Pokémon Go January 2022 Community Day and Pokémon

The Community Day event returns to Pokémon Go in 2022. With the official end of 2021, December 2021 saw Pokémon Go players review the many Pokémon they encountered over the past Community Days, and now Niantic looks to the future. The next Community Day in January 2022 will still be 11am to 00pm in your local time zone in just one day.

For Community Day 2022, Spheal will be in the spotlight. It will receive its bright form, giving you a better chance of encountering this Pokémon. When you evolve him into a Walrein, he has the opportunity to learn fast moving powder snow and the unique charge move, throw icicle.

The exact date for the January 2022 Community Day event for Spheal will again be January 16th, 11am - 00pm in your local time zone. If you evolve Spheal into a Walrein up to two hours after the event, at 17pm, your Walrein still has a chance to learn powder snow and ice lance.

While Walrein is certainly not a top-tier PvP option, the addition of powder snow and icicle thrower could change that. The attack popsicle spear will be able to deal 60 damage in both PvP and PvE battles, but at the moment we don't know the exact energy requirement.

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