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In this Minecraft Dungeons Evoker Boss guide, we will teach you everything you need to take down these mini-bosses that you encounter at different points in the game.

Boss evocatore di Minecraft Dungeons

The essential weapon the Summoner uses to crush the enemy is a bear trap-shaped pincer that summons from beneath the ground. Pliers can trap you in your jaws and cause a lot of damage.

The Summoner uses the pincer in two different ways. Before hovering over you or a pincer attack directed at you.

The moment you meet the Summoner, this is the first attack he will use on you. Its outcome decides the tide of the fight.

The second type of pincer attack is used by the pincer wherever you come within their range or in any case when they are chasing you and you are very far away.

The circular pincer is used when the boss feels undermined and makes a circle of pincers around himself. Despite the type of pincer, both are equally amazing and will diminish your health.

Likewise, Summoners have the ability to bring minions that can quickly overwhelm you. The second type of attack used by mini-bosses is calling flying minions.

These minions don't cause much damage and have negligible health, however, the sheer number of them can nail you, which makes an open door for the Summoner to assault you.

The Summoner can muster a perpetual armed force of minions, however, given the insignificant damage they cause to your health they shouldn't be your essential concern, but continue to handle them so countless that they don't develop.

Here are the tactics you need to remember while fighting with a Summoner.

Keep distance
The first is to constantly keep a distance. In reality, you should maintain a separation with all the bosses in the game. A ranged attack is a great option for you.

Use the Dash button
It is a valuable tool in the game but use it when the Evoker is directly attacking you and you need to bounce quickly to stay away from them.

Kill the minions
Try not to allow the number of minions to grow enormously. The Summoner will use minions to attack you in one spot so you can use his strikes. You can use melee attacks to reduce the number of minions.

Use loaded archery
Whenever you have a chance to attack the Summoner, use Charged Archery so you can cause maximum damage.

Collect artifacts
Artifacts can be significantly beneficial. Use the secret mission in Creeper Woods named Creepy Crypt to collect extra artifacts and gear.

Fight strategically
These aren't the fastest creatures in the game, so there's no need to stress to be followed quickly. If you are not in good health, take a health potion.

In case you have TNT on you, it tends to be an amazing weapon to get past the first boss a Summoner in Minecraft Dungeons.

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