Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Disney +

The platform arrived in Italy on March 24 of this unfortunate 2020, in full lockdown Disney + represents the official container for all audiovisual products flying the Disney flag. A service that is still young but which, theoretically, is in direct competition with the two major streaming giants, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

What is Disney +?

Disney + is an on-demand streaming platform, just like the aforementioned competitors. This means that, at the cost of a monthly or annual subscription, the entire catalog of the platform will always be available.

Disney + is the only service that, from now on, will be able to have Disney content which, as we know, also includes the entire production Marvel, Pixar e Lucas-Film. Contents that have progressively disappeared from the catalogs of adversary streaming services and which represent an absolute exclusivity of the platform.


The monthly subscription to Disney + costs 6,99 per month and allows you to see all content on demand up to 4k resolution (for content that support this resolution) and up to 4 devices simultaneously. Disney + also supports standards HDR10 e Dolby Vision for the latest content.

In the case of a annual subscription the cost is 69,99 euros and therefore allows you to save about fifteen percent over twelve months. Your Disney + membership can be deactivated at any time and the service will remain active until the end of the billing period. In the case of an annual subscription, obviously, it can be deactivated before the expiry of the twelve months.

The charge can be made through a credit card (or a prepaid card) on the official website or by redeeming a gift card that can be purchased in the store.

Characteristics of the subscription

At the moment it is not possible to take advantage of the 7 day trial, available at the launch of the platform in Italy, but it is necessary to proceed with a subscription at least monthly.

Furthermore, with the arrival on the platform, on 4 September last, of Mulan's live action film (for which it was decided not to proceed with a theatrical distribution during the covid-19 period) it was introduced VIP access. In essence, it is a purchase price for a single film of 21,99 euros, to be added to the basic cost of the subscription, to have early access to it: in the case of Mulan, in fact, the film will then be available to everyone. starting December 4th.

A choice that, in addition to having created several bad moods, is currently a unicum, a sort of experiment that Disney will evaluate whether to repeat based on the commercial results obtained by Mulan.

Each Disney + subscription allows you to create up to seven profiles, names, to allow anyone who uses it to enjoy a personal catalog and viewing suggestions based on their business. Not only that: the creation of a profile for each user allows you to keep track of the contents that we have stopped such as movies or TV series that are reproposed in the appropriate section "Keep watching".

You can terminate your subscription at any time by accessing the Account-> Subscription section and clicking on “unsubscribe”.

The subscription to Disney +, contrary to what happens for example with Netflix or Amazon Prime, does not seem to be "regional". The writer has had the opportunity to test, from Italy and without using any VPN, the service through a UK account. Surprisingly, the available catalog includes contents that would not be available in our country, while others specific to our territory are missing. Similarly, with a UK account, the Italian language is not available for all contents, while setting the profile on the Italian language.

Asked the assistance center, available via practical text chat, the answers were rather ambiguous but, in fact, an account "portability" is suggested (from UK to Italy, in this case), confirming a service linked to the activation region.

Compatible apps and devices

Disney + requires registration of vision devices. Up to 10 different devices can be registered and can be replaced at any time.

On macOS and on PC you can comfortably take advantage of the browser to log in but no apps are currently available.

Different speech regarding tables and consoles, for which the official Disney + app is available both for Ps4 and for the Xbox ecosystem as well as for iOS and Android. The app also allows local content to be downloaded for offline use.

Disney + allows the user to choose the streaming quality according to their needs. By accessing the application settings, even from a browser, it is possible to choose between three different settings:

  • Automatic: the algorithm automatically sets the resolution and bitrate of the streaming based on the connection possessed, up to 4k.
  • Medium: bitrate limited to 1.2 GB / hour and full HD maximum resolution
  • Save data: bitrate limited to 0.6 GB / hour and maximum SD resolution

Original catalog and spare parts

The Disney + catalog is divided into five aerial brands: Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel. Names that need no introduction, including companies and intellectual property acquired over time by the American giant. An exclusive catalog of exclusive contents which are joined by others from the recent Fox acquisition, such as the entire production of The Simpsons.

From the point of view of the “historical” catalog, the Disney platform certainly has an enviable value, although the contents are currently limited to PG-13. For some time there have been rumors of a possible opening to adult content which, however, does not seem to be concretely in Disney's plans at the moment. This causes idiosyncrasies such as the absence from the catalog of products like Logan, the final chapter of the cinematic adventures of Wolverine or the two Deadpools, to which Disney owns the rights.

From an original content point of view, however, the situation is much less rosy and decidedly not very competitive compared to the competition. The serial flagship product is without a doubt The Mandalorian, original series set in the Star Wars universe, whose second season will debut starting October 30th. WandaVision, the second original Disney + series inspired by the homonymous Marvel characters, should also arrive shortly.

There are also some original films for the platform, such as the live action adaptation of Lilly and the Tramp, but nothing particularly memorable and certainly incomparable with the frequency of the competitors' original productions.

In general, at present, the platform is perfect for pre-adolescent and adolescent audiences (there is no shortage of Disney Channel productions such as High School Musical: The Musical - The series and company) while it is definitely lacking in appeal to an audience looking for more adult content.

Audio and subtitles

Each content on Disney + has the ability to choose the language of the audio and that of the subtitles. To view this option, just start any product and hover the mouse over the cartoon icon at the top right. From there, it will be possible to select the original language or the preferred dubbing and, eventually, to have subtitles appear.

The same can then be customized for size, font and color by clicking on the "settings" icon, located just below the balloon for activating subtitles.

Disney + also supports the technology Dolby Atoms for a decidedly level positional sound, while on iOS the app supports it very well spatial audio of Apple's AirPod Pro.


How can I create or modify a profile? From the main screen, click on the profile icon at the top right, then select from the drop-down menu edit profiles.

How can I view 4K content? Just connect from a compatible device (such as a smart TV or a new generation console) and next to compatible content, symbols such as 4K, HDR or Dolby Vision will appear.

How can I download the contents? To enjoy offline content, you need to download it from the application. This can currently only be done on Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire Tablet devices. To download content, simply click on the "download" button, to the right of the "play" button, while viewing it.

How do I delete downloads? Select the "download" icon (it's the down arrow at the bottom right of the screen), then select "edit". Go to the article you want to remove and tap the empty box (next to each box). Select the Delete icon (it's the trash can at the bottom right of the screen). Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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