The best Blastoise build, moves, evolutions and items in Pokémon Unite

The best Blastoise build, moves, evolutions and items in Pokémon Unite

Fan-favorite Blastoise has arrived in Pokémon Unite Unite. It is a ranged Defending Pokémon that offers a lot of flexibility. Although the Water-type is primarily a frontline Pokémon, it is capable of dealing insane damage. Plus, it also brings a lot of crowd control to the table.

Moves and gameplay

The best Blastoise build, moves, evolutions and items in Pokémon Unite

Like Squirtle during level 1, you have access to Water Gun or Skull Bash. Both moves are incredibly powerful and can be used to create teammates. Water Gun pushes opposing Pokémon and slows their momentary speed for a brief moment, while using Skull Bash Squirtle crashes into a Pokémon, leaving it unable to act.

At level 5 (1st evolution), you can upgrade Water Gun to Water Pump or Water Jet. Hydro Pump is very similar to Water Gun as it pushes Pokémon and deals damage. At the same time, Water Spout is a utility move that allows Wartortle to spit water at the target (AoE), which reduces movement speed and deals damage to opposing Pokémon.

At level 7 (final evolution), players can upgrade Skull Bash in Surf or Rapid Spin. Surf allows Blastoise to dash forward on a wave that stuns any target he hits. Additionally, Blastoise cannot be controlled by a raven when he is on the wave and can jump towards the targeted direction at the end.

On the other hand, Rapid Spin allows Blastoise to spin quickly as it continuously shoots water and damages nearby enemies. The move also reduces incoming damage.

If you are looking to play Blastoise as a conventional defender, Surf would be a better choice. However, if you're aiming for a more disruptive build that also deals damage, roll with Rapid Spin.

Blastoise gains access to Hydro Typhoon (Unite move) at level 9. It is very similar to Rapid Spin, where Blastoise rotates while shooting water. However, the damage is much greater here and also repels nearby Pokémon.

Recommended move set

  • Water gun (LVL 1-3)
  • Skull Shot (LVL 1-3)
  • Hydraulic pump (LVL 5)
  • Surf (LVL 7)
  • Idrotifone (LVL 9)

The best articles

The Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, and Focus Band combination are among the best item sets to perform on Blastoise. Buddy Barrier provides Blastoise and nearby allies with a giant shield after using the Unite move. Focus Band restores health in 3 seconds when Blastoise becomes critically low. Finally, Score Shield provides Blastoise with a bonus shield when he attempts to score a goal and cannot be stopped while protected.

Advised Battle objects

  • Buddy barrier
  • Score shield
  • Focus band

Blastoise is a versatile Pokémon and can perform several builds. Players should try out different item builds and move sets before finalizing one.

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