The best moveset for Beedrill in Pokémon Go

Beedrill is an exciting choice for the Pokémon Go league, but it's a decent choice if you can get it on your roster. Beedrill might be a Bug type, but he has a solid move set and you want to make sure you give him the best possible attacks before using him in the Battle League. This guide covers the best moveset for Beedrill in Pokémon Go.

Beedrill is a Bug and Poison type Pokémon. It will be weak against Fire, Flying, Psychic, and Rock-type moves, but is resistant to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, and Poison-type attacks. You mainly want to use it in the Grand League.

These are all the attacks Beedrill can learn.

Quick moves

  • Bug Bite (Bug type) - 3 damage and 3 energy per turn (3 damage per turn) - 1 turn
  • Infestation (Bug type) - 6 damage and 4 energy per turn (2 damage per turn) - 3 turns
  • Poison Jab (Poison type) - 7 damage and 3,5 energy (3,5 damage per turn) - 2 turns

Moves loaded

  • Aerial Ace (flying type) - 55 damage and 45 energy
  • Drill Run (Ground Type): 80 damage and 45 energy
  • Fell Stinger (Bug-type) - 20 damage and 35 energy (100% chance to increase user's attack)
  • Sludge Bomb (poison type) - 80 damage and 50 energy
  • X Scissor (Bug-type): 45 damage and 35 energy

When it comes to choosing Beedrill's fast move, you have to use a poison shot. It's a powerful Poison-type attack that has seen some buffs over the years, making it a much more useful attack and a useful choice for Beedrill.

For loaded moves, you have a variety of selections for Beedrill. Your best bet will be x-scissor, a decent power-laden move that doesn't cost too much energy to use. We recommend using the drill stroke, another low-cost energy move that does quite a bit of damage to help her. Drill run is easily one of the best moves to teach Beedrill too.

The best move set to teach Beedrill is the quick-moving poisonous jab and the loaded drill run and x-scissor moves.

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