Nintendo Switch Online: everything you need to know!

The first days of May were undoubtedly incisive as regards the future of Nintendo Switch: the console of the Japanese gaming entertainment giant has in fact unveiled its cards regarding the management of online functions, with the Nintendo Switch Online service which was presented with great fanfare in all its aspects, and which will be effective starting from September 2018.

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo adjusted to the market standards "imposed" by Sony and Microsoft, churning out a service tailored to its users who want to fully enjoy the gaming experience offered by the hybrid console.

The main question that certainly everyone will have asked is undoubtedly linked to the price of Nintendo Switch Online: the rates are not a mystery, with the news that has quickly ridden the waves of the web, and we, in contrast to the trend, want to deal with this aspect at the end. On the other hand, when you are in a restaurant, the bill doesn't reach the table as soon as you sit down, right?

One of the main aspects of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription lies in the possibility offered to its users to take advantage of the multiplayer components on the network of the various titles on the market (present and future): not exactly the flagship of the service, since everything was already possible even previously without the need for any financial outlay.

Nintendo Switch Online: everything you need to know!

Far more intriguing is the presence of a stock of titles coming from Nintendo's glorious past, and which brings the pearls of the Nintendo Entertainment System back to the screens: the initial offer will consist of 20 games, among which Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda stand out. An excellent opportunity for all the new generation to approach the classics of the history of the Nintendo branded video game, although it should be noted that Nintendo Switch Online also offers new stimuli for all the old caryatids that have experienced the golden moment of the NES. in full: the subscription to the service offers the possibility of accessing an unprecedented online mode which, although it does not distort the titles, offers a different perspective than in the past, and could stimulate a flashback even in those who have those games chewed and re-chewed. The positive result lies in the fact that the titles in the catalog will not have an expiration date (if not that of your subscription, as regards the use), with users who will be able to access all the games without distinction. The hope obviously remains to see new titles that expand the offer in the near future, maybe some sortie even among the games released over the years on SNES, Nintendo 64 or Gamecube.

The unprecedented possibility of saving on a cloud service will certainly be appreciated, a feature widely requested by the community and which until now inexplicably hiding on Nintendo Switch, although it is now to be considered a must for every type of console.

The bad news unfortunately comes for all those who instead want to make use of the voice chat during their games with Nintendo Switch: no evolution is foreseen in this respect, with the Kyoto giant that continues on its own line by exploiting once again (and probably for quite some time) the functionality of the smartphone app. To talk to your fellow adventures from the other end of the console it will therefore be necessary once again to always have the phone at hand, with Nintendo Switch Online that does not offer any innovation from this point of view.

Nintendo Switch Online: everything you need to know!

We have therefore arrived at the nerve center of Nintendo Switch Online: the monthly cost of the subscription is set at € 3,99, an expense that is reduced by taking advantage of the offers available for the various packages, with the quarterly which will cost € 7.99 and the annual set at € 19,99 (for a monthly cost of approximately € 1,67). Present afamily offer for those with multiple devices: the support for eight devices will cost € 34,99 for one year subscription.

A price that is not exaggerated, but which inevitably collides with a service that, in the current state of things, turns out to be lower than that of Sony and Microsoft: the road is uphill, but there is time to improve.


  • Will it be possible to play online without a subscription?

No, to take advantage of the online components of Ninendo Switch games you will need to have an active subscription.

  • Is there a cloud save service?

Yes, Nintendo Switch Online provides for the presence of cloud saves that will allow you to take advantage of the games even on different consoles without having to start from scratch. It shouldn't be a "system" feature, though, and therefore already released games will need patching, while some new ones may not implement this feature.

  • Is there a voice chat on Nintendo Switch?

No, voice chat will for now remain the exclusive prerogative of the Nintendo Switch Online application for smartphones.

  • What are the exclusive content of Nintendo Switch Online?

There is a catalog that for now includes 20 games from the glorious past of the NES. It is not excluded that the future may see an expansion of the ranks, with the inclusion of products originally included in the lineup of SNES, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube.

  • How much does it cost to subscribe to the service?

The price for the monthly subscription is € 3,99, while the quarterly and annual ones are respectively € 7,99 and € 19,99. You can then take advantage of the "family" option which, at a cost of € 34,99 for one year, allows you to connect up to a maximum of 8 different accounts.

  • If I have multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, will I need a subscription for each?

No, Nintendo Switch Online can be used on any device by logging in with the Nintendo Account that signed up for it.

  • If someone makes an individual subscription, can other users, on the same system, use that same Nintendo Switch Online subscription?

Individual Subscriptions can only be used by the Nintendo Account that made them.

  • Can underage accounts be added to a family group and use a Nintendo Switch Online family subscription?

Yes, each Nintendo Account associated with the family subscription can take advantage of the service options. Guardians can use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls to set restrictions for online play. The restrictions for the Nintendo Online Service app can instead be set with the parental control of the smartphone. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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