PokéFair Sync Coppia mosse Blu e Aerodactyl in Pokémon Masters EX

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Pokémon Masters EX adds another sync pair to the roster with the introduction of Blue and Aerodactyl. The Kanto manager is getting his third sync pair in the game, along with Red's second. Here's a full breakdown of the unit and what players can expect from it.

Blu e Aerodactyl moveset

Blue and Aerodactyl have three passive abilities, which are mentioned below:

  • Rock displacement: All Normal-type moves become Rock-type moves.
  • Complimentary Combo 2: Has a 30% chance to make the next move free.
  • Resistance: When users enter battle with full HP, the Resistance effect becomes active.

Blue and Aerodactyl moves are as follows-

  • Hyper Beam (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 223-267.
  • Double cut (3-track movement): Deals damage between 167-200. However, the user takes 25% of the total damage dealt as recoil damage.
  • Ancient power (2 gauge move): Deals damage between 47-56 and has a 10% chance to increase Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed ​​by one rank.
  • Good morning! (2 uses): Increases the user's Attack and SP. Atk by three degrees but lowers Defense and Sp. Dif. of a degree. Also, when used by Mega Aerodactyl it increases the speed by three degrees.
  • Say Hit All + (2 uses): Increases the critical hit rate of all allied sync pairs by two ranks.
  • No Stone Edge Competition (Synchronous Move): Inflicts 160-192 damage and Aerodactyl megaevolves.

Blue and Aerodactyl look average at first glance, and rightfully so. The sync pair doesn't boast insane stats and fails to excel in any specific category across the board. However, it still deals decent damage, especially once it Mega Evolves. Additionally, the ability to increase the critical hit rate of the entire squad as a Striker unit makes it an ideal candidate for Secondary Striker.

Should you roll for Blue and Aerodactyl?

For free-to-play players, Blue and Aerodactyl shouldn't be on the priority list. There are sync pairs featured in the game which fill a similar but work better. That said, Blue is a popular character from the Pokémon series and will likely attract a lot of attention. Ultimately, he comes down to personal preference and style of play.

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