Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Netflix

Available in Italy from the end of October 2015, over the years Netflix has managed to establish itself as one of the most prominent and followed services in our country. Despite the close competition from numerous competitors, the Californian streaming platform is still very popular today thanks to numerous original productions of films and TV series and a rather frequent change of contents in the catalog, which also includes excellent documentaries and contents for children.

What is Netflix

If you have never heard of it, it is good to start from this point. Netflix is ​​therefore a streaming service that offers the use of TV series, films, documentaries and more via devices connected to the Internet. Compared to traditional TV, the contents are available on the platform with the “on demand” formula, ie available to the user at any time and therefore visible on request.

Every week, new content is added, both personally produced by Netflix and by third parties, and more is removed, in a continuous turnover in order to keep the public interest high.


Like most on-demand streaming services, you need to use Netflix take out a subscription. There are three types of subscriptions which, as you can see from the image above, vary in quality of the streaming, number of screens on which to watch something at the same time and, of course, price:

  • 7,99 per month - allows you to see, up to a maximum of one device at a time, all the contents of the catalog in lower than HD quality
  • 11,99 per month - allows you to see, up to two devices at the same time, all the contents on Netflix with streaming quality up to High Definition
  • 15,99 per month - allows you to see, up to four devices at the same time, all the contents in the catalog at the highest quality allowed or, where present, in 4K HDR

All three subscription formulas allow you to interrupt the service at any time and use it on any compatible device, browser or app. The charge can be made monthly by inserting a prepaid card on the official website or by redeeming a gift card that can be purchased in the store.

Characteristics of the subscription

Currently it is not possible to take advantage of the free trial month of the service in Italy therefore, new accounts or those who are already registered must immediately sign up in order to access the content catalog. Netflix is ​​also present in many countries around the world but its use is tied to your geographical location. In Italy, therefore, you can access the Italian catalog, but if you go to another country where the service is available, you can only use that version for the duration of your stay. The subscription works with automatic renewal but can be interrupted at any time through the appropriate section in "My account".

Each subscription allows you to create up to five profiles, names, to allow anyone who uses them to enjoy a personal catalog and viewing suggestions based on their business. Not only that: the creation of a profile for each user allows you to keep track of the contents that we have stopped such as films or TV series that are reproposed in the appropriate section "Keep watching". It is also possible to create the profile specifically for a smaller audience, so as to limit access to content that is not recommended for that age group.

Compatible apps and devices

Unlike other services, Netflix does not require the registration of the devices from which we are allowed access and therefore can be enjoyed anywhere. On macOS and on PC in general, you can comfortably take advantage of the browser to access the Netflix site. On Windows 10, on the other hand, there is also an official application to download which allows, among other things, the local download of content on the PC, so as to allow it to be viewed in any situation, regardless of the internet connection.

The application is also present on several smart TVs, streaming media players and the latest video game consoles. There is also clearly the version for smartphones and tablets which, also in this case, allows the download of contents.

Netflix uses a powerful algorithm that can automatically adapt the quality of the stream based on the current data stream to try to avoid annoying loading moments on any occasion. In any case, you can get an idea of ​​your home or mobile connection by carrying out a connection test on this site, sponsored by the American company, which simulates a connection to the service's servers.

Original catalog and spare parts

Every month on its social channels, Netflix Italy publishes the complete list of new content arriving on the platform, whether it be movies or TV series. Some contents are removed monthly but at the moment, it is not known in advance when they will be removed except through the use of third-party websites. In addition to the convenience of use and the freedom of subscription, Netflix's true value proposition lies in the sheer amount of original content it has produced over the years and continues to produce today.

There are really something for all tastes, starting from the most famous TV series such as Narcos, Stranger Things e BoJack Horseman and also passing through documentaries such as Chef's Table.

Recently also from the cinematographic point of view, with some more difficulties over the years, Netflix is ​​receiving great satisfaction thanks to thick films such as Rome, by Alfonso Cuaròn, multiple award-winning at and The Irishman, film coming in a few days, shot by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Audio and subtitles

Every content on Netflix often presents the possibility to choose the audio language and the subtitle language. To view this option, just start any product and hover the mouse over the cartoon icon at the bottom right. From there, it will be possible to select the original language or the preferred dubbing and, eventually, to have subtitles appear. Sometimes, next to the subtitle options there is the wording “[CC]”: this information specifies that, in addition to the voices of the actors, some sounds or effects functional to understanding the scene will also be transcribed. In some cases, however, due to HDR or particularly clear images, it can happen that the visibility of the subtitle text is compromised. To solve this situation, you need to go to the appropriate personalization page, where you can choose the font, the text size, the shading and any backgrounds or boxes for the pop-up text.


How to cancel the subscription? To cancel your subscription, just go to the "Account" section and click on "Cancel subscription", in the "Subscription and billing" section. The service remains active until the last useful day, based on the last payment made.

How do I redeem a Gift Card? Gift cards can be purchased both online and in-store and allow you to load credit on your profile. You can redeem them on this page.

How can I create or modify a profile? From the main screen, click on “Manage profiles” and you can choose whether to create a new one (up to a maximum of five) or modify the existing ones. You can choose the name of the profile, the default language, the type of content to be displayed (children's option, ed) and the profile icon.

How can I view 4K content? You must first have the subscription plan ; for the rest, just connect from a compatible device (such as a smart TV or a new generation console) and symbols such as 4K, HDR or Dolby Vision will appear next to the compatible contents.

How can I download the contents? To enjoy offline content, you need to download it from the application. This can currently only be done on Windows 10, Android and iOS. Clicking on the "Download" section will open a catalog of all the contents that can be downloaded and just click on the cover to choose what to download with the appropriate button. In case of TV series, you can activate the option Smart Downloads which, via Wi-Fi, automatically deletes the episodes you complete and download the next ones.

Can I choose the download quality? Yes, there are two options for the video quality of the downloads: the first, so-called Standard, offers smaller files and therefore less demanding to download. The other, called Superiore, takes up more memory space but offers higher quality content. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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