The best Charizard builds, moves and items in Pokémon Unite

Charizard has been one of the most popular Pokémon since the beginning of the series. Its initial form, Charmander, was the starter Pokémon that many people chose when Pokémon Red and Blue was released. Since those days, Charizard has had considerable prominence in the anime series and recent games (including spin-offs). and still has one of the most memorable forms of Mega Evolution.

In Pokémon Unite, Charizard is an all-rounder with a melee focus. If you've taken a serious look at him in the MOBA, here's our tip for the best build for him, including the items and moves you should use.


For Charizard's items in battle, we want to give him a little more mobility and increase his survivability in other ways. As for the battle items, we recommend the eject button to escape battles that are not your thing. If you don't have it, X Speed ​​is an excellent choice to help you escape or get close to fleeing enemies. Attack X for extra damage is also always welcome.

For held items, we use Wise Glasses to boost her Special Attack stat, Focus Band for extra defense and health in a pinch, and Muscle Band for additional base damage and attack speed.

It moves

At the start of the game, your Charmander will have Flame Burst and Fire Spin. Use Flame Burst for low-health enemies who are running away and out of your reach. Fire Spin is useful for additional damage over time in that position.

At level five, Charmeleon can choose between Flamethrower and Fire Fist. The flamethrower is the best choice here. It does a lot of damage from a distance, which is necessary for this Pokémon, and leaves a burning effect while slightly increasing the speed.

At level seven, Fire Blast or Flare Blitz are available. We like Fire Blast because it's essentially a super version of Fire Spin. It will do a lot more damage over time in a larger circle.

Once you reach level nine and have evolved into Charizard, you get the Unite move, Seismic Slam. With this, you fly through the air and deal increased damage from Charizard's breath of fire. Use the move again to grab an opponent and slam them to the ground like in that memorable episode of the Pokémon anime where Ash's Charizard did the same to defeat Gym Leader Blaine's Magmar.

This is one of the strongest Unite moves in the game due to its smooth choice between fire and slam attacks. Make sure you choose carefully which one to do, depending on how many enemies or teammates are around you.

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