Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The five best fighters to start playing as a novice

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch in just under a year it has skyrocketed among the console's best-selling titles. And all the competitive players partially disappointed by the previous episode have found themselves in their hands with a well-balanced title of excellent quality. But there are legions of new players or those who have not yet bought the game who are intimidated by the difficulty of approaching a fighting game as particular as Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

To the rescue of all newbies intimidated by the game or those who feel too rusty to be able to return to smashare again we present a list of five characters to start with (or start again) to become familiar with the Super Smash saga.


First character to use is inevitably Kirby who is not only the first fighter available in the story mode, but he is also one of those who embody most of the types of attacks available in the game. He therefore becomes ideal for becoming familiar with the game controls. His special move with B neutrale (i.e. without directing the stick) allows you to suck the opponent's one, an aspect that allows you to test the characteristics of that attack.

Kirby is basically a perfect hand-to-hand character and has an excellent ability to regain his position on the stage thanks to his five consecutive jumps - against two of most other fighters. Unfortunately it is very light and a relatively low percentage of damage is enough to make it fly KO. It takes combos just as easily so after some time you will feel the need to change it almost immediately.

Excellent recovery
Steal the characters' ability
Good in melee

Very light (goes off stage immediately)
Ineffective over the long haul
Easily takes combos


As in the best Nintendo tradition, Mario in Smash he is one of the most balanced fighters to be found on the roster, as well as being a character that adapts quite easily to any style of player. Its strong point is the power of the combos which he can ring in his hand-to-hand combat. Being one of the first unlockable characters it will be just as easy to try his deeds right away and make it your own.

Balanced however means that Mario does not excel at any statistics and above all, recovery is insidious and not easy to manage. In addition, the "mustache of Nintendo" is often in difficulty with many fighters and his combos are not easy to complete because they are not very fast.

Versatile (multiple players can use it)
Balanced attacks
Good hit combo

Risky recovery
Easy to find countermeasures
Combo series of slow moves


Another historical character of Nintendo and Super Smash Bros is Samus that in this chapter Ultimate can help you understand how to manage the shots at a distance present in the various characters. Just the charged attacks and in general the special moves are his strong point, as much as the recovery of the position on the stage.

Unfortunately the slowness of his loaded shots is a handicap that is felt the more you go on with the games. The worst characters with which he finds himself in difficulty are those who have among the moves those who can have those suitable for reflecting the blows (example Mario).

Charged Ranged Attacks
Great special moves
Good recovery

Bad against those who reflect the blows
Slow execution of loaded attacks


If you want to start playing with swordsmen wrestlers the first choice to understand their trend during the fight is Marth. The character from the Fire Emblem series offers all the basic features to learn how to use the sidearm in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Its good recovery, and Smash attacks - the strongest ones combined with the A button - are very effective and perfect for increasing the opponent's damage percentage also thanks to the ease with which combos are chained of attacks.

The downside is that against distance fighters it suffers a lot and some attacks are slightly slow and not very long range. As you progress through the game and unlock more characters you will certainly find much better performing swordsmen, but to start with the slashing he is a worthy fighter

Effective Smash Attacks
Good recovery
Easy to chain combos

Bad against ranged attacks
Slightly slow attacks

Donkey Kong

We close with one of the cornerstones of the Smash saga that you must try at least once to understand how heavy fighters move. Donkey Kong is the most versatile of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate heavyweights. His attacks are devastating, especially the punch loaded with neutral B. The sockets, even if at short range, are lethal in many cases. In addition, he has a move that allows him to instill large percentages of damage. Furthermore, being a heavy character it is much more difficult to send him out of the stage permanently.

On the other hand, its heaviness is an indication of slowness both in the movements and in the activation of the attacks. Among others, the recovery move - B plus stick up - is difficult to master while the one with B and stick down is very complex to use because it is particularly slow and leaves a lot uncovered. DK can give you a lot of satisfaction (I personally have used it often in many Smash chapters) but by unlocking the whole roster you will find heavyweights certainly more lethal.

Powerful attacks
Very effective holds

Complex recovey to use
Some difficult moves to chain together

These Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters, whose review is available on Gameplay Café, are obviously just the tip of the iceberg on the roster. The best way to master the game is to try each character for a while to understand their strengths and weaknesses and immediately find those that best suit your fighting style as well as understand the weaknesses of each. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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