MSI Clutch GM60 mouse: the review

After trying the GC20 controller we were partially disappointed, so we went back from MSI asking to thoroughly analyze their gaming offer. They responded by giving us this Clutch GM60 (and not only that, you will see) flagship mouse of the Taiwanese house catalog made for the most demanding gamers and which, above all, does not cost a blunder. We've been trying it for quite some time, but will it have convinced us? Read on to find out!


Il mouse MSI Clutch GM60 It comes in a particular book box that perhaps reminds you of those nice boxes from the PC versions of Diablo III and Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. On the front the image of the product is accompanied by the Mystic Light logo, the utility to set the RGB to our liking, while on the back are the product specifications.

Opening the two faces of the box on one we find the mouse with a rubber USB cable to connect it to the computer, on the other a second canvas cable that can be inserted using the button under the mouse, plus a spare mask and side flaps to be added to the body to increase grip. Yes, the GM60 uses a The modular design, a really interesting feature that differentiates it from many opponents and makes it a versatile product.



The Clutch GC60 is an aesthetically appealing mouse, whose aluminum frame returns a really good feeling as well as making the product very resistant. Its uniqueness is given by its two souls: one more sober and rounded which returns a bare and essential appearance, whose only charms are the many LEDs that illuminate the edges and the logo placed under the wheel in the center, and a second more aggressive look that recalls a Angular Batmobile.

The application of the two side flaps takes place instantly thanks to the magnets present in the mouse that assemble everything in an instant, making the grip more ergonomic thanks to the knurled texture that improves the grip and supports the fingers by not letting them come into contact with the mat. increasing the friction. Personally I have not used these additions for long, preferring the mouse in all its essentiality, but it is a completely personal choice that changes from player to player.

On the GM60, in addition to the two fundamental keys, we find in the center the classic wheel equipped with a rubbery coating with a pneumatic-style texture followed closely by the button for adjusting the DPI and by the MSI logo, also equipped with RGB. To complete the picture on both sides there are two customizable buttons to be set according to the game we prefer. There symmetrical shape of the Clutch GM60 makes it perfectly usable for both right and left-handed users, a feature not so common in gaming mice of a certain level.



Speaking of technical characteristics, the Clutch GM60 is equipped with an Avago PMW3330 optical sensor whose DPI values ​​can reach a maximum of 10,800, a polling rate is 3000 hertz and the OMRON keys that guarantee a duration for more than 50 million clicks. :

  • USB: 2.0 with gold-plated connectors
  • DPI switch Default: 1000 / 1800 / 2800 / 3600, max: 10,800
    (step: 100)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (g): 115g
  • LED: Light Side Bar / Dragon LED / Scroll Wheel/DPI indicator
  • Response time: 3ms
  • Switch: Omron GAMING
  • Lighting system:RGB
  • Sensor: Avago PMW3330 optician
  • Dimensions (mm): 125 (L)*66 (W)*39 (H) mm
  • Buttons: 8



The MSI Clutch GM 60 is equipped with three RGB LED strips, one placed under each of the two main keys and another that illuminates the MSI logo in the center. The lighting is customizable via the MSI software Mystic light which recognizes the device just connected and allows you to modify various parameters such as the light effect, that is, the type of fading between one color and another, the speed of the scrolling, the brightness, direction and so on. Mystic Light also allows you to choose whether to configure the mouse independently or to synchronize it with other MSI devices connected to the PC to create a continuous effect; we tested it together with the MSI Vigor GK80 keyboard we tested and there were no problems whatsoever.

All MSI gaming devices are recognized by the Gaming Center, program that detects the connected peripherals and allows a large number of customizations: in the case of the GM60 Clutch we can turn the LEDs on or off, set a custom range of colors or set the mouse sensor according to every need, ranging from increasing or decreasing the polling rate, DPI, scroll speed and double click.



The MSI Clutch GM60 mouse represents a respectable solution capable of largely satisfy the majority of gamers, although it is not a top of the range. The high-end technical specifications and software support that allows many customizations, both purely aesthetic and practical, make it a complete product free from lacks or bugs. Whether you are a fan of shooters or MOBAs, the Clutch GM60 always responds to the present and it adapts to any playing condition thanks to the very high scalability of the DPS, making it perfect both for the most frenetic titles like Diablo III, and for those where greater sensitivity is required such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The price at the moment is around €75 both on Amazon and ePrice, but by sifting through the net it is possible to take the Clutch GM60 home with about ten euros less. Considering the range of users to which the product refers, the cost is all in all economic and can prove to be a good choice for those who are approaching the competitive, although there are products much more suitable for these needs and also in the same price range among the 50 € and 80 € the alternatives are many and valid.

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