.
  • Explore, loot and conquer a bastion remnant to call it your home - but beware! Piglins don't kindly accept intruders who steal their possessions


  • Reduced the maximum distance a bee can move away from its home hive to ~ 22 blocks


Some blocks have been renamed. It turns out that a singular mushroom in the Nether attempted to mistakenly present itself as many mushrooms - so sneaky!

  • Crimson mushrooms are now called crimson mushrooms
  • Deformed mushrooms are now called deformed mushrooms


Many new blocks have been added and changes have been made to some existing ones.

  • Added weeping obsidian. He is sad and weeps purple energy
  • Basalt added. Make it 2 × 2 or use a pastry cutter to create clean, shiny shiny basalt!
  • Black stone added, along with its variants: regular, polished and polished brick
    • Blackstone can be used to make stone ovens and tools
  • Added golden blackstone - the blackstone that has been soaked in gold and has the ability to drop gold nuggets once broken
  • Added Chiseled Nether Bricks, Cracked Nether Bricks, and Quartz Bricks
  • Added two new non-flammable wood-like blocks: Crimson Stems and Warped Stems
  • Added crimson and deformed ife - "stem" blocks on all sides, including stripped variations
  • Added new ground surface blocks: Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium
  • New vegetation added: Nether sprouts, crimson roots and deformed roots
  • Added two types of mushrooms: crimson and deformed. Try using bone meal to make them grow!
    • You can take root and crimson and deformed mushrooms in pots
  • Added deformed wart blocks
  • Added weeping vines that grow from the bottom of a block to the bottom
  • Added twisted vines that grow upward
  • Added a new block of natural light sources: Shroomlights
  • Soul soil added. Whenever fire burns on the soil of the soul, it burns with a blue flame
    • Soul soil and soul sand can be used to make soul torches, which in turn can be made into soul lanterns
    • Wither can now be summoned using soul soil as a base
  • Added soul fire. Warm up your sandwiches with the heat of a thousand souls!
  • Added chain blocks
  • Nether gold ore can now be found in the Nether - drop some gold nuggets and can be mined with any type of pickaxe
  • Now bone meal can be used to grow algae, cry vines, and twist vines
  • Using bone meal on Netherrack can now spread nillium
  • Nether vegetation blocks (sprouts, roots, vines, fungi, warts and wart blocks) are now compostable
  • Nether sprouts can be harvested with shears
  • Food can now be placed on unlit fires


  • You can now milk cows and mooshrooms in creative mode
  • You can now get the stew from Mooshrooms in creative mode
  • When using an empty bucket on water in creative mode, you now get a bucket of water. If you already have a bucket of water in your inventory, no additional buckets of water will be added when you use the empty bucket on the water


The Crimson Forests are now found in the Nether!

  • Crimson nylium envelops the cave floor with all sorts of strange new vegetation
  • Crimson nylium can be boned to get more of this weird new greenery
  • Huge crimson mushrooms make up the "trees" of this forest, with Shroomlights lighting up the forest floor
  • Nether wart blocks can be quickly cleared using a hoe
  • Weeping vines grow from cave ceilings and mushrooms
  • Hoglins roams these forests
  • Crimson spores swirl in the air


  • Distributors can now saddle pigs and horses
  • Distributors can now put horse armor on horses
  • Distributors can now place carpets on the llamas
  • Distributors can now place chests on llamas, donkeys and mules
  • Distributors can now cut a Mooshroom
  • Distributors can now cut snow golems


A small change has been made to this debugging combination.

  • By default, using this key will bring you back to Creative after activating Spectator. It will now revert to the previous game mode you had
  • For example, if you were to Survival, then switched to Spectator and vice versa, you will be reset to Survival


  • Farmers can now put excess seeds into the compositor to create bone meal
    • Bone meal is used by farmers to grow crops
  • Farmers share the excess grain with other farmers, so more farmers can make bread


New F3 debugging feature that allows you to change game modes with the traditional "tab" functionality.

  • Press and hold F3 and tap F4 to open the menu
  • Tapping F4 will toggle the game mode or you can use the mouse
  • Release F3 to apply
  • Your last game mode is remembered and will be the first option selected, so you can quickly switch between two game modes with a single press of F3 + F4!


We have made some changes to the hoes to make them more useful in the Nether.

  • Each level has a different speed at which they hoe the blocks of mines they are effective against
  • Hoes can now be enchanted with the following spells: efficiency, luck, silky touch
  • These spells can now be granted through an enchanted table
  • Hoes are now the proper tool for pulling out hay, targets, dried seaweed blocks, leaves, Shroomlights, Nether wart blocks, deformed wart blocks, sponges and wet sponges.


  • Hoglins are large aggressive animals that live in the crimson forests of the Nether
  • They attack players on sight. Be careful - they can easily knock you off a ledge!
  • Hoglins drops the pork and sometimes the skin, but not voluntarily
  • You can breed Hoglins by feeding them crimson mushrooms. Do it at your own risk
  • Sometimes the Hoglins are chased by Piglins, but they don't come down without a fight
  • Despite this, Hoglins and Piglins are not enemies, more like an ecosystem
  • Little Hoglins like to pretend they're tough, but don't worry, they're more bark than bite
  • Do you want to keep Hoglins off your back? Insider tip: Hoglins hates the smell of warped mushrooms
  • Hoglins who somehow end up in the Overworld become Zoglins pretty quickly - but who would ever bring a Hoglin into the Overworld?


A new block that can help you find your way!

  • Made with a Netherite ingot and chiseled stone bricks
  • Use a compass on a lodestone stone to create a stone compass that will point to that stone


  • Players can no longer mount another entity when holding the crouch key
  • Added universalAnger gamerule (disabled by default), which causes angry neutral mobs to attack any nearby player - not just the player who angered them. It works best if you disable forgiveDeadPlayers
  • Added gamerule forgiving, DeadPlayers (enabled by default), which causes angry neutral mobs to stop getting angry when target player dies nearby


  • If this gamerule is disabled, angry mobs will remain angry even if the target player dies
  • If both forgivenessDeadPlayers and universalAnger are enabled, an angry neutral mob will stop getting angry when their target dies. After that they will not look for new targets
    • Notable Exception: Angry zombified piglins continually spread anger. So even if a Zombified Piglin stops getting angry because its target is dead, other angry Zombified Piglins nearby will likely anger him again. The only way to stop the anger is if none of the irritated Zombified Piglins see a player for a while.


Updated anger management for most neutral mobs (polar bear, wolf, bee, enderman, Piglin, zombified Piglin).

  • When injured by a player, the neutral mob will target that player and attempt to kill him
  • The mob will remain angry until the player is dead or disappears for a while
  • Anger is persistent, so a player cannot escape by temporarily disconnecting or changing dimensions
  • If a target player dies near the angry crowd, they will stop getting angry (unless forgiving dead players is disabled)
  • Neutral mobs also get mad at other mobs who hurt them. However, that anger is not persistent
  • Angry neutral mobs will only attack the offensive player, not innocent bystanders
    • Notable Exception: If a hive or nest is broken, the bees will get mad at all nearby players
  • Some mobs spread anger (wolf, Zombified Piglin, Piglin, bee). If a player attacks one, all nearby mobs of the same type will get mad at that player


Universal anger is fundamentally guilty by association. A neutral crowd attacked by players will be angry with players in general, regardless of who attacked them. More specifically:

  • A neutral crowd attacked by a player will target the closest player, even if that player was not the attacker
  • Whenever a neutral mob is hit by a player, it updates its attack target to the closest player
  • Players can use it to make neutral mobs attack other players. Who would ever do something so sneaky?
  • Universal rage does not apply when a neutral mob is attacked by another mob - only when attacked by a player
  • Universal anger is persistent. The angry mob will remain angry even if the player logs out and logs in or jumps through a portal and vice versa
  • Mob that spread anger will also spread universal anger. So if one player attacks a Zombified Piglin, all other Zombified Piglins in sight will be universally angry and attack their closest player.
  • An angry neutral mob will stop getting angry if they can't see any suitable targets for a while


  • Pig zombies are now known as zombified piglets and now have ears. Well, at least one ear
  • Zombified Piglins no longer attack innocent bystanders (unless you enable Gamerule universalAnger)
  • Zombified Piglins stop getting angry if target player dies nearby (unless you disable gamerDeadPlayers' forgiver)
  • Zombified Piglins continually spread to other Zombified Piglins as long as they see their target


  • The biome fog color blends smoothly between the biomes. Smooth!


  • A new high-level material found in the Nether. Use it to upgrade your diamond!


  • My ancient debris in the lower depths of the Nether. At your own risk though. No insurance coverage for this
  • Combine four Netherite debris with four gold bars at a crafting table to create a Netherite ingot
  • Filter into Netherite scrap in a kiln or blast furnace
  • Use a blacksmith's board to fuse Netherite ingot with diamond weapon, tool or armor


  • Netherite objects float in the lava - just so you don't lose all your gear after that unplanned lava bath
  • Netherite items have a higher enchantment value than diamond (but not as high as gold)
  • Netherite tools work faster and last longer than diamond
  • Netherite weapons do more damage than diamond
  • Netherite armor has greater toughness and durability than diamond
  • Netherite armor gives you resistance to knockback, so you are barely knocked back at all when hit by arrows and the like
  • Netherite blocks can be used as the base of a lighthouse and Netherite ingots can be used as fuel for a lighthouse. Weird flex but ok
  • … And it looks great!


  • Changed the lighting of the ambient block in the Nether to parity with the Bedrock edition


  • Parrots mimic hostile mobs less often
  • Parrots do not randomly mimic hostile mobs when the game mode is peaceful


  • The piglins are an aggressive civilization living in the Nether
  • They mostly stop in the Crimson Forests, but you may also find some in Nether Waste
  • They think of the players as a target practice and will attack on sight
  • However, if you dress appropriately, they will see you as a respectable figure. Or at least tolerable
  • Piglins are wary of strangers. If they see you opening a chest or other container, they will assume you are stealing and treat you accordingly
  • If Piglins hears you breaking a chest or gold lock (or similar), he will also assume you are stealing
  • Piglins LOVE gold and are very distracted by gold items
  • Gold bars are Piglins' currency. Throw ingots at him or right-click an ingot to trade various goods
  • Piglins are sometimes hungry and hunt Hoglins for food. Or at least they try. The results… vary.
  • Piglins prefer to hunt and fight in groups. When a fight is happening, everyone wants to get in
  • Piglins that somehow end up in the Overworld zombify quite quickly
  • Piglins are scared of soul fire and Zombified Piglins and will avoid them if possible
  • Wither and Withers' skeletons are historical enemies of the Piglins and will be attacked on sight
  • Baby piglins aren't that dangerous, but they can be naughty, so watch your back
    • … And they like to play with Baby Hoglins
  • Added a Piglin banner template that can be found in the remains of the rampart


Blockstate, rendering and redstone wire behavior are more in line with each other. Redstone will power the blocks on all sides to which it shows a visual connection and don't do it on those sides without a visual connection.

  • A redstone point will not feed its surrounding blocks
  • A single red stone thread is now represented as a cross
  • A wire above a block, which is redirected from below, will now feed the sides it is redirected to. For example. a fence gate will be fed over the redirect wire
  • Wires redirecting up to wires on non-conductive blocks were only redirected visually. Now, this redirect also applies to their behavior
  • A wire that is redirected to get past a block will now always supply power to the block. This is most evident when the wire has 1 signal strength
  • When you right-click on a single piece of red stone, it will toggle between a cross and a dot


  • The target block now carries redstone signals

Portals ruined

Shattered remains of the ancient portals of the Nether. I wonder who built them?

  • They can be found in any Overworld or Nether biome
  • Some are hidden underground, under the sea or buried in the sand


Never suffer from being transported to Soul Sand Valley again - Soul Speed ​​has you covered!

  • Make your favorite boots shine with this soul-sucking spell to dart over soul sand and soul soil
  • However, there is a downside: the spells will slowly degrade your boots with every soul block you walk on
  • It can only be obtained by bartering for those pesky Piglins


Soulsand Valleyys are now in the Nether!

  • An open space made mostly of soul sand and soul soil
  • The basalt pillars extend from floor to ceiling
  • Fossil remains of unknown creatures from the past litter the valley
  • Ash cade in aria
  • A blue glow envelops the valley
  • Watch out for the skeletons here


  • Ghasts sounds are now heard at a short distance
  • Updated lock sounds for Bone Blocks, Netherrack, Soul Sand, Nether Wart, Nether Brick, and Quartz Ore
  • New ambient sounds for Nether biomes
  • New mood detection algorithm for cave sounds
  • Added a new music disc titled "Pigstep" by Lena Raine, which can only be found in the remains of the bastion


A new crowd living in the lava lakes of the Nether.

  • Walk on the surface of the lava
  • It can be saddled, but it has a will of its own
  • I really like the smell of misshapen mushrooms - he might even be convinced to go with it


Because let's face it, your goal might use a little practice!

  • The closer you get to the center, the bigger the red stone marker
  • Test your skills with a variety of bullets, including eggs, snowballs, tridents and more
  • For this recipe you will need one block of hay and four of redstone


  • Villagers no longer try to work on the same workstation
  • The most experienced nearby villager for the profession corresponding to the workstation you add will get the workstation
  • Villagers now have to walk and reach the work station before they can acquire the profession and / or work there
  • Villagers can no longer claim jobs or professions during raids or at night
  • Villagers will check and make sure their workstation is valid at all times of the day as long as they are within 16 blocks of their workstation


Warped Forests can now be found in the Nether!

  • The warped nylium covers the cave floor with all sorts of strange new vegetation
  • Warped nylium can be boned to get more of the strange new vegetation
  • Huge deformed mushrooms make up the "trees" of this forest, with Shroomlights illuminating the forest floor
  • Deformed wart blocks can be quickly cleared using a hoe
  • A dark blue mist covers the forest
  • The deformed spores swirl in the air
  • Warped forests are weird, but also the least hostile place in the Nether


  • Weeping vines are now scalable!


  • The old Nether biome is now called Nether Wastes
  • Shipwrecks and ocean ruins are a little less common now, so you get more excited when you find one!
  • Spots of black stone and gravel now spawn in all biomes of the Nether, and soul sand patches now spawn in the valleys of Soul Sand


  • Zoglins are zombified Hoglins, the result of taking a Hoglin to the Underworld
  • Unlike Hoglins, they cannot be raised or fed, and they don't care about misshapen mushrooms
  • Warning: these beasts are crazy and attack practically everything they see!


  • Added target_hit progress trigger
  • Added progress trigger thrown_item_picked_up_by_entity
  • Added player_generates_container_loot progress trigger
  • Added item_used_on_block progress trigger
  • Removed safe_harvest_honey progress trigger
  • Added player control to every trigger (except impossible)
  • Entity checks in triggers can now use loot table condition syntax
  • Attributes are now added to the game log, similar to elements, sound events, etc.
  • The style of the chat component can now select the font.
  • The block-to-block storage format has been slightly modified to speed up various tasks (rendering, pathfinding, worldwide generation, etc.).
  • Added a Locatebiome command
  • Completing the tab for resource location will match any part after a _
  • The compass now has LodestonePos, LodestoneDimension, and LodestoneTracked data fields. If LodestoneTracked is zero, the game will skip searching for a Lodestone at the specified location
  • Slightly modified datapack loading to avoid crashing custom datapacks
  • Both client and server now have a shared datapack folder, for use with all worlds
  • Data packets can now be selected on world creation
  • Added an enable-status option to the server.properties file which, when set to false, will suppress responses to status requests from clients. This brings up the server offline in the multiplayer screen
  • The full range of Unicode characters is now supported (some may know what that means
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