Rainbow Six Siege Operator's Guide, Part Three

In the third part of the Rainbow Six Siege operators guide we move to Germany, to talk about the GSG 9 unit. The German unit features two very useful defenders in many situations and two forwards who in the right hands can be quite strong.

IQ (Forward)

IQ is a kind of compromise between the usefulness that a Thatcher can bring and the characteristics of a tough attacker like Ash. He is not an easy operator to take full advantage of, like others, but if he succeeds he can easily turn the tide of the round.

Let's start with the gadget supplied to the German striker. IQ carries on its arm a viewer that can detect electronic devices up to twenty meters away (similar to the Pulse sensor, but for gadgets and with a longer range). It should be borne in mind that unlike Thatcher or Twitch this gadget only provides the information and nothing more, to eliminate them you have to use other methods.

Given the plethora of electric gadgets available to the defense (including cell phones used to watch cameras) there is plenty of choice in the amount of information this operator can provide, but some gadgets are certainly more important to track down than others.

A prime example may be finding inconspicuous and annoying gadgets such as Lesion's Gu mines or Valkyrie's cameras, which requiring a careful enough eye to be found, can be annoying to eliminate without IQ. On the same wavelength are Echo's Yokai which, if not promptly destroyed, can be a real threat, thanks to the possibility of enormously slowing down the defusing of bombs, even preventing it.

By moving to a more sophisticated use of IQ's capabilities, its detector can be leveraged to track operators under certain circumstances. As previously mentioned, cell phones are effectively electronic gadgets, so a defender who is using a cell phone to look at the cameras is perfectly detectable by IQ (now Echo also falls into this category).

Similarly, IQ can use its detector to hunt down two defenders who often keep their gadgets active for long periods, namely Vigil and Pulse. In the first case with a drone it is possible to force Vigil to activate his gadget, then becoming visible for IQ and therefore an easy prey. In the case of Pulse, IQ can take advantage of the fact that Pulse frequently checks its inputs with its sensor, as well as its own detector's significantly larger range, to find out where Pulse is, before it knows where it is. German striker.

As an arsenal, IQ has only one secondary pistol (on which it is advisable to mount the silencer to destroy the gadgets without making a noise) and three primary weapons. The G8A1 is a machine gun with a large magazine and good rate of fire, at the expense of below average accuracy and damage per shot, making it the less useful alternative for IQ. The choice becomes interesting when it comes to the two assault rifles, namely the AUG A2 and the 552 Commando, similar in characteristics, but with some slight differences. While the Commando has a higher damage per shot, the AUG is slightly more accurate and faster in rate of fire, at the expense of a very cumbersome structure for the player's visibility. Strangely, the AUG is the only rifle to have this problem, but it is still right to keep it in mind when evaluating the two weapons.

Blitz (Forward)

Blitz is one of the infamous shielded Operators, and this feature, coupled with his primary gadget, makes him one of the most frustrating Operators to have against most players. Generally this type of operators has a very limited variety of weapons, in particular Blitz has no choices in this sense, being able to carry only the shield as a primary weapon and the P12 as a pistol (the same as his German colleagues).

Let's delve into Blitz's primary gadget now and see how that turns it into a serious threat in short and medium range combat. Our favorite German ram mounts a device on his shield that every seven seconds can fire a flash with which it is possible to dazzle enemies. Since Blitz does not suffer the same effect, he can take advantage of his opponent's weakness to eliminate him with his pistol, or with a melee shot. As if that were not enough Blitz can also easily close distances with his opponents, simply by running without having to give up the protection of his shield.

What has just been said should already make us understand what Blitz's role is in an attack team. After probing the ground and discovering an isolated defender (absolutely avoid the cross fires), you have to run in his face to dazzle him and then finish him safely. A good way to perform these actions is to alternate running, with crouched walking, in such a way as to change the only points left uncovered by the shield (legs in the first position and hand with the gun in the second) and become more difficult to hit. for the defenders. In particular, aim assist leaves the head uncovered, so this position is preferable to assume it only for short periods of time.

Although it can be difficult to eliminate a Blitz that knows its stuff (and in many ways it is) there are various methods to counter it. In addition to the classic method of shooting at its weak points (i.e. the parts of the body it leaves uncovered), Blitz is particularly susceptible to explosions (for which it suffers full damage if they occur beyond its shield, while only partial damage if covered by it). For this purpose the impact grenades (for an already wounded Blitz) and C4 are great against him. Traps are also a great deterrent, like Frost's carpets or Kapkan's traps that can damage or land a hasty Blitz that doesn't control where it puts its feet. In particular, Lesion's Gu mines are useful, which are invisible and if activated they slow down and force the attacker to have to stop to remove the thorn.

Jäger (Defender)

Jäger is perhaps the best friend of any defensive team, as he is currently the only operator capable of countering any type of grenade possessed by the attackers. On top of that his three speed points and his primary weapon make him a particularly useful winger.

Let's start with his weapons. As a primary weapon we theoretically have a choice between an assault rifle (the only one for the defenders) and a shotgun, even if the choice is almost obligatory. The 416-C Carbine Assault Rifle is one of the best primaries a Defender has, so not carrying it with Jäger would be a waste of resources. We are talking about a particularly easy weapon to control, with a very high damage per shot and a good rate of fire, practically it is a weapon almost equal to those of the attackers.

As for his primary gadget, Jäger possesses three ADS (Active Defense System), each capable of instantly eliminating up to three grenades passing through their range. (excluding Gridlock's Traxes, which are not considered to be grenades). This possibility makes Jäger the only wall between the defenders and a large part of the attacking team's arsenal. Unfortunately ADS are not invincible and can be destroyed in various ways.

The first is simply to shoot him a shot from Twitch's gun or drone. The second is to use Thatcher's EMP grenades, as long as they are thrown close to the wall with the ADS and not directly in his direction, otherwise they are destroyed. The last method is to sacrifice less useful grenades (such as the flash grenades, or the concussive ones of Zofia) to exhaust the shots of the ADS and then have free field for the other grenades.

Being particularly vulnerable, placing ADSs is not something to be taken lightly. Generally the most desirable position to place them is near where attackers tend to throw grenades, but at the same time hidden from view (for example under a window, or next to it). Another, more sophisticated, strategy is to place two neighbors in an area manned with greater emphasis by the defense to force the attackers to spend a lot of resources in order to be able to throw a grenade in that area and deploy the defender who oversees it.

Bandit (Defender)

Bandit is often Jäger's supportive shoulder. The German duo as an external unit has been a classic for Rainbow Six Siege for a long time now, as, like its colleague, Bandit is also equipped with three speed points and a great submachine gun as a primary weapon that can safely destroy attackers at short and medium range.

In addition to its excellent features, the MP7 has a particularity, namely its collimator has a structure that simulates that of an electronic viewfinder, but with a smaller footprint. Many experienced players have started to apply this solution with good results (perhaps for newbies it is better to do some tests before adopting this strategy).

The primary gadget of Bandit consists of four batteries, through which it is possible to provide an electric effect to reinforced walls, barbed wire and portable shields. This electrical effect destroys any attackers' electronic gadgets that come into contact with the electrified surface, including drones, and causes slight damage to attackers who touch such surfaces. In particular, the reinforced walls destroy, or rather burn, the exothermic charges of Thermite and the X-Kairos charges of Hibana, effectively contrasting these two operators.

Batteries are, as often happens, susceptible to explosions, gunshots, as well as EMP grenades and Twitch drones (therefore using them in barbed wire is not very useful as they are easily disposed of). Due to this weakness (shared with Mute's Jammers) players have developed a technique to actively counter Thermite and Hibana, known as the Bandit Trick.

The Bandit trick consists of not placing part, or all of Bandit's batteries before the start of the round, but waiting near the wall to be protected, with the battery in hand, for the sound of placing Thermite or Hibana's gadgets, and then electrifying promptly the right wall and burn the aforementioned charges (and immediately take the battery back in hand, before it can be destroyed). If done correctly several times the Bandit trick can burn all the charges of Hibana and Thermite, without them being able to destroy the wall (in the worst case it is Thatcher who finishes the EMPs or Twitch who loses both drones and therefore can be placed the remaining batteries to protect the wall).

The Bandit trick can be countered in various ways if the attackers are coordinated, as has already been said in the paragraph regarding Thermite (which you can find here). Another good way to counter Bandit is to use Capitão with his asphyxiating arrows, fired through a line of fire (just a small hole or a hole for the drones), to drive Bandit away from the wall to be electrified. The last method is to use Maverick and his blowtorch to make holes in the wall and try to take out Bandit without getting killed. The important thing is to leave a covered space so that Thermite can later place his charge without being hit from behind the wall.

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