The best IVs for Oshawott in Pokémon Go

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When it comes to using a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, make sure you catch one that has the ideal set of IVs. These stats determine the amount of Attack, Defense, and Stamina a Pokémon will have based on its CP and can vary. Each category can receive up to 15 points, the best and most challenging to find in the game. So, if you're looking to use Samurott in PvP battles in Pokémon Go, make sure you catch an Oshawott with the best IVs.

These are a breakdown of the best IVs you can use on Samurott, depending on the type of PvP competition you want to participate in. The best choices will be the Great and Ultra alloys.

When it comes to the Big League, you want to try and catch an Oshawott with four on offense, 14 on defense, and 5 on stamina. For the Ultra League, you aim to catch an Oshawott with a four in attack, 13 in defense and 14 in stamina. Finally, for the Master League, you want to capture a perfect Oshawott, who is 15 in each category.

However, this is the ideal approach for any competition. If you can catch a perfect Oshawott, its evolved Samurott form will do well in any competition, but the IV stats listed above are practical approaches. The real trick is to make sure you don't exceed the CP requirement for the Great or Ultra Championships.

For those looking for a specific Oshawott, be sure to align yours with the stats above. While we don't recommend Samurott, it can be a technical Pokémon that could potentially scare an opponent and catch them off guard during a fight, giving you the upper hand.

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