Rainbow Six Siege Operator's Guide, Part 5

The Russians of Spetsnaz are the toughest of the toughest among the Rainbow team and among their ranks they can also count a divinity in the form of a video game character. Seriously, apart from their very nice intro videos, it can be said that this unit is divided between a half that can be particularly useful in the right hands and a second half useless in almost any situation. To distinguish the Russian operators (including Finka, even if he is not part of this unit) from the rest of the Rainbow team is the possibility of equipping slightly modified versions of the various optics.

Fuze (Forward)

Fuze is one of the very few forwards with three armor in the game. While his gadget can be fun when it works it is also of little use in many circumstances, moreover its arsenal hits hard, but it is still not enough to make it palatable in many circumstances.

As primary Fuze possesses a ballistic shield (without any gadgets, therefore with the same weaknesses as Blitz and Montagne, but without many of their strengths), an AK-12 assault rifle and a 6P41 machine gun. Both the AK and the machine gun are decent weapons, with the second being more controllable but slower to fire than the first and with a hundred round magazine (with high reload time like most machine guns). The damage is roughly the same, so the choice depends mainly on the player's preference.

Fuze's cluster grenades are both its strength and one of its weaknesses (the other being its slowness). This gadget can be placed on destructible, unreinforced surfaces to fire a series of explosive grenades into a room (from left to right) capable of causing severe damage to enemies, opposing gadgets, allies and hostages. Fuze Killing the Hostage is a classic joke among Rainbow players and one that is often encountered.

In addition to the problem of having to wait at a safe distance for the grenades to finish their job (to avoid blowing up), there is that of the slowness of the gadget itself. Not only does it take some time to place cluster grenades, it is also noisy and therefore presents a big risk to Fuze, especially when performed at a window. Added to this is the problem that once they have felt the placement of competent defenders often and willingly they move away to stay alive. Given these problems, Fuze is more useful either in the company of a drone that signals him where to hit, or to clean up gadgets of all kinds, rather than trying his luck and looking for some random kill.

Glaz (Forward)

This Russian sniper walks the fine line between being very powerful and completely useless, depending on the changes he receives from time to time. In the current state of affairs its mobile optics, with magnified viewfinder and thermal vision allows it to be very useful in the hands of those with excellent aim.

The only primary available to Glaz is his sniper rifle with the three non-magnified optics available to the Russians. The real strength of this weapon (in addition to the high damage per shot) lies in the Glaz gadget, associated with it.

Glaz's mobile optics can be activated and deactivated at will to cover long distances, as well as to see all the opponents that are framed by this particular viewfinder highlighted in yellow. The only flaw is that, in the current state of affairs, this sort of thermal vision is slowly lost from the viewfinder, as Glaz moves, or rotates a fairly wide angle. For the optic to regain full thermal vision, Glaz must return completely still.

The potential of Glaz's thermal vision does not stop there, as through this viewfinder it is also possible to see through the smoke bombs (with the same conditions as presented above), allowing the Russian attacker to remain hidden, while being able to see opponents who foolishly they try to challenge him.

With this kit Glaz has a very specific style of play in mind, which is to cover long lines of fire, preventing opponents from moving in certain spaces so as not to be killed on the fly. To do this, it is always better to take the smoke grenades available to Glaz with you, rather than the Claymore, in order to hide your presence and favor this type of game.

One last thing worth noting is that Glaz's shotgun possesses a very good destructive ability, so it is also possible to punch some holes in the unreinforced walls, to create lines of fire against opponents.

Kapkan (Difensore)

Kapkan can be a real thorn in the side of attackers who like to run straight into the goal, thanks to its booby traps.

Specifically, this Russian defender can mount small explosive boxes on doors and windows, which are activated once an attacker crosses that threshold. These explosives cause a lot of damage (depending on the level of armor of the enemies) and can be quite debilitating in view of a firefight. The second usefulness of these anti-intrusion devices is that, once their presence is discovered, the attackers are forced to look carefully at all the door jambs in order not to blow up, effectively slowing their advance.

Since these traps can only be seen through the explosive box, it is a good idea to mount it low (bending down and aiming down before placing the gadget) and possibly on the side of the door less visible to attackers who have to go through it. To give an example of what has just been said, if the attackers, once the door is framed, immediately see the left jamb (from their point of view), it is a good idea to place the trap on the right jamb to make it less visible or, at least, to force opponents to expose themselves to destroy it. Other tricks for placing traps are to avoid placing them near reinforced walls or Castle barricades, so as to prevent EMPs or explosives launched for other purposes from also eliminating the trap.

As weapons Kapkan has at his disposal a not very powerful but incredibly precise submachine gun with a more than decent rate of fire and a semi-automatic shotgun, particularly dangerous in the right hands and at short distances. Both choices are valid, depending on the preferences of the players.

Tachanka (Defender)

Lord Tachanka (or just "The Lord") is regarded as the deity of Rainbow, able, alone, to win entire games, only thanks to his superior presence. Seriously this recurring joke is often mentioned by Rainbow players due to the complete uselessness of the Tachanka gadget, in almost all situations.

The Lord is a heavy defender, with three armor and the exact same arsenal as Kapkan. On top of that, his gadget matches in a gun turret that can be used to rain bullets on opponents. The big flaw with this gadget is that it is inaccurate over long distances and Tachanka (or even another operator) has to be behind the turret to shoot.

This situation places the Lord in a condition of extreme vulnerability, as the only defenses he can oppose are the bulletproof glass, mounted above the machine gun (which can be destroyed by explosives or some rifle shots), and possibly the portable shield that it can be placed in front of the turret. Outside of this the Lord can die from any attacker able to hit him with their own weapon, as well as from grenades, Zofia and Ash's explosives, and Capitao's asphyxiating arrows.

All this vulnerability is not justified by any utility of the turret, as in Rainbow Six Siege it is often possible to get around obstacles or kill an enemy with a single well-placed shot, so even if the turret can be moved from Tachanka, the operation it's too risky and slow to actually do anything. Ultimately, apart from a few laughs from killing an enemy with the Lord, Tachanka is a useless choice in 99% of defensive teams.

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