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PlayStation 4 Pro is the high end version of PS4, which can offer 4K graphics, HDR support, more stable and smoother frame rate and 4K video streaming. It has been conceived and designed to offer gamers a gaming experience like never before on consoles especially for the lucky owners of a 4K panel but also offering benefits to the vast majority of owners of a TV Full HD.

What is 4K?

The term 4K describes the resolution of the panel. Without wishing to get into technicalities and big words, 4K corresponds to 2160p, that is double compared to the "traditional" resolution in Full HD.

4K has two different standards:

  • The one used in the film industry (4096 2160 pixels x), in this case we can speak of pure 4K.
  • The one used by monitors and TVs, equal to 3840 2160 pixels x. In this case it would be more correct to speak of Ultra HD (UHD) as the resolution is slightly lower than pure 4K.

The much vaunted and advertised 4K, would therefore be able to offer extremely detailed images, with vivid and natural colors, taking advantage of greater color depth and contrast. All very nice, but is the resolution actually 4K on PS4 Pro? Unfortunately not, as we are talking about 4K upscaling. What? What word is that? What does it mean? We'll explain it to you in a moment.

First it is necessary to make a necessary clarification. An old TV was capable of displaying around 200 pixels, a Full HD panel has around 2 million and a 4K achieves a staggering amount of pixels, approx 8 million. It therefore goes without saying that looking at standard broadcasts we will have a difference of more than 7 million pixels.

And this is precisely where the mechanism of upscaling that is the procedure for converting the lower resolution to a higher one. In practical terms, using mathematical algorithms the missing pixels would be recovered and in this way the “old contents” would be adapted, especially in Full HD in the new 3840 x 2160 pixel format.

The visual quality of the images on the screen is obviously not the same as that offered in native 4K (what Xbox One X does to be clear) but it allows the user to admire an image that is certainly better than traditional TV broadcasts. The end result is subjective however as 1080p is not that different from an upscaled 4K.

PS4 Pro supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), but what is it?

PS4 Pro is compatible with standards HDR10.

"HDR is a reflection of the way we see the world every day!"

THEHigh Dynamic Range (HDR), is a display standard that offers advantages in reference to a greater color depth and a higher contrast compared to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) of traditional HD TVs, with a wider and more realistic spectrum of brightness giving therefore a more dynamic, profound and ultimately very similar to what the human eye sees.

The image technology available today is not yet capable of offering perfect visual quality and that is why HDR has been introduced which has the arduous task of making up for this lack.

What do you need to play in 4K HDR?

To be able to play in 4K HDR mode you need to meet some requirements:

  • TV 4K with HDR10;
  • For PS4 (remember that even the standard PS4 models support HDR);
  • HDMI 2.0 or higher cable with Premium High Speed ​​certification included in the sales package;
  • A compatible video game, someone said God of War ?;
  • System software updated to version 4.0 or later.


Before starting the setup it is necessary to check some features related to your 4K panel. You have to check (each TV may have a different wording, so we refer you to the user manual of your panel) if the PS4 Pro is connected to the right HDMI 4K output and if HDR mode is enabled directly from the TV. With that done, we will be ready to go.

The PS4 Pro system should automatically detect and allow a 4K signal if it doesn't, follow the steps below and enable 4K viewing:

From the home screen, go to [Settings]> [Audio & Display]> [Video Output Settings].

Set the resolution to [2160P - YUV420] or [2160p- RGB].

If you select [Automatic] resolution, the PS4 Pro system will set the maximum resolution possible for the connected display device.

Check that everything has been set correctly by going to [Video output information]

Launch a compatible game or application (such as Netflix) in 4K. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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