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What are the best Minecraft servers? They make the world go round. Or at least the worlds of Minecraft. It's no secret that the PC community is home to the most ambitious players in the world, and there is no better proof of this than in the best Minecraft servers. Architectural artist heaven, Minecraft has been a great creative outlet for players to build to their liking, all without knowing a single line of code.

Their works and ideas are immortalized on thousands of servers. Each server is its own standalone multiplayer world, with its own rules, play style and communities. We've searched around to find the best, with everything from stunning buildings and views to worlds with entirely new rules and game modes.

Player-created works and ideas are immortalized across thousands of Minecraft servers. Each server is its own standalone multiplayer world, with its own rules, play style and communities. We've searched around for the best, with stunning constructions and worlds with completely new rules and modes.

Here are the best Minecraft servers:

How to join a Minecraft server

To join a Minecraft server, first find a server that you like the sound of, such as one of the ones mentioned below, and get the IP address. Start the game, click "multiplayer", then "add a server". Then, enter the IP address and name the server.

Now, make sure you click "Finish" before going back to the server list and finding the server you want. Hit the "join server" button and you will find yourself in a new, wonderful world of blocks, and people who like blocks.


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Mineplex is the largest Minecraft server in existence. Containing multiple arenas and zones for a large number of game types, Mineplex is populated by thousands of players at any one time.

Mineplex feels like a studio-built MMO, with its impressive details making it one of the best Minecraft servers. The ever-present community of staff and players is a great sport and ensures there are always people to play with. You can make Mineplex your only destination and still take part in two-thirds of the experiences on this list.

Mineplex is also a great destination for playing Minekart, a blocky recreation of Mario Kart. With recreated tracks, upgrades and karts without real karts, Minekart is a refreshing change from other typically violent or heavy game types.



If you are a Minecraft player who doesn't like the thrill of Call of Duty, Brawl is one of the best Minecraft servers for you. Think about your favorite FPS modes and there's a good chance it's described - from Capture the Flag to Last Man Standing, Brawl is hours of action-packed fun. In fact, battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG can partly trace their legacy all the way back to the last man standing Minecraft servers, so you can die repeatedly feeling like you're back where it all started.

Grand Theft Travel Cart


Grand Theft Minecart brings together two of the greatest games on PC: Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Not old enough to step into a brick and mortar branch of GAME to let yourself go to Los Santos with Trevor and friends? With houses to own, weapons to shoot, and annoying cop to escape, you can have a great recreation of the GTA experience here - making this one of the best Minecraft servers out there.

Pineapple factions


Marrying fast-paced, fast-paced Minecraft combat with Runescape's faction and PvP zoning, Mineage Factions is one of the best Minecraft servers for large-scale, block-smashing warfare. What it lacks in the game modes, it more than makes up for in the scope of its battles.



Don't expect a particularly pleasant experience on the Minewind server. Instead you get the best playground for griefer, player kills, and cheating. Your goal is simple: try to survive for as long as possible - this is still Minecraft, after all - but you'll also find yourself facing endless mobs, double cruisers and assassins.


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This one, one of the best Minecraft servers, takes the popular Pokémon-themed Pixelmon mod and makes it multiplayer. Spread across two servers, PixelmonCraft is based on the Kanto and Johto regions of popular Nintendo games. But not only did the geniuses behind PixelmonCraft faithfully recreate the areas and cities of those games, they also replicated the gameplay as much as possible. Animals in Minecraft are replaced with Pokémon and can be captured and used in battle. As you'd expect, there are gym leaders to fight in, Pokémarts to shop in, and long grass to avoid.

This server proves that Minecraft's blocky beauty is the perfect home for Pokémon games and looks like the Pokémon MMO you've always wanted.



Demonstrating the ever-versatile nature of Minecraft, Zero.Minr is a parkour server - yes, seriously. Filled with a huge variety of challenging maps, crafting and killing are thrown aside in favor of running and climbing an increasingly tangled web of towers and paths. The overly dramatic trailer above shows off some of the more challenging routes, spiraling skyward with jumps sure to send many players skidding to their fate.

As frustrating as it is at first, Minecraft parkour is a skill to work on, but with a little practice it can become one of the great pleasures of the game. Zero.Minr is definitely one of the best servers to run free.



Navigate, build and loot in PirateCraft, a server dedicated to the golden age of scurvy and theft. PirateCraft is one of the most ambitious servers we've played on and even has a fully functional ship-to-ship combat mechanic. As with all Minecraft ideas of this magnitude, it's a bit clunky, but it works. Ships can be built and sailed across seas, cannons can be hull mounted and then used to fire at enemy ships.

On land, a simple but functional economy replicates the trade and loot of the period, and players can build their homes in "safe zones" to bake bunk and store treasures. Safe zones are protected from griefers, which means you can build as much as you want without fear of others destroying your masterpieces.

Of course, if you're playing a pirate role, there will be some pain, and as long as the owner is in a safe area, other players can lay siege to them. Attackers can destroy "soft" blocks and generally cause annoyance until they walk away or the defender gives up. Likewise, ships can be stolen, provided the owner is not on board at the moment.



The Hypixel Minecraft server is full of explosions with some great minigames, including cops and crimes, duels and a murder mystery. There is dazzling variety here, which makes the Hypixel Minecraft server a great place to laugh with your stuck friends.

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There are many faction-based servers out there, but Desteria's tiers and class systems make it one of the best Minecraft servers around. Borrowing from Runescape's 3-99 leveling system, Desteria's depth makes it ideal for RPG fans. Four classes and a rich selection of factions create an engaging and varied PvP game. Like any great RPG, Desteria is also home to a number of incredible environments, so load up those shaders before heading inside.

Middle-earth of Minecraft


If ever there was a classical world that would inevitably end up immortalized in structured blocks, it would be Tolkien's Middle-earth. This still incomplete project is mainly based on Peter Jackson's cinematic vision of Middle-earth. You can help push forward by building the world of men, elves, and creatures of short stature, as long as you follow the rules.

Ranch n Craft


Group dancing, horse taming, and farming - Ranch n Craft is one of the best Minecraft servers if you want to ditch the salon shootings and brawls of other Wild West themed servers and stick to the simplicity of country life. With tons of horseback-based features unique to the server, it's ideal for Minecrafters who feel most at home in the saddle.

Users can reclaim land and start their own ranches, breed horses and farm crops to their liking. Additionally, Ranch n Craft is one of the more peaceful servers out there with its community mostly free of helpful armies and moderators.



If Middle-earth is our classic fantasy Minecraft server, WesterosCraft is our modern great. From the wall to The Red Keep at King´s Landing, WesterosCraft is a vast server with many of the Game of Thrones landmarks recreated in amazing detail. Most areas are built from TV show design, turning much of this server into a journey into HBO's vision of the fantasy world. Kings Landing is particularly inspiring.

Like Minecraft's Middle-earth, it's still a work-in-progress, with work currently underway at Casterly Rock's Lannister Bastion. If you know your Winterfell from your Dreadfort, you can unite and help support the next house of death and tyranny.

The Mining Dead


PvP and PvE combine in this server-level recreation of AMC's The Walking Dead. Fight, build and survive on the huge map, battling both walkers and other players. Much of the action takes place like a Minecraft version of DayZ, with players doing whatever it takes to survive. The Mining Dead also features key locations from TV series such as The Prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria.



As one of the biggest and best Minecraft servers around, there will always be something fun to do in HiveMC. From hide and seek to survival games, HiveMC covers every genre of genres. Plus, this highly engaged community is always offering new minigames and maps to host them. To stay up to date with all the latest updates, check out their website.

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Now that list of the best Minecraft servers has got you as excited as we do? Fantastic new worlds combine with fun and varied activities, but be sure to watch the part on every new server you come across with the best Minecraft skins. Also, don't forget to make Minecraft even better with our list of the best Minecraft mods, you will never look back after applying all those excellent tweaks and improvements. But, if you don't mind, we have some minigames to play and new worlds to discover.

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