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    MSI Immerse GH50 headphones: the review

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    Having already tried the dragon's mouse, keyboard and controller today, the gaming headsets arrived in the editorial office MSI Immerse GH50, presented just last month. We tested them during long gaming sessions, listening to music on Spotify and playing movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video, and they sound really good! But will they be cheap? If you want to know how much they convinced us, keep on shaking.



    The rectangular package takes up the red and white colors of the Taiwanese house that we have already found on the rest of MSI products. Inside the box, in addition to the headphones and the instruction manual, there is a canvas bag to be used to transport them around the city, taking advantage of the flexible design that makes them fold back on themselves, and the detachable semi-rigid plastic microphone. . Along the USB cable to connect the Immerse GH50 to the PC there is a very practical remote control thanks to which it is possible to activate or deactivate the 7.1 Surround, control vibration, volume and change the microphone (a white LED lights up to indicate the active button).



    MSI has used for the Immerse GH50 a plastic body with a metal core that makes them solid and elastic also thanks to the flexible design. The two oval-shaped over-ear ear cups are very soft and do not tire the ears by wrapping them without exerting pressure on them. Externally the pavilions have a hexagon that encloses the logo with the dragon illuminated by RGB with a plastic arch that acts as a bridge, under which there is the metal skeleton that can be elongated and a rubber portion to give greater comfort to the head. Finally, the USB cable is in non-detachable braided nylon, which gives an additional feeling of robustness overall.



    Driver unit: Neodymium 40mm
    Frequency response: 20Hz∼20KHz
    Sensitivity: 108dB ± 3dB
    Impedance: 32ohm ± 15%

    Reception type: Unidirectional
    Frequency response: 100Hz∼10KHz
    Sensitivity: -36 ± 3dB
    Impedance: 2.2K ohm

    Weight: 300g / 700g (with box)



    The MSI Immerse GH50 offers many different profiles to adjust the hearing experience according to your use. The plug & play rendering is satisfying in itself, with a good reproduction of both music and movies even if in a rather flat way, but just activate the virtual 7.1 surround and things change in part with the sound that becomes more enveloping but loses in clarity resulting more roaring, while deactivating it you return to a clearer tone especially in the dialogues. Gaming is obviously the best side of the product and surround is essential to take advantage of the enemy in online shooters or first-person RPGs by listening to the direction of the steps or identifying the side from which the voice of an NPC is coming. It is no less the microphone that once inserted in the special housing of the left pavilion gives life to a respectable headset that allows us both to perceive every movement around us and to communicate with great clarity with our team during competitive games. MSI provides via software an additional tool to modify the audio and RGB profiles through the Dragon Center which contains in itself the Mystic light e Gaming Gear which we had already talked about in the other reviews. Through Mystic Light you can select the styles that the headphones LEDs will have to reproduce (breathing, steady, circle ..) while with Gaming Gear by selecting the headphones you will have access to a whole series of sound and surround equalization options.



    The MSI Immerse GH50 arrive on the market at a list price of € 85 offering a complete and versatile headset in any context but with a clear preference for gaming, combining excellent audio performance with a practical and functional microphone without having to resort to the clutter of external solutions. Aesthetically, the sober and clean design combined with the very effective RGB make the Immersion a product suitable for both young people looking for something full of lights and a more mature audience, given the elegance of the lines. To complete the picture, the great comfort perceived both on the head and on the ears, which are wrapped by the pavilions without feeling discomfort, and the Dragon Center, which allows you to customize both the yield and the aesthetics of the product, make the GH50 a really great choice. interesting under one hundred euros.

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